32A automatic resume type over voltage shortage protector ASJ10-GQ-1P-32

Sep 26th, 2017


ASJ10-GQ series automatic resume type over the intersection of voltage shortage and protector ‘ Abbreviated as ASJ as follows) ,Suitable for the voltage 230V or three-phase voltage 400V of the single phase alternating current, frequency 50Hz, the rated operational current is to 63A and the following user or load. Caused by neutral trouble and single-phase or when the three phase line is crossed, under voltage, the protector, to protecting with the electrical equipment.

ASJ series products collect the intersection of circuit and over voltage, owe voltage protection function and the intersection of circuit and the intersection of normal voltage and automatic-delay reset function. The products are mainly applied to entering wired and with separating user’s case of the house single-phase or three phases use the protection of the distributing line of electrical equipment, the volume of the products is small, the precision is high, compact, install and convenient, it is the security protection mechanism in the civil building field.

2 products characteristics

Auxiliary power AC230V (phase voltage) .

The circuit cuts off the circuit when the voltage has happened, under voltage, the line voltage returns to normal and resets automatically to put through the circuit from behind time delay, do not need hand operation.

The measurement limit of voltage: AC50V-290V, frequency 50Hz¡À 5Hz, the power consumption of the products is not quite in 3W.

Impulse withstand voltage: 4kV.

The working condition passes the protector double-colored diode instruction, the Normally on of the green light – voltage is normal; Quick flashing of the danger light – overvoltage; Slow flashing of the danger light – voltage shortage; Normally on of the danger light – loss of phase / trouble.

The electrical relay output capacity: Can bear the excess current of electric current of 120% housing-frames of grades of electric current.

Interstar connection way: Make the way out enterprisingly.

Electrical endurance: 10000 times.

The products are installed and appeared in the line side in the main switch of a case.

3 types and meaning

ASJ type explains as Fig. 1 shows.

4 specifications

5 appearance structure

The protector products appearance structure and size of over voltage shortage of single-phase automatic resume type are shown as Fig. 2.

Three-phase automatic resume type over voltage shortage protector products appearance structure and measurement are shown as Fig. 3.

6 installs the interstar connection

It explains to install: ASJ adopt guide rail install, direct mount, at the intersection of 35mmDIN and guide rail, single-phase the intersection of automatic resume type and over the intersection of voltage shortage and the intersection of protector and product install the synoptic diagram such as Fig. 4 of interstar connection and is shown.

The three-phase automatic resume type over voltage shortage protector installation interstar connection synoptic diagram is shown as Fig. 5.

The interstar connection explains: Screw size: M6; Nominal torque: 3.5Nm; Terminal torsion torque: 5.6Nm; Copper wire: 1- Hard dollar / flexible cord (or hoop thread terminal) of 1- 25mm2 of 30mm2 .

7.Employ the case

7.1 single-phase automatic resume type over voltage shortage protectors employ the example picture

7.2 Three-phase automatic resume type over voltage shortage protector example picture

8 order examples

Indicate while ordering: Item Model, poles number, rated current, quantity.

Example: Application: Single-phase line; Rated current: 63A; Quantity: 100

Order type: ASJ10-GQ-1P-63 order quantity: 100 ? ?

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The large scale industry makes ice machine KMS-10T

Sep 26th, 2017

Department’s American Sri Lankan’s industry ice machine characteristic introduction

Evaporator: ICEUPS evaporator of one stretch of ice engines is adopted and designed fixed and restingly and vertically, make ice in blowing type that namely inside, the evaporator is aplanetic, the iceskates rotate to scrape on the inboard wall.

This kind of design has antiattrited, the leak tightness is strong, prevent the leakage of refrigerant effectively. Steel material and all automatic argon Fluorine bonding technique that 304 does not become rusty after adopting the high-quality one, promote its intensity and precision in an all-round way.

The iceskates: Spiral hobbing cutter, resistance is small, losses low and having no noise, scraping evenly.

Refrigerating unit: Made up of compressor, air conditioner, flash chamber, oil content device, liquid storage can, expansion valve, the refrigerating system of the energy-efficient has multiple patented technology in the trade.

The intellectual control of microcomputer: Make icy system and adopt the microcomputer full automatic control. Trouble data such as short water, reversal, ice are full, scrape, high pressure, undervoltage,etc. are feedbacked in PLC computer procedure, reveal to the automatically controlled touch-sensitive screen after being and then automaticallied process from the microcomputer, man-machine integrative design idea, let controlling, maintenance be moved with heart.

Department’s American Sri Lankan’s industry ice machine characteristic

ICEUPS industry make, ice system, adopt intelligent to design, operate the stable, energy-efficient, maintaining simply and conveniently.

