Peak ice – industrial mother board FL-D525A

Apr 24th, 2014

Integrated Intel Atom D525 binuclear processor (1.86Hz, 1MB buffers) of year of the board
CPU bus line ( FSB )
Chip set
Intel® D525 Chipset
Intel NM10
Second buffers ( L2 Cache)
D525 is 1MB, CPU integrated
AMI BIOS, ACPI supported, supports the starting up function of the incoming telegram
Systematic memory
A DDR3 SDRAM memory trough, as much as 4GB DDR SDRAM the most
Built-in display card
Built-in integrated Intel GMA 3150 reveals the chip
Support and expand VGA output interface ‘ 2*6 pins 2.54mm interval)

Apparent to store it as much as 256MB the most

Network card
Board RTL 8103EL10/100 BaseT LAN of year, supports RTL and PXE to have no one to start
Sound card
Adopt ALC662 chip, offer 6 sound channel sound cards
(Line out, Line, Mic jacks on board)
ITE 8712/ 8782 of the chips are supported, 2/6 COM (RS232)s ,
Interface of 2 Serial II ATAs, support 3Gb/sUSB
2.0 interface of 6USB (4 are in POSTF faceplate, 2 boards expand the pin in year)
Detect of hardware
Board year ITE 8712/8782, the detect CPU fan, systematic fan, voltage, the temperature,etc.
Expand Slots
1 PCI,
POSTF faceplate
VGA RJ-45 Audio jacks 4 USB portsSerial Port (COM1)

170mm x 170mm
Operating Temperature:
0° C~60° C (32° F~140° F)
Storage Temperature:
-20° C~80° C (-68° F~176° F)
Relative Humidity:
10%~90% (non-condensing)

Contacts: Du Feng
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Fax: 86
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Address: Military the Hou ‘s military blue and green No. 6 South Road in Chengdu


Interface unit MCS multi-purposed spring series interface unit SP 425 of general MCS multi-purposed spring of the speed

Apr 24th, 2014

The characteristic of the products:

Color and order number: 425102 Calx color

Thread diameter : 0.2mm2-0.5mm2

Weld the needle interval: 2.5mm

Nominal voltage: 250V

Rated current: 4A

Other available colors: No

Pass interface unit of passway of series 2-24 425

Order number: 425102 Calx color

Employ SUPU spring connection technology, advantage of having reliable, fast, resistance to shock, non-maintaining etc.;

Easy and simple to handle, only need a screw and finish operating;

Dual side convenience of flag bit directlies perceived through the senses, the tab character can be printed according to the request of customer;

Can install on SP35 standard guide rail ‘ Rail or aluminium rail) .

Contacts: Zheng DengYao
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Fax: 860574-63288170
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Address: Zhejiang Province the intersection of Cixi and the intersection of city and bank mound revitalize the town street No. 625

UPS uninterrupted power system FIN-3KVA

Apr 24th, 2014

First. Main performance characteristic :

