The 17/19/22 touching activated integrated machine of integrated machine computer of vertical touch-sensitive screen of one inch of console model inquires about the integrated machine FLLS-43 by oneself

Oct 4th, 2017

The characteristic of the products: 1. Picture display effect and many kinds of pictures of the absolutely fine and smooth saturation are transferred to a result; 2.Built-in high-quality acoustic enclosure loudspeaker, musical quality is perfect; Support the sound to draw and move ahead simultaneously; 3.Metal feel, the boarder of the mould, exquisite in workmanship; 4.The tempered glass faceplate of mirror surface, steady great device, the liquid crystal screen of effective protection; 5.The heat-dissipating standard of technical grade, lengthen the machine applicable life-span; 6.Use CF card as the programme source, broadcast high reliability, the content is upgraded conveniently and swiftly; Support U one and copy the content of changing the CF card; 7.Autoplay for the starting up, five sections of superstrong regular functions, can broadcast within appointed time quantum and appoint the file to control nobody in 24 hours of every day; 8.The function of the subtitle of flowing, the multiterm is multi-literal, can set up the speed / magnitude / color / background color / diaphaneity; 9.Broadcast and move ahead simultaneously: Move ahead simultaneously or add and divide the rejecting device and move ahead simultaneously according to the timing code; Compatible nearly all video forms; 10.Instant staging (USB2.0 interface, can go on through USB mouth directly) of the support software ; 11.The batch customer can do the software opposing connection; Can design the appearance; Faceplate encryptable logo; Application: 1. Sales office and top-grade brand shop are used for showing the corporate image; 2. Telecommunications, the bank, hospital, electricity,etc. open in the hall; 3. The hotel hall replaces the traditional water card and apt to draw the treasure; 4. The commercial office building lift port is used for the advertisement showing and broadcasting etc.; Ask in details: 028-85225397

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3M35KV cable terminal 7684PST-G-I-CN

Oct 4th, 2017

As everyone knows. There are the India rubber materials” Elastic memory ” Characteristic. Like the spring. The technology of temperature shrinkage is also called expanding technology in advance. Namely adopt the mechanical means and open rubber one shaped in advance in its elastic range. Then telescope the plastic core of conductor to fix. While installing. Only need to smoke the core of conductor. Shrink rapidly by the intersection of India rubber and body and clamping ring on required to install placement. 3M electric product division invents the technology of temperature shrinkage and applies it to electric electric cable accessory trade and communication trade at first in the world in 60 times. Because its one that used is simple and convenient. Safety and reliability receive users’ extensive welcome. 3M not merely remains in inventing. Also innovating constantly on this basis. And expand the application. Offer high-quality reliable power products and services of completion to the masses of customers.
Adopt the technology of temperature shrinkage, does not need getting angry and special tool, has not chased a trouble telescoped. Only need to collect the core rope gently. Earth and adopt the constant force spring. Do not need welding or copper to tie the line. Construct and save time and save effort and space saving. Narrow and small place of space for constructing. Especially suitable. The independent packaging of each set of products, are furnished with installation explanation and assembly list with excellent pictures and texts.
3M temperature shrinkage cable terminal is while making. Adopt and expand the technological structure in advance. So very applicable many kinds of cable thread diameters of each kind of specification. Strong to the cable thread diameter compatibility. The intersection of temperature shrinkage and the intersection of cable and speaking from the structure terminal. Design for the whole prefabricated compactness. Control valve of the electric stress. Protective tube and rain skirt of external insulation integrate. Up till now. 3M Company already had 35KV and the following indoor. Intact series of cable lug of outdoor temperature shrinkage. Suitable for polyethylene cable. Crosslinking polyethylene cable and ethylene propylene rubber cable,etc..
The electric stress control of 3M temperature shrinkage cable lug adopts the dielectric constant and is made of Hi-K of 25. Dielectric constant of this material. Dielectric strength. The insulation resistance keeps steady in a long-term with the medium dissipation factor. Pass this kind of stress control method. Can drop the high electric field intensity on the terminal surface to the safety range of 15V/mil. The high potential is movable towards the cable termination. But not concentrate nearby at the place where it is cut off that the cable is shielded. Thus make the electric field distribution of external insulation of cable lug prone to dispersing. Even. Therefore improve the discharge voltage of external insulation. And make the whole cable lug diameter reduce. Shape factor increases. Its result is to improve the discharge voltage too.