The evaporator adopts SUS304 stainless steel or carbon steel to plate the chrome and cast, the constructional design of the internal helical groove, weld the skill in the V-type groove

The skill is relatively energy-conservation of apparatus of the same type in the trade above 5%- 8%.

The evaporator has carried on the high-temperature anneal process, has dispelled steel products internal stress, in the long-term using process of the apparatus, it is depressed forever that the low temperature is low

Invariant, improve the evaporator and makes and ice the whole service life of the system greatly.

The baking lacquer is dealt with within the evaporator, make the bonding pad of the runner finalize the design permanently, never freon will emerge to reveal the phenomenon.

Refrigerating unit all accessories adopt the world-famous brand, not merely product quality is more steady, the characteristic is more superior, are returned

Realize the globalized scene to purchase fast, save the maintenance cost greatly.

American ice machine operating range of Sri Lankan’s industry of department

ICEUPS industry makes and ices the system to lower the temperature in the processing of aquatic products, food processing, poultry, the chemical dyestuffs, industry, vegetables and fruits keeping fresh, mine of making wine lower the temperature etc. and employ extensively.

Lolly thickness: 1.5- 2.2mm, icy Wen – 7 ¡æ.

Power rule: Standard voltage the intersection of 3P- and the intersection of 50HZ- and 380V, can make electricity make for according to global user’s request

3P-60HZ- 200V/220V/400/440V waits for nonstandard types.

Operation condition: Supply water of 18 ¡æ of temperature, ambient temperature is 25 ¡æ, evaporating temperature – 22 ¡æ, condensing temperature is 40 ¡æ.

Make ice to change: Produce ice concentration to change in right time because of the temperature of water supply and influence of the ambient temperature actually.

Because products technology bring in constant renewal in, if the data have the alteration, reflect in offering the scheme

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CBF series unexplosive circulating fan CBF

Sep 26th, 2017

Type meaning

Applicable scope

1,A district, hazardous area of 2 districts;
2,IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas atmosphere;
3,Indoor, outdoor (IP54) ;
4,Temperature group: T1-T4.

Characteristic of the products

Main technical parameter

Appearance and installation size

Order notice

1,Choose one by one according to the rule in type meaning, and increase the unexplosive sign after type meaning.
2,If users have special demands, need to point out in the order in detail.

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Small-scale electromagnetic relay HHC68A-4Z, HHC68A-4ZL

Sep 26th, 2017

Product introduction Product introduction products summary

HHC serial small-scale electromagnetic relays suitable for the electronic control units, household electrical appliance, intellectual home furnishing, office automation, An Bao’s series, commercial machinery, open fast apparatus, car, lathe, architecture, trasportation equipment, instrument, can be regarded as the intermediate conversion of remote control or amplifying element. The interval of its lead-out terminal, physical dimension have been already and domestic, common outside in canonicalization.

This serial small-scale electromagnetic relays carry out GB14048.5 standard. The products are authorized through national mandatory CCC, UL.

Characteristic of the products Subminiature volume; Low power dissipation; Contact load is great; Highly sensitive

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There is not the signal conditioning of De Miller Wei’s simulation

Sep 26th, 2017

Realize the flexible conversion of the signal in industry and process automation

Signal of you safe to convoy by Wei Der Miller

It is that seek you can not at industry and process automation like temperature, analog signals of digital sum such as the pressure, level, flowrate, weight and speed,etc. change, electrical isolation, controls and the visual isolated amplifier.

De Miller Wei’s switching amplifier series have become the customer’s strong cooperative partner because of the applied gradual increase of automation. De Miller DC signal converter Wei, 4-20 m A and 0-10V isolated amplifier, switching amplifier, frequency transducer and threshold switch, have high-quality reliability, such characteristics as universality and various modify.

6mm, 12mm and 22mm wide signal transducer, it also can be used for unexplosive field. The isolated amplifier changes the mould 4-20 mA / 0-10V standard signal and adopts delicate analog input. Wei De Miller offer signal / isolate converter, 2 end / 3 the intersection of end and isolater, power isolator, input or export passive isolater and the intersection of state and alarm equipment that loop power. Their electric and mechanical design makes its need minimum work of routing.

In addition, the products of analog signal processing are all right and industrial Ethernet, Miller of Germany Wei, thunder and lightning and surge protection (VARITECTOR) ,The electrical relay is used in combination with semiconductor switch, and form a lot of intact solutions.