1,Adopt digitized control technique, overall intelligent digitization is designed
The advanced digital circuitry exceeds stable operation
FIN11 UPS has substituted the traditional analogous circuit with the advanced digital circuitry, high-speed microprocessor control, working parameter can be presumed through backstage supporter’s software, operation management is perfect, self test is and stronger from the detect function. Whole sampling technique not merely helps to connect self test and failure analysis to all independent circuit on the circuit board, can be transformed to the extremely pure and stable sine-wave voltage by the number, guarantee the ultra stable operation of system.
It is managed that the battery is intelligent, durable to save worry
FIN11 series introduced into the advanced intelligent battery supervising system, can dispose the charging parameter of self-regulating the battery according to users’ battery, and will carry on floating-charge changing, compensating charge of temperature and discharging to manage of the Equalized Charging to the battery according to the environment of supplying power. In addition, series FIN11 can also manage detect to the running status of the battery through controlling interfaces, guarantee the battery runs high-efficiently. The intelligent battery supervising system not only reduces the controller’s burden, can lengthen the life time of the battery and is more than 55% even more.
The intellectual detect system defends in the whole journey
The microprocessor at a stretch of this system carries on online detect to all power state, circuit breaker state, fuse state and all circuit working condition. While breaking down, the detect system will call the police to notify the controller immediately, start UPS to protect the function in an all-round way synchronously.
Intellectual cellphones & beepers are controlled long-rangely
RS232 and RS485 communication port really realizes the multi-purposed communication and monitors long-rangely.
Available SNMP card, 100% realize and control and network management long-rangely;
Available dry joint interface, adopt the passive joint to realize effectively that control the state of UPS.
Adopt high-accuracy SMD technology, the complete machine precision is higher
FIN11 series change the traditional plug-in circuit treatment processes, all adopt high-accuracy SMD technology, space saving, dispel the foot in the traditional UPS circuit to sting, benefit the safe operation of the integrated circuit completely, improve reliability and operation precision.
High-accuracy SMD technology has totally removed the cross talk of different other chips of high-frequency signal pair produced by chip, thus can let each chip module normal operation without interruption, anti-interference is greatly improved.
Series FIN11 adopt SMD technology in an all-round way, the high temperature resistant, high, filtering characteristic of accuracy grade is extremely good, the complete machine characteristic is more steady, firmer and durabler, the life time has increased by 80%.

2,Regard commenting on life cycle as the foundation accurately to develop, energy-conservation
Appraised through scientific life cycle, FIN11 series adopted the excellent large screen LCD Chinese and English display panel and chassis appearance by fabrication processing of fluorocarbon of ageing resistance, environmental protection is durable, it is new that go through long;
Can adopt the disassembling modular design, it is apt to safeguard and highly save resources;
Adopt the new eddy current fan, it is excellent to distribute thermal behavior, high energy-conservation;
Adopt the non-loop controlling circuit, the electrical properties of festival are good;
Adopt the green to commutate and reverse technology, offer the clean energy to user;
Adopt advanced digital circuit and high-accuracy SMD technology, the complete machine life-span has lengthened 80% compared with the same period of last year.

3,Switch over technology on the basis of the sixth generation of IGBT and static switch of high speed, reliability is higher
IGBT good high-speed switching characteristic; Have the operating characteristics of upper voltage and heavy current; Adopt the voltagetype to drive, only need very small control power. The sixth generation of IGBT has lower saturation pressure drop, the operating efficiency of the inverter is higher, temperature rise is low, reliability is higher.
Adopt pair to vary the purely online designing and high-speed static switch and switch over technology, the characteristic is more steady.

4,Ultra clear the intersection of interface and information processing technique, link up, have no obstacle while being man-machine
The humanized large screen LCD Chinese and English reveals
The running status intellectual icon visual display of the flow block diagram, tabular data information, logging reveal, the Chinese and English available menu is operated.
Ocular LED status indication: Workflow type status indication, very clear.

5,Other characteristic advantages
Superior load characteristic
At all satisfied from 0 to 100% of the jumping that support, but does not need to switch to the bypass, and protect and export stably and reliably.
Complete protection function
Have low-voltage protection of Input/Output, charging or discharging passes to protect, output many kinds of systematic protection and warning function of protecting etc. that short circuit protection, temperature are too high in year to input surge protection, phase sequence protection, battery.
High-performance dynamic characteristic
Adopt many kinds of feedback control such as control mode of the instant and mean value, has realized the high dynamic regulation, reduce the degree of distortion of the output voltage.
But the apolegamy inputs the harmonic eliminator
The harmonic wave inhibiting being input effectively is polluted, improve the input power factor of UPS, reduce the harmonic current of input.
But apolegamy battery polling module
Can measure single parameter, and reveal on the display panel. If there is battery trouble that calls the police immediately, notify the controller.
Individualized arrangement
Can follow user’s electricity consumption and require that sets up the working condition to UPS, UPS work pattern, ECO energy-conserving work pattern, EPS work pattern (FINUPS, green energy-conserving FINECO that users are available, meet an urgent need strongly to open FINEPS) .