The insulating material is a high-quality silastic material outside 3M temperature shrinkage cable lug. It can have good hydrophobicity. The water droplet is in the roll-off at any time above. Do not form the conductive liquid film. And have self-healing characteristic of hydrophobicity. In addition. Its extremely strong insulating quality. Resist the track. Corrosion resistance and uviofast, guarantee long-term usability is steady. With cable body and life-span.

3M temperature shrinkage cable terminal. Unique material prescription and manufacture process. It is mainly insulating to make it stick to the cable closely, provide the invariable and lasting radial pressure for cable body, local discharge amount is small. The initial voltage is high. Insulating to assault competence and is higher than the existing canonial level. Leak tightness is fine, with cable body and ” Breathe ” .

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Touching activated integrated machine producer MS-Hv of multimedia intelligence

Oct 4th, 2017

Touch integrated machine technical parameter and specification
Item Model: MS-HV
The size of the products: 65/70/84 inch
Physical dimension is (long and * wide and * thick) ( mm) Bare machine: 1963*1149*85 Includes the hanging support: 1963*1149*145
Boarder width (mm) 47.3
” Do not include the boarder size (reaction size) :
It is (long and * wide) ( mm) ” 1868.3 *1054.3
Reveal size effectively ‘ It is long and * wide) : ( mm) 1860.48 *1046.52
Reveal size effectively ‘ It is long and * wide) : ( mm) 2160*1340*350

Parameter of the display screen

Liquid crystal screen type : LG84.04 a-Si TFT LCD

Reveal the proportion : 16:9 (it is wide: It is high)
Backlight source : WLED
Maximum definition : 3840(RGB) *2160(QFHD)
Luminance : 350cd/m2
Contrast degree : 1600: 1
Visual angle: R/L 178 Min U/D 178 Min
Color total number : 10bit1.06B
Television system: The sound output power 2* 10W (8¦¸)
Colored rule: PAL/NTSC/SECAM
Accompanying sound rule: BG/DK/I/L
The accompanying sound is presetted the mode: Normal mode
” YPbPr supports signals:
The input format ” 480i 480p 576i 576p 720p 1080i 1080p
VGA compatible form 1920* 1080 60Hz DOS\VGA\SVGA\XGV\SXVGA
Power range : 100AC – 240AC
Operating temperature / humidity: 0 ¡æ- + 40 ¡æ/ 10% – 90%
Power consumption is (average) : 430W
Await the opportune moment power: < 1W
Computer system ( Built-in) : Adopt OPS microcomputer ‘ Plug-draw-type. It is apt to safeguard) But the apolegamy
Series CPU Intel Have a match, raise / surge forward / cool the intersection of Rui and i3 / cool the intersection of Rui and i5 / cool Rui i7
Memory: Note-book DDR3 2G/4G/8G

Hard disk: Support 2.5 inches of mechanical hard disks 500GB/1TGB/2TGB

Support 2.5 inches / PCI-E/SSD solid hard disk 32GB – -512GB

Support the power : DC12V-19V
Ethernet: LAN RJ45
WIFI supports 802.11b 802.11g 802.11n
3G supports UNICOM / telecommunication 3G
HDMI line: HDMI1.3-1.4
Computer system: Windows XP 32-bit microcomputer Windows 7 32/64 Windowses and 8.1 32/64 of the location
Set up the tall and erect system ‘ Built-in) : Adopt, fit tall and erect edition of computers but apolegamy

CPU: Auspicious core little RK3288 Eight kernel Cortex-A17s

GPU : ARM Mali-T764,etc.