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Baby’s dish vacuum precooling machine KMS-2P

Sep 26th, 2017

The department Sri Lankan of U.S.A. of Shenzhen becomes a responsible manufacturer

Green vegetable bun dish vacuum precooling machine advantage of the baby of department American Sri Lankan of Shenzhen

Test things:

Dish 1 of baby’s green vegetable bun




The American vacuum of Sri Lankan of department of Shenzhen precools among the locomotives

Test equipment:

KMS-500 fruits and vegetables vacuum precooling machine

Room temperature:

25 ¡æ

The temperature of vegetables before precooling:

25.2 ¡æ

The targeted temperature of precooling:

4 ¡æ

Time spent of precooling:

46 minute ( The compressor is started synchronously)

The weight before precooling:

737 grams

The weight after precooling:

706.6 grams

The percentage of water loss:

4.12% (reference value: 2%-5%)

The vegetables shape after precooling:

The shape is intact and good

Course of precooling and result:

Insert the electronic thermodetector on the dish deep layer of bag, the temperature sets as 4 degrees, it is intact that vacuum charters dish shape, color and luster after precooling, frostbitten two layers of dish leaf, the percentage of water loss is 4.12%, the central temperature is 4 degrees. After cutting, the central tissue is intact.

Test result / suggestion:

Should precool by vacuum section at 5-8 ¡æ plane suitable for winding core vegetables, optimum temperature, because the organization wraps up for the multi-layer dish leaf, propose using the temperature measurement of shallow layer, precool the temperature can’t be too low, in case that the surface layer dish leaf is frostbitten.

Vacuum precool vaccum trough of plane ‘ Vacuum tank) At hyperbar pressure of about 600Pa for a long time. The quality of the vaccum trough influences the complete machine life time, result of use and using safely directly. The department Sri Lankan of U.S.A. of Shenzhen vaccum trough has * specially for * alone. Profit * skills / skills. The projected life is more than ten years. Details reveal, it is inconvenient to introduce here too much, please cool and solve during negotiation of project.

The American technological group of Sri Lankan of the department supplies the products and carries on comparison test to the global fittings. It is ideal to adopt the global characteristic, the most stable fittings are produced, guarantee the complete machine product quality is steady, of good performance

Products sell, avoid the intersection of worker and fee guarantee all one’s life, 12 avoid the whole fee guarantee month, except human factor

The department Sri Lankan of U.S.A. of Shenzhen makes the dish vacuum precooling machine leading particulars:

One: Lower the temperature fast ‘ Finish in 10~30 minutes)

Two: Cool even(utilize, vacuumize way, take heat away, whole temperature unanimous reach)

Three: Sterilize and keep fresh ‘ There is not bacterium that encroaches on and lengthens to keep fresh one after the vacuum sterilizes)

Four: Dormancy agricultural product( Make agricultural products enter dormant state)

Five: Damage and repair function slightly

Six: Keep the primary color of agricultural products, the primary taste is constant.

The department Sri Lankan of U.S.A. of Shenzhen becomes a responsible manufacturer

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Magelis GTO series touch-sensitive screen Magelis GTO of Snide

Sep 26th, 2017

> Colored TFT LCD
> The definition is from 320X240 to 800X600
> The size is 3.5 inches, 5.7 inches, 7 inches of wide-screens, 7.5 inches, 10.4 inches, polymorphic type of 12.1 inches
> RTC clock
> Support alarm logging and history record
> It has RS232C/RS485 that embedded
> A Model A USB, a Model Mini-B USB
> One Ethernet mouth
> IP65/IP66K two kinds of different protection grades suitable for the trade demand not used


Optimal color show
> More color, more touches
> Save the cost

Easy machine production
> Compact
> Fast and easy to install
> The fast utility program is transmitted

Easy to design
> Conformance of the software
> It is apt to be connected to the control device or apparatus
> Easy fitness of environment (protect the cover plate or not embroider the steel front panel)

Power saving
> Slab LED lamp of lower current consumption
> But the material recycled


Suitable for OEM and the customer’s many kinds of application, rail transportation, electricity, water treatment, petrochemical industry, mining finally, frame, packaging, electron,etc.;

The products with stainless steel faceplate are suitable for pharmacy, trades such as food and beverage,etc..

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The vision positions the sealed dustproof anti-interference more reliable FVC-2621 of small-scale industrial computer of the soft configuration

Sep 26th, 2017

FVC2621 fan-free industrial computer

About products:

FVC-2621 embedded computer is based on Intel to release the sixth generation of celeron 3855u processor newly, 15W low power consumption has extreme operational performance, has products of cost performance very much. The complete machine adopts the heat-sinking structure of sealed aluminium alloy, the full solid-state electronic element has high temperature resistant, anti-vibration characteristics. In narrow and small to install space, the intersection of dust and the intersection of particle and environment, moist the intersection of greasy dirt and environment, shake the environment, have superstrong stable running ability. Ensure systematic security, reliability service.