The operating principle of the complete machine:
This UPS is a multiple protective exchange power supply equipment. When the main electricity is normal, commutate the main electricity to vary into the pure direct current at first, the interference in the main electricity of filtration, then vary the direct current into pure sine to exchange electric output through the inverter, charge storage battery at the same time; When the main electricity is unusual, go against the direct current that the storage battery stores to turn into exchanging and export, guarantee the high-quality power that users supported supplies power; Transfer to bypass and supply power automatically when the inverter closes the trouble. Maintain the bypass and guarantee to safeguard or overhaul UPS in without power cut off cases manually.
The control centre of the microprocessor:
Microprocessor (MCU) Data such as inputting, outputting, battery, environment,etc. will pass high-speed computation, then control operation and protection of the rectifier, inverter, static switch and respond to the external operation order.
Commutate and charging unit:
The main electricity inputs the detection circuit and sends frequency and phase place information of mainly electric input voltage MCU and makes operation, when mainly electric voltage, frequency, phase place are in the normal range, MCU sends and commutates the control signal, commutate the voltage from 0VDC slow rising to the nominal voltage, reduce and strike the surge current input. Because of battery and direct-flow bus line parallel operation, the rectifier charges the battery at the same time: When the battery voltage is lower than the floating charge voltage, the rectifier works in the constant current mode, MCU carry on compute control the intersection of charging and current feedback and the intersection of battery capacity and message that users set up of battery at this moment; When the battery fills to the floating charge voltage, transfer to a constant voltage charge mode. MCU still carries on the compensating charge of the temperature to the battery according to the temperature information of the battery at the same time, still carry on regular maintenance management (when the battery has not charged and discharged to the battery for a long time according to the operating position of the battery, MCU transfers to the activity that a Equalized Charging mode activates the battery automatically) ,Bear in order to lengthen life time and management of reduction user of the battery.
IGBT reverses the unit:
When the direct-flow bus line is normal, MCU sends out and reverses the control signal, the inverter circuit drives IGBT bridge inverter through SPWM driving signal, after the voltage transformer isolates voltage transformation, filters, output the pure sine alternating current. Inverter enable output voltage from 0VAC slow rising to the nominal voltage through impulse width to adjust driving signal, enable, export steady through export feedback control; Measure the output voltage, electric current to protect the inverter at the same time.
Automatic and manual bypass unit:
The bypass circuit will input into and transformed into exporting and supplying power directly through the switching circuit. When the inverter closes the trouble, MCU high speed control static switch switches to the bypass and supplies power automatically, and the power supply supported incessantly.
The all right and main electricity of the power of bypass is the same as a series of power, it can be different alternating current.
Reveal the communication unit:
The display element is to show running status of the complete machine and data out through LED and LCD, still cooperate with backstage supporter’s software implementation to control long-rangely through RS232, RS485, dry joint signal, SNMP card,etc. at the same time.
Adopt the large screen LCD ‘ 128* 64) Reveal, the patterned operation interface, tabular data display. 256 ultra long loggings, carry on analysis and management and offer very good help to your power supply state.

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Y485TC boss RS-485/RS-422 active common relay set Y485TC

Apr 24th, 2014

When the boss RS-485/RS-422 relay set is used for lengthening the transmission distance 1.2km (9600bps of RS-485/RS-422) ,Can also be used for increasing the power-handling capability (load capacity) of RS-485/RS-422 signal . Y485TC is half duplex and common for full duplex, Y485TC can also realize RS-485 (half duplex)ly And RS-422 (full duplex) Between mutual conversion.
Support the highest communication speed to be 115.2kbps. Attract 1000w wave alive resisting and is struck by lightning and protected the function at the same time. Because an internal a time delay intelligence receives and dispatches the switch technology, guarantee suitable all full duplex alone, half duplex communication software.

Products materials: HTTP://WWW.BOSIKA.COM/CHANPIN4.HTM

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Apr 24th, 2014

Intelligently Sichuan industry and trade Co., Ltd. supplies favourably with Germany GRAESSNER reducer in Shanghai. Graessner Company established in 1955.

In 1970 times, the standard range oblique angles of development and production succeeded in popularizing the gear box.

In 1980 times and 1990 times, the focal point is designed and customized to the gear box.

