Various plastic corrugated pipes of plastic wave tube

Aug 22nd, 2014

The use of the products: For use in mechanical piping, can protect electrical wire and cable from being rubed by the external force and insulating.
The characteristic of the products:
Products material: There is PE, PP, nylon material is chosen.
Color kind: It is chosen that there is black and gray.
Usage mode: The penetration tube of electrical wire and cable, and then cooperate with the plastic wave tube or ripple pipe joint to use.
Specification size: Various size.

In addition our company offers various kind type specification bandages, bandage fix, the fixed head of the cable, cable lock, water-proof joint of the cable, metal cable lock, water-proof joint of the metal cable, cable water-proof joint of bent angle, water-proof joint of the porous cable, plastic wave tube, wave pipe joint, wave tube fixed head, corrugated pipe, ripple pipe joint, flexible metallic conduit, flexible metal hose, metal hose nipple, metal snake pipe joint, stainless steel instrument circuit flexible metal hose, stainless steel make the unexplosive flexible metal hose, stainless steel bandage, it gush out it mould it is metal bandage, it use flexibly last wire cover,etc. thousands of kind and specification plastic and wire rod fittings productses metal, and can be according to the requirement that your apparatus system or project is technical, offer preferably products technology and products cost performance solution, welcome the incoming telegram to condescend to inquire and negotiate.

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Yes 3G router – YN3301EVDO RouterYN3301 EVDO Router on the space

Aug 22nd, 2014

YN330X is that a technical grade with WIFI function has no circuit by the device, this router has many kinds of network mode types, from GPRS router of 2.5g, CDMA way is from device to WCDMA router in 3G router, EVDO router, TD-SCDMA router, and then to 3.75G router, LTE router,etc.. The products adopt high-performance technical grade 32-bit microcomputer communication processor and wireless module of technical grade, regard embedded real-time operating system as the software and support the platform, offer one RS232, one Ethernet LAN at the same time, and one WIFI interface, but simultaneous connection serial port apparatus, Ethernet apparatus and WIFI apparatus, realize it is transmitted that the data are transparent and route function.

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ZN12-12 ZN12-12 ZN12-12ZN12-12

Aug 22nd, 2014

ZN12-12 ZN12-12 ZN12-12 is suitable for doing power plant, substation,etc. and losing the control or protective switch of the power distribution system, especially suitable for the place of important load and frequent operation of on-off. This serial circuit breakers can be worthy of being used in various typological separating by type, armor type metal closed switch cabinet. Serial operating mechanism of circuit breaker this energy-storing type for spring, can or direct current is operated by exchanging, can also use hand operation
The circuit breaker of the Model ZN12-40.5 is a three-phase alternating current 50Hz, inside plant with nominal voltage of 40.5kV. The organization of this circuit breaker is integrated with arc chute design into, the spring operating mechanism of the dedicated Model 3AF of Siemens Company, adopt the dual-purpose electric motor to carry on the stored energy operation of the alternating and direct current, it also can be used for hand operation. This product design is as follows, many kinds of phase spacing such as 350mm, 400mm, 460mm, it is more convenient for users to use with the switch cabinets of different types. Can use in the fixed cabinet XGN17-40.5, can also use in JYN1-40.5, KYN10-40.5 cupboard
Leading particulars
1,The Model ZN12-12 vacuum circuit breaker adopts the electric return circuit and front and back arrangement of the operating mechanism of leading factor, the circuit breaker organization adopts the specialized spring mechanism integrated with switch. The major loop chooses the advanced vaccum arc chute of vertical magnetic field, the circuit breaker is small, the characteristic is steady, it is safe and reliable to operate.
2,The circuit breaker is Siemens Company 3AF technology, on-off ability is strong, machinery is longe-lived, technical feature is superior.
3,Operating mechanism multiple functional, can or direct current is operated by exchanging, can also use hand operation, the organization includes and defends jumping the device oneself, for users to choose
The circuit breaker is Siemens Company 3AF technology, on-off ability is strong, machinery is longe-lived, technical feature is superior
Main technical parameter: Code number Project Unit A specified voltage kV 12 2 mains frequency of number value tolerates the voltage ( 1min) 42 3 thunder and lightning impulse withstand voltage ( Crest value) 75 4 specified frequency Hz 50 5 specified electric current A 630, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3150 6 amount shorts out in the breaking current (mean value) kA 20 25 31.5 40 7 Amount tolerates the electric current in short-term ‘ Mean value) 20 25 31.5 40 8 The specified short circuit current lasts time S 49 specified crest value to tolerate the electric current (crest value) kA 50 63 80 100 10 Amount shorts out in the making current ‘ Crest value) 50 63 80 100 11 Amount single / back-to-back breaking current A 20000 13 specified short circuit current on-off once and 30 14 amount of number of times of 630/400 12 mechanical life of bank of capacitors is operated suitably Preface