Memory: Note-book DDR3 2G/4G/8G
Built-in memory capacity: NAND FLASH 8GB/16G is (available)
Ethernet: LAN RJ45, possesses wifi module, supports Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n agreement.
WIFI: Support 802.11b 802.11g 802.11n
Audio frequency: MP3WMAWAV APE FLAC AAC OGGM4A3GPP form
Interface equipment: Support the infrared piecing, USB lens, HDMI exports, microphone,etc.
Video: Support online videos such as 1080P decoding, YouTube in video forms such as H.265VP8RVWMVAVSH.263MPEG4,etc.,etc.
Picture: It support have a look around and support to rotate JPG, BMP, PNG,etc. various picture form /broadcast slide /last function picture
Touch the function: Touch the characteristic It is touched that infrared
Operation mode: Finger, marker pen and any other no transparent substance
Write. Hatch. Annotations and commentaries Can be in the all-screen writing, hatch, annotations and commentaries while touching the area
Touch and correct the function: Normalize at 4 o’clock, normalize at 16 o’clock
The driving software avoids driving: Avoid driving, use simultaneously
Communication mode: USB
Touch survivability: Click & gt of number of times; 10 million times
Touch the body: Infrared LED lamp
Touch the performance index: ” Touch the degree of sensitivity
(response time) ” : < =8 ms
Drifting about: < 0.001mm
Write and hatch: 1. Write smooth, handwriting smooth, pen constantly, jump the pen; 2.Support 10 people more than write handwriting to be smooth at the same time, pen constantly, jump the pen, flee pens.
While resisting the light interference to require, use normally under the sunshine
Normal operating range: -20 ¡æ- -70 ¡æ
Touch the precision: < =1.0mm
Touch the parameter: Location accuracy & lt; =1.0mm
Cursor speed: < =8 ms
Touch the systematic light transmittance: 100%
Minimum to touch the body: 5mm
Touch technology: The infrared multi-point is touched
Touch the face frame: Ago safeguard? ? ? It is designed that detachable;
Wireless interdynamic display technology: (available) Can appreciate note-books in the collinear music easily. Picture. The transmission over radio of the video reaches the cathode ray tube terminal of the integrated machine. May of both sides the interaction control
Power consumption: (W) <2.5W, it is smaller than 500mA on lower electric current of USB 5V voltage to work
Touch the frame characteristic: Avoid driving. Avoid correcting. Dustproof. Ultrathin and light
Weight: Net weight ( Take the computer) 105Kg
Packed weight: 27.5Kg
Gross weight: (take the computer) 132.5Kg
The size of the external packing: ” Size of the external box
It is (long and * wide and * thick)
(monosomatous packaging) ” 2170 * 340 * 1280
Pack tabular three of power line of fittings to insert – –Bring the product word ending & emsp; Square & emsp of pure copper core national standard 0.75; L =1800MM is one
Lettering pen Plastic TG-WBP08 L =The second 12.5MM supports
Attachment report controller *1, VGA line, HDMI line, AV line, the screw

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Patented product – —-Milling machine integrated intellectual control device CYK-

Oct 4th, 2017

Patented product – —-Integrated intellectual controlling device of milling machine

Idler is an era of consuming energy

First, have running status of milling machines now:

0 milling machine work is to send it on the milling plane after smelting the binder removal of the machine in the Banbury mixer after all, get after two to three time by milling in not smelting at milling plane,after two to three time at milling smelt there go glue cold line to cool is lower sheet for after This kind of Banbury mixer has one cycle while sending the glue to milling machine, there are this cycles

Certain uncertainty, with changing with the sizing material craft to some extent, time is 4 minutes, 3 minutes sometimes sometimes, uncertainty is relatively great.

0 semifinished material set free, get milling thick to smelt at the plane, smelt the intersection of glue and intensity, send detailed to smelt milling machine the next according to artificial experience judgement, this thick time smelted and thin and is smelted judges according to manpower that smelts the glue intensity to decide.

Second, scheme demonstration

The traditional one smelts the process densely and adopts the squirrel cage three-phase asynchronous motor that the EMP of turning on the tablet press with related model is 250KW, adopt two kinds of operating modes of triangular reduced voltage starting or auto-voltage reduced voltage starting of the star. As everyone knows, because electromechanics machine’s power of milling is large, do not carry on reduced voltage starting, assault larger to the electric wire netting, to the mechanical equipment

Impact but also not large,at the same time dissipation energy! So a great deal of the intersection of rubber for tire and traditional the intersection of milling and electromechanics that enterprise operate accuse of, partly can can carry on the intersection of staging and transformation, milling machine apparatus purchased direct corollary use newly now, thus reach the technology upgrading of the apparatus, result of saving energy and reducing the cost.