MS-Graessner products quality high-tooth conical gear, gear box are the high torque today, the noise is low, utilize one’s own project and requirement for the precision and grind technology specially.
1.The rotational speed of high input reaches high torque from the medium-sized torsion torque; 2.Assemble the electrical machinery directly through flange and coupling joint; 3.The reducers of different speed ratios are the same in size; 4.Transmit accurately; 5.With low noises; 6.Flexible installation way; 7.Stiffness of high output twisting force; 8.Design making to advance the distance to optimize in small and exquisite appearance; 9.Perfect system integration makes the flange system regulate as much as possible 10. Offer up to 6 specifications, up to 1440NM; 11.Maximum inputs the rotational speed 8000rpm; 12.The right angle reducer reduction ratio of the single stage: From 3: 1 to 15: 1; 13.Low backward stroke interval & lt; =2 arcmin; 14.High efficiency. The producer purchases directly, the price is excellent. Welcome the masses of customers to choose.

Contacts: Miss Qian
Telephone: 8602151029610
Fax: 86021-31266127
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Address: Room 507, No. 681 of road of residential district of Shanghai


CM75TU-12H, CM50TU-24H, CM50E3Y-24, CM50TF-24H

Apr 24th, 2014

Only beautiful electric Co., Ltd. of Kunshan is that one has been engaged in the electric and electronic product design, make, sell as an organic whole high-tech enterprise for many years, products such as triode thyristor, rectifier tube, silicon controlled rectifier module, fast recovery diode module, module of rectifier bridge, solid state relay specializing in various specifications of marketing,etc.. Its technical force is rich, the checkout equipment is advanced, the management system is perfect. Products enjoy good reputation at the domestic market, and find a good sale in some countries or regions such as Russian, South Korea, Southeast Asian, Middle East, eastern Europe, South America.

Silicon controlled rectifier that our company dealt in, thyristor module, rectifier bridge, the intersection of diode and products have the intersection of appearance and esthetic, the intersection of characteristic and steady small the intersection of weight and light, the intersection of power consumption and low, convenient using advantaging such as being safe and reliable installation. Apply electricity, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, textile to, manage gold, mine over load and short circuit protection of electrical apparatus of field widely.
The company always insists on & ldquo; Quality is the first, customer is the highest, good service, abide by contracts & rdquo; Aim,what has been is it high-quality to rely oned products,it is good, high-quality service, the products sell well in nearly more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the whole country. Cooperate with domestic and foreign win-win of trade company wholeheartedly, develop together, create brilliance!
Supply Mitsubishi with IGBT, GTR, IPM, PIM, diode, silicon controlled rectifier, rectifier bridge
CM300HA-12H, CM200HA-24H, CM400HA-12H, CM300HA-24H,
CM600HA-12H, CM400HA-24H,
CM600HU-12H, CM600HA-24H,
CM400HU-24H, CM600HU-24H,
CM200HU-24H, CM800HA-24H,
CM300HU-24H, CM1000HA-24H,
CM300HA-12E, CM200HA-24E,
CM400HA-12E, CM300HA-24E,
CM600HA-12E, CM400HA-24E, CM600HU-12E, CM600HA-24E,
CM400HU-24E, CM600HU-24E, CM200HU-24E, CM800HA-24E,
CM300HU-24E, CM1000HA-24E
CM400HA-28H, CM800HA-50H, CM600HA-28H, CM1200HA-50H, CM1000HA-28H, CM800HA-66H,
CM400HA-34H, CM1200HA-66H, CM800HD-66H, CM800HD-50H, CM1200HD-66H, CM1200HD-50H, CM50DY-12H, CM50E3Y-12E, CM75DY-12H, CM75E3Y-12E,
CM100DY-12H, CM100E3Y-12E, CM150DY-12H, CM150E3Y-12E, CM200DY-12H, CM200E3Y-12E,
CM300DY-12H, CM300E3Y-12E,
CM400DY-12H, CM50E3U-12E,
CM75DU-12H, CM75E3U-12E,