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Specialized linear light source JK-L450W/R/B of J&K JK-L450W/R/B linear light source vision

Aug 22nd, 2014

Detailed information of the specialized linear light source of J K JK-L450W/R/B linear light source vision

  • Control the principle: Open loop
  • Brand: J K
  • Type: JK-L450W/R/B

    Specialized linear light source of J K JK-L450W/R/B linear light source vision

    The use of the products:
    The vision is measured
    Process and customize:
    Whether not
    Industry measures:
    LED light source

    J K line style light source

    Characteristic of the products

    Adopt high light high-power LED

    Adopt unique spot light technology, the ones that realize light source are high light

    Daily field

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IPC-610L grinds the original packaging complete machine IPC-610L of China

Aug 22nd, 2014

Chassis IPC-610L, 4U, 19 ” The standard is put processor Sockets478 P4 2.4B memory on the shelf

DDR400 256M

Hard disk


The intersection of 10/100M and the intersection of adaptation and the intersection of keyboard and 104 key standard the intersection of keyboard and the intersection of mouse and the intersection of Optical mouse and the intersection of serial port and 2 RS- 232 serial port, D-LINK530TX of network, 52X CD-ROM of optical drive, USB interface leading 2 Pieces of the intersection of USB2.0 and interface combine 1 mouth (SPP/EPP/ECP) Operating temperature is 0- 50 ¡æ and 20- 60 ¡æ of storage temperature, relative humidity is 5- 95% (not condense)

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Siemens SITOP power / SITOP module SITOP power / SITOP module

Aug 22nd, 2014

SITOP modular power

The structure compact basic model power can be used in the single-phase, quarter-phase or three-phase electric wire netting, the output current is from 5A to 40A.
According to the particular need, it can increase the add-on module, realize other functions. Compact small-scale switching power supply of the structure
Hardly take up some and install the space. SITOP firm and metal-cased in power, make it suitable for not abominable very
Use under the working condition condition. Antivibration type DIN installation guide rail adopts the metal material too, this makes installation make
Fast, convenient, and antivibration.

The electronic circuit of SITOP power adopts the high reliability, high-quality to design too. Wider input span and each
Kind of world authorizes, makes it can nearly apply in various electric wire netting of the whole world. Because can reach as high as The 550 V one is super broad
Input span, monophasic 5 A and 10 A basic model power can even be coupled to electric wire netting of the quarter-phase.

The basic model power has already almost met the functions of different requirements.

Three LED pilot lamps make the working condition of the power very clear. Through adjusting the potentiometer in the forward end of power,
Can also improve the output voltage by 20% conveniently. This means even if adopts the longer cable, will do
Supply the voltage of 24 V steadily. For shorting out, can restart safely, can also adopt and restart automatically.
Rely on Qi’s Integrated power booster, SITOP power can output the electric current which can reach as high as the triple of rated value
(for example, the engine operates or fuse breaking current) . If need continuous current, can use
With SITOP power, switch over and expire by ” Parallel running ” Mode.

SITOP modular basic model power can be made with all SITOP add-on modules up and used,
With various dangers of flexible strick precaution.