Construct the milling machine integrative type intellectual control special device of Model CYK- that a electricity researches and develops production, three patents know key technology, successively on the gold space since the apparatus was put out in January of 2016, manufacturing enterprises of a dozen tires such as holding, Hengfeng, peace, double kings,etc. carry on the apparatus transformation or direct corollary use of development forever, and favorable comment that the result of every operation index is approved. The mass data which we know through the operation of CYK- type, develop the milling machine integrative type intellectual control special device of the Model CYK- on the foundation of the CYK- type, every index is further promoted.

Case: The milling machine integrative type intellectual control special device of Model CYK- that the tire factory of the peace of Shenyang runs live gathers data reduction as follows:

We take a winding-type and motor driven milling machine of 280kW as examples, the typical working working condition is with 3 fen

The clock is 1 cycle, takes and smelts the glue in year in 2 minutes, the idle working condition condition of one minute, calculate as follows:

If change into driving, constant-torque operating mode of frequency conversion, the motor speed is reduced to having idle suitable state then frequency conversion drives the rotational speed to be best with this value:

N Change =Effective revolution / duty cycle =2N/3=2/3N rpm

Milling machine is a typical constant-torque load craft, knowing according to the electrical machinery speed governing theory, motor speed and power

The relation of the electric current is as follows:

EMP: P =1.732* U * I * cos¦Õ electrical machinery running torque: T =9549* P/n ;

Running torque =Rotational speed of 9550* output power / output

P = T *n/9550 power =* speed of strength is P=F*V

So under the constant-torque working condition, the electrical machinery consumed power is proportional to the rotational speed of electrical machinery output.

Concrete scheme: Take and operate 50Hz in year, dallies and adopts the frequency conversion mode, 280KW milling machine calculates the scheme for the example, test actually the load rate is about 60%:

Q Frequency conversion 50Hz tape year =280kw*0.6*0.92 *(2/60) h =5.2kwh

Q At the time of the idler of frequency conversion, 0 Hz, the final drive electrical machinery does not consume energy

Q Frequency conversion cycle =Q Frequency conversion 50Hz brings + Q frequency conversion 0Hz idler in year =5.2kwh

We calculate as follows with the electric energy consumed in milling machine in a duty cycle under the working condition of mains frequency again:

Take the electrical energy Q consumed in cycle in year to take in year =280KW*0.6*(2/60) h =5.6kwh

Electric energy Q idler of time loss of idler =280KW*0.6*0.25*(1/60) h =0.7kwh

So consume electrical energy Q cycle in the duty cycle in 3 minutes =Q Bring +Q idler in year =6.3kwh

Comprehensive to have affiliatedly and change into the power saving rate after frequency conversion is transmitted

R =1 – frequency conversion drives cycle the power consumption / mains frequency drives the cycle power consumption

=1-5.2kwh/6.3kwh=0.175¡Ö 17.5%

We work according to each milling machine and a class 8 hours calculate,

Transform the first each electric energy which classes consumes: Q Energy consumption before transforming =6.3kwh*20*8h=1008kwh

Transform the last each electric energy which classes consumes: Q Energy consumption after transforming =5.2kwh*20*8h= 832kwh

So under the working condition:

Each class (8 Hour) Save the electric energy =1008kwh-832kwh=176 kwh, calculate knowing through above scheme, if everybody use the intersection of we and integrated scheme of milling machine of Company, every class ‘ 8 hours) Can save 176 degrees of electrical energy, its power saving rate is about 17.5%.

Third, adopt ” The integrating special device of intellectual control of milling machine ” Advantage:

0 is reduced to dally energy consumption, realizing a energy consumption of idler reaches the energy-saving and cost-reducing result.