hao la

CM100DU-12H, CM100E3U-12E, CM150DU-12H, CM150E3U-12E,
CM200DU-12H, CM200E3U-12E,
CM300DU-12H, CM300E3U-12E, CM400DU-12H, CM75DU-12E, CM50DY-12E, CM100DU-12E,
CM75DY-12E, CM150DU-12E, CM100DY-12E, CM200DU-12E,
CM150DY-12E, CM300DU-12E,
CM200DY-12E, CM400DU-12E, CM300DY-12E, CM400DY-12E,
CM50DY-24H, CM300DY-28H,
CM75DY-24H, CM50E3Y-24E,
CM100DY-24H, CM75E3Y-24E, CM150DY-24H, CM100E3Y-24E,
CM200DY-24H, CM150E3Y-24E, CM300DY-24H, CM200E3Y-24E, CM50DU-24H, 50A/1200V/2U, CM50E3U-24E, CM75DU-24H, CM75E3U-24E,
CM100DU-24H, CM100E3U-24E, CM150DU-24H, CM150E3U-24E,
CM200DU-24H, CM200E3U-24E,
CM300DU-24H, CM300E3Y-24E,
CM50DY-24E, CM50DU-24E, CM75DY-24E, CM75DU-24E,
CM100DY-24E, CM100DU-24E, CM150DY-24E, CM150DU-24E,
CM200DY-24E, CM200DU-24E,
CM300DY-24E, CM300DU-24E,
CM50DY-28H, CM300E3U-24E
CM75DY-28H, CM400DY-50H,
CM200DY-28H, CM400DY-66H,
CM15TF-12H, CM15TF-24H, CM20TF-12H, CM20TF-24H, CM30TF-12H, CM30TF-24H,
CM50TF-12H, CM50TF-24H,
CM75TF-12H, CM75TF-24H,
CM100TF-12H, CM100TF-24H, CM150TF-12H, CM50TF-28H,
CM75TU-12H, CM50TU-24H,
CM100TU-12H, CM75TU-24H,
CM150TU-12H, CM100TU-24H, CM15TF-12E, CM15TF-24E,
CM20TF-12E, CM20TF-24E,
CM30TF-12E, CM30TF-24E, CM50TF-12E, CM50TF-24E,
CM50E3Y-24, CM50E3Y-24H, CM50MD1-12H,
CM50TF-12E, CM50TF-12H, CM50TF-24H, CM50TF-28H, CM50TU-24F, CM50TU-24H, CM600DU-24F,
CM600DU-24NFH, CM600DY-12NF, CM600DY-24A, CM600DY-34H, CM600E2Y-34H, CM600HA-12H, CM600HA-24A,
CM600HA-24E, CM600HA-24H, CM600HA-28H, CM600HA-5F, CM600HU-12F, CM600HU-12H, CM600HU-24F,
CM600HU-24H, CM75BU-12H, CM75DU-12F, CM75DU-12H, CM75DU-24F, CM75DU-24H, CM75DY-12H,
CM75DY-24H, CM75DY-28H, CM75E3U-12H, CM75E3U-24H, CM75E3Y-24E, CM75E3Y-24H, CM75TF-12H,
CM75TF-24H, CM75TF-28H, CM75TJ-24F, CM75TU-12F, CM75TU-12H, CM75TU-24F, CM75TU-24H,
CM800DU-12H, CM800DZ-34H, CM800HA-24H, CM800HA-24H, CM800HA-34H, CM800HA-50H, CM800HA-66H,
CM800HB-50H, CM800HB-66H, CM900DU-24NF,
CM300DY-24H, CM300DY-24J, CM300DY-24NF, CM300DY-28H, CM300E3U-12H, CM300HA-12H,
CM300HA-24H, CM300HA-28H, CM300TJ-24NF, CM300YE2N-12F, CM30ADXX-12H, CM30MD1-12H, CM30TF-12H,
CM30TF-24H, CM350DU-5F, CM400DU-12F, CM400DU-12H, CM400DU-12NFH, CM400DU-24F, CM400DU-24H,
CM400DU-24NFH, CM400DY1-12E, CM400DY-12, CM400DY-12E, CM400DY-12H, CM400DY-12NF, CM400DY-24A,
CM400DY-24NF, CM400DY-50H, CM400DY-66H, CM400HA-12H, CM400HA-24A, CM400HA-24E, CM400HA-24H,
CM400HA-28H, CM400HA-34H, CM400HU-24F, CM400HU-24H, CM400YE2N-12F, CM430890, CM431290,
CM431690, CM450HA-5F, CM450TJ-24NF, CM50ADXX-12H, CM50DU-24F, CM50DU-24H, CM50DY-12H,
CM50DY-24H, CM50DY-28H, CM50E3U-24H, CM50E3Y-12G, CM50E3