SITOP smart power

All new SITOP smart series power are smaller by 1/3 than the series of its predecessor, make it become the very most thin on the market at present
DIN guide rail power pack one of. Its protective power of improved over load can even be given now for example DC/DC changes
I/O apparatus with big electric consumptions such as the device and electrical machinery,etc. supply power. Can be the highest within 5 seconds to reach 150% of the rated current.
This power can also supply power continuously: Can realize 120% of specified ability in the highest 45 ¡æ of ambient temperature. Through enabling
Use the potentiometer, can regulate the output voltage (from 22.8 V to 28 V) on the forward end of the power very conveniently .

Single-phase, the output current is 2.5 The switching power supply of A, 5 A and 10 A has already passed the extensive one worldwide
It is authorized that common. Except that the North American market authorizes ‘ This is authorized and authorized for the standard of SITOP power) ,This power is returned
Authorize through the society GL of Germany’s ship’s classification, and accord with ATEX rules (Atmosh re Explosible) ,Can apply to the danger area.

SITOP smart power can also be with SITOP add-on module corollary use.

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Stick to the sheet resistor Inductance specification Stick to the sheet resistor type 0603 0805

Aug 22nd, 2014

Supply the electric capacity of tag Stick to the sheet resistor Tag inductance Tag diode Audion serial products of tag
Flat still scientific and technological enterprises specialize in, make serial tag electronic elements. The principal products of business: The electric capacity of tag is stuck the tag diode tag triode of the electric capacity of two triodes of tag tantalum of magnetic pearl tag of tag inductance of the sheet resistor. Stick to the sheet resistor series: 0201 0402 0603 0805 1206 1210 1808 1812 1825 2220 2225 The electric resistance value of tag: 0R – -500M 0Ω — 22MΩ The whole series Stick to the sheet resistor Characteristic: 1. Microminiaturization products; 2.Have electrode structure of tri-layer; 3.High stability, high reliability; 4.The ribbon packaging of paper is suitable for the automatic chip mounter to install. We will exhaust and serve as you!
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M S N:

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MV-VGA series brought the cross curve megapixel VGA industry camera MV

Aug 22nd, 2014

MV-VGA series brought the cross curve megapixel VGA industry camera
(high-resolution, high speed, take cross curve, polyline, measure the function briefly)
[About products ]
MV-VGA series megapixel collects the picture and gathers, deals with, is shown in an organic whole to takes the cross curve VGA industry camera, adopt high-quality sensor chip and the strongest specialized image manipulation DSP of the characteristic at present, picture definition is high, beautiful in colour, the border is incisive, the intelligent intensity is high, put up the systematic low cost, direct VGA interface display equipment, does not need to connect the computer to reveal, improving reveals the speed, save the cost and can link the microscope very beginning, microscope of industry and observe the picture, can apply to industry’s measuring extensively, applications such as medical treatment,etc.. Connective MV-VGA100 VGA picture of our company gather the card and gather, analyze and deal with the picture, micro- MV-VGA high definition VGA camera industry measures the best solution.
[Six major characteristics ]
1,Unless unless it is high clear, megapixel, last line self-carrying,can composite moves arbitrary,last simulation camera, have solved the problem not enough of sharpness
2,VGA interface, connects the display unit and monitors the inspection directly, has solved the problem that use the computer to monitor through the display unit
3,Take the cross curve, many striplines, line can vary the color, function that can move, totally replace the cross line generator
4,Some type tapes measure the function
5,Monitor and check through the display unit directly, maximal elimination visual fatigue, have improved and measured quality
6,It is simple and convenient to use, the characteristic is steady, the price is cheap, it is the ideal choice of industrial microscopic examination
[Characteristic of the products ]
1,Reveal the speed is high, with clear and flicker free picture, it is good, compact that color is reduced degree, the integrated level high, characteristic is stable, the failure rate is low.
2,It is direct for VGA export until display unit,connect with other apparatuses on production line convenient, needn’t buy the monitor alone.
3,Export 800& times on the direct display unit; 600,1024× 768,1280× 1024,1440× 900,1600× 1200 multi-type reveals the definition.
4,The cross curve reveals / hides, color vary, support the intersection of OSD and the intersection of cross curve and function set up, can realize single cross curve, dual ruler, dual vertical line, paired-line cross, three cross curve, large cross curve,etc..
5,The white balance is automatic / fixed; Autoexpose / fixing; Gradation mode; The negative mode, VGA 15pin standard interface.