0 special devices of direct-flow bus wires can play the function that the idle work exchanges to support the electric capacity, have improved the input power factor of the apparatus greatly, but needn’t buy the compensating device of the power factor in addition.

0 has realized the soft start of the electrical machinery, start the impact to apparatus and electric wire netting after dispelling mains frequency, have avoided it to other troubles of tripping that may cause with the electrical equipment, has lengthened service life of one of machinery such as crank shaft, gear, reducer, lubricating system, cooling section, have realized better safe operation.

0 realize stepless speed regulation function can according to produce need, help, presume roller positive and negative to turn actually, magnitude of rotational speed and adding deceleration time, make apparatus operation simple and easy and more convenient.

Many kinds of detection such as 0 under voltage, over voltage, inputting the open phase, outputting open phase, excess current detection, over load to measure protect the function, safe operation steady in a long-term that thus can guarantee the apparatus.

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VLT® HVAC Drive FC 100 frequency converter DRIVE FC

Oct 4th, 2017

Danfoss VLT® HVAC whether one style use for, ventilate specially in frequency converter, heat supply and frequency converter to refrigerate application, suitable for the extensive power range and furnished with many kinds of option functions, Danfoss VLT® HVAC frequency converter offers the products customized with the least cost.

Function and advantage

Power range
200-240 V ….. 1.1 kW – 45 kW
380-480 V ….. 1.1 kW-1000kW
525-600 V ….. 1.1 kW – 90 kW
525-690 V ….. 45 kW – 1,2 MW

IP20/chassis, IP21/NEMA 1,IP55/NEMA 12 and IP66/NEMA 4X

Specialized characteristic PI control device parameter self-tuning allocated PI control device with self-tuning function, the frequency converter control device is accused of the response corrected by it of system pair through observing, then is gone on studying by PI control device, corrected parameter, exports the control signal, so systematic can enter steady and rigorous operation rapidly.

Automatic energy is optimized
Mix the function as a kind of mark, automatic energy is optimized (AEO) Can make the electric motor reach the ideal magnetization state at all speeds and conditions of loading. This does not make fully loaded with the efficiency under the situation to improve by 5-15%.

Energy is monitored
VLT® HVAC Drive has offered complete energy consumption information, can thereby discern the less effective assembly of HVAC system.

The automatic resonance is monitored
Only need to carry on relaxed arrangement to the frequency converter, can avoid resulting in linking up the resonant frequency band emerges in the ventilation system in the fan. This contributes to shortening installation time and reducing the systematic abrasion.

The fan belt is monitored
VLT® HVAC Drive has offered complete energy consumption information, can thereby discern the less effective assembly of HVAC system.

The fire accuses of the mode
Under the circumstances that the fire accuses of the mode, VLT® HVAC Drive will put the control signal on one side, warn or call the police. In order to guarantee people can withdraw in the environment smokelessly safely, it will lengthen reliable run time as much as possible, until oneself damages.

The fan belt is monitored
VLT® HVAC Drive can make the reliable judgement to the fractured belt from the relation between electric current and speed.

The fire accuses of the mode
Under the circumstances that the fire accuses of the mode, VLT® HVAC Drive will put the control signal on one side, warn or call the police. In order to guarantee people can withdraw in the environment smokelessly safely, it will lengthen reliable run time as much as possible, until oneself damages.

Set point of the temperature
In case of not needing extra software, sensor or control device, VLT® HVAC Drive can calculate the actual room temperature through the pressure of cooling medium, then carry on corresponding adjustment to the work of the compressor. Can thereby use the pressure capsule of lower price.

The pipeline packs the mode
Pipeline pack become controllable course ‘ Closed loop) . Can dispel water hammer, booster and pipeline aqueous vapor to mix.

The end function of working curve can measure the pipe line to break and let out
This function can measure the pipe line to break and let out, the pump will touch off the frequency converter to send out and call the police in the end of working curve while running, stop the pump or carry out other user’s predetermined movements.

The dry pump protects and reduces the maintenance cost
The VLT® HVAC Drive determines that assesses the operation state of the pump continuously according to internal frequency / power.

Mark and mix many pump control devices
Built-in many pump control devices can control three pumps at most.