FVC-2621 embedded fan-free industrial computer, adopt the sixth generation of Intel Celeron 3855u 1.6GHz, collect interface of net mouth of 2* gigas, 6*COM, 2*USB3.0, 3*USB2.0, VGA/HDMI, can expand to 12 serial ports, 3G module even more; The characteristic is strong, the interface IO is abundant.

Detail specification


CPU: Intel Celeron 3855u 1.6GHz

Systematic memory: 4GDDR3 1600MHz, the highest support 16G

Store: Support MSATA

Ethernet: Base-TX RJ45 net mouth *2 of 10/100/1000

Serial port: RS-232 *5, RS232/485 *1

USB: USB 3.0*2; USB 2.0*3

Reveal: VGA*1

System control: Mains switch *1

LED pilot lamp: The supply indicator *1, HDD pilot lamp *1

Expand: Mini PCI-E*1, Msata*1, SIM*1

Power: DC input +9~28V

Operating system: windows 7, windows 8,windows 1


Factory automation, automation equipment

The intellectual traffic outdoor video is controlled

Environment monitoring, controlling

Intelligent terminal

Vehicle carried, ship-borne computer

Physical characteristic:

Construct: Bar section of high-quality aluminum magnesium alloy

Color: The iron is gray

Size: 197(L) *136(W) *48(H) mm

Weight: 2.3Kg

Order information

FVC-2621/S001 computer, Intel Celeron 3855u 1.6GMHz processor, 4GDDR3 memory, 32G hard disk, network of 2* gigas, 1* serial ports, 2*USB3.0, 2 *USB2.0

FVC-2621/S002 computer, Intel Celeron 3855u 1.6GMHz processor, 4GDDR3 memory, 32G hard disk, network of 2* gigas, 3* serial ports, 2*USB3.0, 2 *USB2.0

FVC-2621/S003 computer, Intel Celeron 3855u 1.6GMHz processor, 4GDDR3 memory, 32G hard disk, network of 2* gigas, 6* serial ports, 2* USB3.0, 2 *USB2.0

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Specialized hand-held terminal SZ7/S/E/ES of the SZ7 series robot

Sep 26th, 2017

Characteristic of the products

*Appearance: Subvert the tradition to design, bring you brand-new vision to enjoy.

*The safety is high: Both sides can installation hand strap,prevent not backfalling, at the time of state it is be urgent to meet, let’s hold by switch on the left of can pushing. Even if drop but afraid either on the ground, touch off the on off action of scram.

*It is wide to employ: More than one hundred kinds of communication agreements, many kinds of control devices connect, the applicable scope is wide

*Stability is high: Built-in isolated RS485, power isolate,etc. many kinds of segregation are protected, is suitable for various tight and severe and abominable industrial environments.

*The craft is new: The surface adopts and shines the line craft, can reduce damaging and scratch mark effectively.

*Resist and throw degree high: Adopt the new materials, resist and fall the characteristic is better.

Product specification parameter

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Electricity electromechanical container CBB61 of CBB61 fan electric capacity

Sep 26th, 2017

First. Electricity electromechanical container of CBB61 fan electric capacity

This capacitor adopts the edge to add the thick metallized zinc aluminium film as electrode and medium. And then pack into the epoxy resin of inflaming retarding in ABS or PBT cube cabinet. This product is small, characteristics such as the high and life time factory of the characteristic,etc..

Applicable scope: The power that it is equifrequent that used in air blower of the air conditioner, electric fan, circulating fan extensively to supply power for 50Hz/60Hz AC supply relatively lighter single phase machine is started and run.
Technical regulation
Carry out the standard: GB/T3667-2005
Techincal characteristics: Climate classification: 40/70/21 or 40/85/21
Capacity tolerance: ¡À 5%
Insulation resistance: Greater than or equal to 3000S (M¦¸¦Ì F)
Loss tangent: Tg¦Ä is less than or equal to 0.002 (50Hz- 100Hz)
The instructions for use:
Above sea level: Less than or equal to 2000m
The residual voltage while investing: Do not exceed 10% of the nominal voltage
Maximum allows the voltage: Do not exceed nominal voltage of 1.1 times
The permissible current of maximum: Do not exceed 1.3 times of rated current

Specification size (mm)

Nominal voltage (VAC)

Nominal the capacity ‘ ¦Ì F)

Size (mm)

It is long

It is wide

It is high








Note: 1. The terminal is 187 #s (250 #s) Pair is (single) Soldering lug, tinned copper wired and lead wire.

2.Other size series, can agree according to the needs of user

Two. Workshop picture

Three. Flow chart of the products

Four. Outside drawing

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