1280*1024 1/3" Non-interlaced CMOS 20 paired-line crosses / tapes measure the function autoexpose / close 5.2*5.2 VGA
1280*1024 1/3" Non-interlaced CMOS 20 eight cross curves / tapes measure the function autoexpose / close 5.2*5.2 VGA
1280*1024 1/2.5" Cross curve of non-interlaced CMOS 60 eight, high-speed autoexpose 2.2*2.2 VGA
1600*1200 1/3" It is non-interlaced 15 of CMOS is fixed for cross curve for autoexpose /last 3.0*3.0 VGA
1600*1200 1/3" Non-interlaced CMOS 15 form / pair / three crosses
Ribbon OSD function Autoexpose / barrier 3.0*3.0 VGA

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C2000 M2IA analog quantity transferred to the module C2000 M2IA of data acquisition of Ethernet

Aug 22nd, 2014

8 No. analog quantity ( Current yield) Input;
I/O totally isolates with the system;
AI definition: 12;
AI incoming channel adopts the whole difference input;
Totally isolate between the incoming channels of analog quantity, isolation 5VDC;
AI inputs the measurement limit: 0~20mA;
Support 3 pieces of thread to gather at the same time at most;
RS485 interface can be regarded as the extended interface, connects MD44, module such as MD82, MD88, MD16, MDIA, MDVA, MDI8, MDV8;
Adopt Modbus TCP communication protocol;
RS485 communication interface offers photoelectricity isolating and every line 600W surge protection;
The power has overvoltage protection of excessive load and defends the opposing connection function;
It is convenient to install.

Sum up:

C2000 M2IA is a intellectual analog quantity collector of the network-type of channel separation, the current model analog quantity of No. 8 is input (quantum is 0~20mA) ,Adopt channel separation of the scale span, the whole difference input to be designed. Adopt the canonial Modbus TCP communication agreement, all right

Gather the analog quantity data long-rangely through TCP/IP network.
This product is offered the extended interface of one RS485, convenient, flexible cascade-connected way, can support 16 cascade at most, make MD44, MD82, MD88, MD16, MDIA, MDVA, MDI8, MDV8 RS485 gather module can adopt lowest

The cost realizes network insertion, the associations of different digital quantity, analog quantity of concurrent implementation are expanded and gathered. Offer 5 quality to protect the service.

Technical parameter:

I/O interface
AI characteristic 8 passways of the whole differentiating analog quantity are input
Input impedance 240¦¸
12 definition
Channel separation 5V DC

Communication parameter of the network
Ethernet 10M/100Mbps
Interface RJ45
Agreement Modbus TCP of the communication
Protect 1.5KV/600W lightning protection to protect
240V overvoltage protection, 80mA overcurrent protection

RS485 extension communication parameter
Baud rate 9600bps
Data bit 8
Stop bit 1
Check-up No
485 addresses 1-255

Offer resources
Test the software IO apparatus supervisory routine
File Modbus communication agreement, register address file
DEMO Modbus communication example procedure and code

Power demand
Working voltage 9~24VDC (recommend 12VDC)
Working current Smaller than 100mA
Surge protection 1.5kW
Overcurrent and overvoltage protects 60V overvoltage protection, 500mA overcurrent protection

Work environment
Operating temperature -From 25 ¡æ to 85 ¡æ
Store the temperature -From 60 ¡æ to 125 ¡æ
Working humidity 5~95% RH no condensation

Size 72.1*121.5*33.6mm
Guarantee period Five years

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EUPEC silicon controlled rectifier T1986N12TOF T1986N14TOFT1986N14TOF

Aug 22nd, 2014

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T879N18TOF T1049N12TOF T1049N14TOF T1049N16TOF T1049N18TOF
T1189N12TOF T1189N14TOF T1189N16TOF T1189N18TOF T1500N12TOF
T1500N14TOF T1500N16TOF T1500N18TOF T1509N12TOF T1509N14TOF
T1509N16TOF T1509N18TOF T1986N12TOF T1986N14TOF

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