The electrical machinery is rotated
The rotating of the ones that can realize one while preparing against two pumps by one in this built-in logic control function. The launching of stand-by pump can prevent the corrosion of the water pump, the Built-in: time-recorder can guarantee operation time and wear degree of each pump are roughly the same at the same time.

The flowrate is compensated
By reduction of pressure according to flowrate set point,can power saving by a wide margin.

Start / stop the speed steps
Toggle speed steps can accelerate, get the intersection of normal operation and minimum of velocity band fast pump, fallback causes bearing and mechanical seal to be damaged to avoid the pump for a long time? ? There are no sensor pressure and flow control

The VLT® HVAC Drive frequency converter have, park option of function safely, accord with the 3rd type installation requirement in EN 954-1. This function can prevent the frequency converter from starting in surprise.

The attachment uses VLT® At the HVAC Drive, you can according to the needs of one’s own one many kinds of attachments of the apolegamy. Relevant detailed information, please consult the operating manual

Various are used in communication of bus line, option which users set up etc. and can use simultaneously.

Reveal the option
Local the intersection of control desk and LCP (picture form, and digital) LCP cable, 3 meters of local control desks (LCP) Long-range installation kit

Employ the option
Connect 24 V power card

Field bus option
PROFIBUS DP V1 (MCA 101) Profisafe-Stop (MCA 103)
DeviceNet (MCA 104)
CAN open loop (MCA 105)
Network IP of ether (MCA 121)

I/O option
Common I/O (MCB 101) Electrical relay option card (MCB 105)
Outside 24V direct current power supply option (MCB-107)
Analog quantity I/O and real time clock stand-by battery (MCB-109) .

Electric-wave filter
Harmonic eliminator (AHF 005/010 MCE)
Electric-wave filter (MCC 101) of sine wave
DU/dt electric-wave filter (MCC 102)

Other option
IP21/NEMA1 kit
Used for connecting USB cable of PC
Filtering device AHF005/10 of harmonic wave

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The mobile phone glass cover plate beauty defects checkout equipment receives and grinds NANO-CGI-4070RC

Oct 4th, 2017

About products:

Covering panel glass needs passing the cutting in the course of processing, CNC, polishing, ultra sonic cleaning, vacuum coating, armoured, silk print process craftwork and products that become specially while being a series of. It to laminate surface layer the most in touch-sensitive screen as protect screen and function to beautify product. So the intersection of products and surface defect measure, need very high the intersection of detection and precision and making optical effecting, coming, doing, guaranteeing reliable.

Receiving and grinding NANO-CGI-4070RC checkout equipment adopts the high picture element linear array camera to add and make LED light source up specially, after obtaining the high definition picture, and then grind the visual detection system developed independently to deal with from receiving, can detect the table difluorethylene ‘ Depend on window region scratch and silk printing area scratch) , P bad(abrade, scratch, not p heterochromatic the P the p) , silk printing area heterochromatic ‘ The dirty and dirty and heterochromatic, pearl powder lacks heterochromatically, draws back the oil heterochromatically) , the intersection of LOGO and area and make a video recording, print beauty defects such as being bad by the intersection of hole and regional silk, thus can reduce traditional visual examination personnel by a wide margin.

Device layout:

? Receive and grind NANOVISION visual software system;

? A plurality of linear array cameras, industrial lenses, making LED light source and constituent visual hardware of light source controller up specially;

? Machine construction and drive disk assembly of the high-accuracy, high stability;

? Industrial computer, LCD display unit, Windows 7 running environment;

The properties of product:

? Picture precision: 10.5um – 21um is (available)

? Measure the speed: 6s/pcs- 10s/pcs is (available)

? But the bad defect detected includes: Depend on window region scratch and the intersection of silk and person who print scratch, abrade, scratch the P the p, heterochromatic the P and broken edge the P, break out and the intersection of pearl and powder lack heterochromatic contracting

Contact details: 18588253970 ( Manager Song) QQ: 1533547204 Please contact me if needed? ? ?