CT60AM-20, CT30M-12, CT35SM-8, CT75SM-12, CT15SM-24, CT75AM-12, CM200HA-12H (E) , CM300HA-12H (E) , CM400HA-12H (E) , CM600HA-12H (E) CM450HA-5F, CM600HN-5F, CM600HU-12H, CM300HA-12E, CM400HA-12E, CM600HA-5F, CM600HU-12F, CM200HA-24H (E) , CM300HA-24H (E) , CM400HA-24H (E) , CM600HA-24H (E) , CM800HA-24H (E) , CM1000HA-24H (E) , CM200HU-24H (F) , CM300HU-24H (F) , CM400HU-24H (F) , CM600HU-24H (F) , CM800HU-24H (F) , CM1000HU-24H (F) CM400HA-28H, CM600HA-28H, CM1000HA-28H, CM800HA-50H, CM800HA-66H, CM1200HA-50H, CM1200HB-50H, CM800HA-34H, CM800HB-66H, CM1200HA-66H, CM1200HB-66H. , 2U (two-hose sharing) : CM50DY-12H( E) , CM75DY-12H (E) , CM75DU-12H (F) , CM100DY-12H (E) , CM100DU-12H (F) , CM100US-12F, CM100US-12H, CM150DY-12H (E) , CM150DU-12H (F) , CM200DY-12H (E) , CM200DU-12H (F) , CM200DU-12NFH, CM300DY-12H (E) , CM300DU-12H (F) , CM350DY-5F, CM350DU-5F, CM400DY-12H (E) , CM400DY-12HE, CM400DU-12H (F) , CM400DU-5F, CM600DU-5F, CM50DY-24H, CM50DY-28H, CM50DU-24H (F) , CM75DY-24H, CM75DY-28H, CM75DY-28K, CM75DY-24E, CM75DU-24H (F) , CM100DY-24H, CM100DU-24H (F) , CM100DY-28K, CM100DU-34KA, CM150DY-24H (E) , CM150DU-24H (F) , CM150DY-28H, CM150DK-24E, CM200DY-24H (E) , CM200DU-24H (F) , CM200DY-28H, CM200DU-34KAH, CM300DY-24H (E) , CM300DU-24H (F) , CM300DY-28H, CM600DU-24F, CM300DU-34KA, CM600DY-34H, CM50E3Y( E3U) -12E, CM75E3Y( E3U) -12E, CM100E3Y( E3U) -12E, CM150E3Y( E3U) -12E, CM200E3Y( E3U) -12E, CM300E3Y( E3U) -12E, CM400DY1-12E, CM400YE2P-12F, CM300YE2P-12F, CM400YE2N-12F, CM300YE2N-12F, CM600YE2N-12F, CM110YE4-12F, CM150YE4-12F, CM165YE4-12F, CM200YE4-12F, CM400DY-50H, CM400DY-66H, CM600DY-34H, CM600E2Y-34H. ,
Fuji IGBT:
1U (single-hose sharing) : 1MBH25D-120, 1MBH60-100, 1MBH60D-100, 1MBI50L-060, 1MBI30L-060, 1MBI75L-060, 1MBI100L-060, 1MBI150L-060, 1MBI300F-060, 1MBI400F-060, 1MBI600LN-060, 1MBI600NN-060, 1MBI200L-060, 1MBI300L-060, 1MBI400L-060, 1MBI600LP-060, 1MBI600NP-060, 1MBI150NH-060, 1MBI200L-120, 1MBI200F-120, 1MBI300L-120, 1MBI300S-120, 1MBI300NN-120, 1MBI200S-120B, 1MBI200N-120, 1MBI300S-120B, 1MBI300N-120, 1MBI300JN-120, 1MBI300JN-140, 1MBI300SA-120, 1MBI400N-120, 1MBI400JN-120, 1MBI400JN-140, 1MBI400SX-140, 1MBI600LP-120, 1MBI600PX-140, 1MBI400L-120, 1MBI400S-120, 1MBI400NN-120, 1MBI400NP-120, 1MBI600LN-120, 1MBI600PX-120
2U (two-hose sharing) : 2MBI50N-060, 2MBI50L-060, 2MBI50F-060, 2MBI75N-060, 2MBI75F-060, 2MBI75L-060, 2MBI75J-060, 2MBI75NB-060, 2MBI100J-060, 2MBI100F-060, 2MBI100L-060, 2MBI100N-060, 2MBI100NB-060, 2MBI150N-060, 2MBI150J-060, 2MBI150L-060, 2MBI150KB-060, 2MBI150ND-060, 2MBI150-060, 2MBI150LB-060, 2MBI150F-060, 2MBI150NC-060, 2MBI150SD-060, 2MBI200J-060, 2MBI200K-060, 2MBI200F-060, 2MBI200L-060, 2MBI200N-060, 2MBI200TA-060, 2MBI200ND-060, 2MBI300N-060, 2MBI300L-060, 2MBI300F-060, 2MBI300J-060, 2MBI300K-060, 2MBI300NB-060, 2MBI300LB-060, 2MBI300TC-060, 2MBI300NR-060, 2MBI300KB-060, 2MBI300SK-060, 2MBI400N-060, 2MBI400L-060, 2MBI400K-060, 2MBI400NT-060, 2MBI400NK-060, 2MBI400TC-060, 2MBI400SK-060, 2MBI400TB-060, 2MBI600NT-060, 2MBI25-120, 2MBI25L-120, 2MBI25F-120, 2MBI50L-120, 2MBI50F-120, 2MBI50J-120, 2MBI50-120, 2MBI50J-140, 2MBI50N-120, 2MBI50N-120H, 2MBI50P-140, 2MBI75N-120, 2MBI75S-120, 2MBI75P-140, 2MBI75UA-120, 2MBI75J-140, 2MBI75J-120, 2MBI75F-120, 2MBI75L-120, 2MBI100F-120, 2MBI100L-120, 2MBI100J-120, 2MBI100J-140, 2MBI100N-120