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Car capacitor car capacitor

Oct 4th, 2017

The products are sketched

Regard metal film as insulating medium, and metal layer that become coil and become capacitor as electrode in organic the intersection of membrane and the intersection of surface and deposition, have steady capacity, the refractory characteristic is steady, stray inductance is small, such advantages as low esr designs. Suitable for applying to the condition harshly, with low stray inductance and requiring various long-lasting occasions, for instance: New energy HEV/EV control device.

The products are sketched

Regard metal film as insulating medium, and metal layer that become coil and become capacitor as electrode in organic the intersection of membrane and the intersection of surface and deposition, have steady capacity, the refractory characteristic is steady, stray inductance is small, such advantages as low esr designs. Suitable for applying to the condition harshly, with low stray inductance and requiring various long-lasting occasions, for instance: New energy HEV/EV control device.

Mechanical property

Medium: Metallized propene polymer membrane
Bus-bar structure: Structure of bus-bar of laminating
Material: Moisture resistance experiment
IP67 grade: IP67
Ambient temperature: < 85 ¡æ
Hot temperature =Ambient temperature + temperature rise: < 105 ¡æ

Basic parameter

Nominal capacity: 100uF~1800uF
Range of capacity : ¡À 5% (J) ,¡À 10% (K)
Nominal voltage: 450VDC~900VDC
Dielectric loss: < 0.0002
Self-discharge parameter: > 10 000s (20 degrees of C¡À 5 degrees of C, 1min)
The lowest operating temperature: -40 ¡æ
The highest operating temperature: + 105 ¡æ
Store the temperature range: -From 40 ¡æ to + 105 ¡æ

About the detailed introduction of products, please click download

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Invite joining sincerely together and expand the end terminal voltage of rural power grids and manage the market CY-DZT, CY-SZT

Oct 4th, 2017

Invite joining sincerely together and expand the end terminal voltage of rural power grids and manage the market

What advanced and built the new countryside to work was deepened constantly with the country, the living standard of rural people has been improved a lot, the household electrical appliance is popularized greatly, all kinds of are productive to increase constantly too with the electrical equipment. In some remote areas in the mountain areas and countrysides, the development plan of the electric wire netting relatively lags behind, can’t meet load of electricity consumption and increase the fast demand in time, ” it is polyhedral and wide to click ” to generally exist “low-voltage, low power ” The question, has influenced the local’s daily life and electricity consumption of the production in various degree.

The characteristic of the agricultural electric wire netting is ” The random property of the variation of load is great, the fluctuation is great, seasonal variation is great ” ,So the terminal voltage is generally on the low side, if adopt the regular means, the newly-increased electricity distribution voltage transformer, shortening the radius of electricity supply of undervoltage, or transform low-voltage circuit,etc. method to solve, because ” investment is big, cycle is long ” Can’t start in an all-round way. If adopt ” Unloaded voltage regulation ” Or ” voltage regulation of the load type ” Regulate the mains voltage, the need manual intervention of unloaded voltage regulation, voltage regulation of deenergization; The intersection of load type and the intersection of voltage regulation and voltage transformer, too because large capacity its, price expensive dividing the intersection of joint structure and complicated, the intersection of failure rate and higher reason into, it is unable to apply to the agricultural electric wire netting terminal station.

To the above-mentioned situation, in order to solve the agricultural electric wire netting end low-voltage problem completely, our company adopts multiple voltage transformers to control patented technology, specially research and develop production for the agricultural electric wire netting, CY-DZT, CY-SZT agricultural electric wire netting form, three-phase contactless automatic voltage regulator serial products, for choosing to use. ” with little investment, cycle is short, with instant effect ” in Israel Way,last electric wire netting undervoltages agricultural ” the low-voltage ” of user Question. Single, three phases have no automatic voltage regulation in year of contactor belt, it is extremely fast to respond to, it is extremely wide to compensate the range, simple and reliable, there is direct function of bypass, never the deenergization. Overload capacity is strong, are exceeded and supported the direct automatic switching function of the electric wire netting. Defend the lightning surge function. The power factor improves the function automatically. Non-maintaining for a long time to run. Can with the intersection of electric wire netting and intellectual the intersection of distribution and the intersection of monitoring system and networking, (too fixable to monitor control device while being wireless) Monitor the operation conditions of the pressure regulator in real time.

Construct one and invite the strong unit or personage to carry on the cooperation of many ways such as agent, selling, project cooperation electrically and sincerely, expand the end terminal voltage of rural power grids and manage this new developing market and reach win-win together.

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The bipitch emergency lamp BCJ of BCJ series unexplosive of scheme flies from Shanghai

Oct 4th, 2017

Type meaning

Applicable scope

1,Suitable for a district, hazardous area of 2 districts.
2,Suitable for IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas atmosphere.
3,Can equip the incandescent lamp, mercury lamp.
Note: Please mark out while requiring IIC types.

Characteristic of the products

Main technical parameter

Matched light source

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ARM framework 3.5 ” Industrial plate card – -EMB-3531EMB-3531

Oct 4th, 2017


Because of Rockchip RK3399 ARM framework 3.5 ” Industrial plate card

Because of Rockchip RK3399 chip, adopt binuclear Cortex-A72 to add four kernel Cortex-A53s
64 six kernel processors
2GB/4GB DDR3 memory of year of the board, 16/32/64 of year of board GB EMMC, offer 1x TF card cage
Integrated Mali-T864 GPU, supports 1x DP, 1x HDMI, 1x LVDS reveals the interface
Offer 7x COM, 4x USB3.0, 2x USB2.0, 1x LAN, 2x MIPI Camera,
1x CIF, offers 8x GPIO, supports WIFI, BT, IR,
Support the hole of 4 earphones, 2x Mic, 2x 5W power amplifier exported
1x PCIE X4, offers 1x MINI PCIe interface, 1x SIM card socket (can support 3G/4G network)

The size of the products: 146mm*105mm

Products sum up the intersection of North China and worker accuse of the intersection of EMB-3531 and products because of the intersection of Rockchip RK3399 and chip, adopt binuclear Cortex-A72 add 4 kernel Cortex-A53 64 6 kernel processors, integrated ARM advanced vision processor Mali-T860@MP4 GPU of new generation. The products have excellent characteristic and leading technology, it is in the industry to accuse of and first publish the flagship products for the worker in North China.
The products have integrated level high, low power consumption, high performance, the interface is abundantly, high to expand etc. and employ the characteristic all-round typely, carry Android system of increasing income, satisfiable 3D, VR, identification equipment of human face, robot, without man-machine, VOIP video conference system, safety protection / control / police service, worker accusing of type, IoT Internet of things field, the game is terminal, peripheral hardware of the game, hand visit on hook server, advertising device / integrated machine, financial POSs, vehicle carried controlling industry, thin client (the high in the clouds serve) , a plurality of sector application demands such as educational plateform, detector array type electronic white boards, Karaoka disc amusement, medical treatment.




Rockchip ARM platform


RK3399 (*4 kernel 1.5GHzs of A72 *2 kernel 2GHz + A53)


2GB/4GB DDR3 memory of year of the board


16/32/64 of year of board GB EMMC, 1x TF card cage


ARM advanced vision processor Mali-T864 GPU of new generation


1x HDMI, 1x LVDS (2x15Pin pin)

1x DP


1x LAN, 10/100/1000Mbps


Support 3G/4G network


4x USB3.0, 2x USB2.0, 1x Mini USB


7x COM (1x DB9 debug interface, 4x RS232/TTL, 2x COM485/232/TTL)


Support the hole of 4 earphones, 2x Mic, 2x 5W power amplifier exported

Other I/O

2x MIPI Camera(2x15P) ,1 x CIF(24P FPC) ,1x Gsensor

8x GPIO resurrection 1x SPI, 4x ADC, I2C

Offer 1x MINI PCIe interface, 1x SIM card socket, 1x PCIE X4

System Control

Reset switch, Power switch







Power Supply

12V 1x 2PIN small white seat supplies power


Operating temperature: -20 ¡æ- 60 ¡æ

Store the temperature: -40 ¡æ- 85 ¡æ


5%- 95% are relative to the humidity, have not condensed


146mmx 105 mm



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