Contacts: Mr. Lin
Telephone: 86051257600323
Fax: 860512-82092268
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Address: Jiangsu Province the intersection of Kunshan and the intersection of city flower and the intersection of bridge and international commercial the intersection of city and flower fit the intersection of road and 183 No. Saeger Electronic Market 1c22

Three-phase air-immersed to isolate the voltage transformer LW-SG

Apr 24th, 2014

Voltage transformer LW-SG, DG series three phases and single relevant type isolate the voltage transformer, this serial voltage transformers not merely have a voltage transformation function in the electric wire netting, the ones that still protect the machine and produce generate heat and the life-span of the insulating material is reduced. Especially suitable for import equipment to use ‘ 380V enters 220V appears, 380V enters Any voltage output 220V enters Any voltage output) Between the specification 1KVA-600KVAs, series LW-SG, DG are dry to isolate the voltage transformer and are extensively suitable for exchanging 50- 60HZ, input, output voltage less than various three phase supply occasions of 500V. Dampproof, safe and reliable, energy-conservation and characteristic of convenient maintenance that applicable to support extensively, can bear instant and overload, can work, fire prevention continuously for a long time. Products input and output voltage ( Single-phase, three phases or multi-channel import and export,etc.) ,Link the way, regulate the tap position, the capacity assignment of the coil, the secondary winding is allocated, external box ( Choose according to different environment for use) ,Can carry on meticulous design and manufacture products characteristic according to the request of user: The energy-conserving low noise adopts the closed assembly of the high-quality cold-reduced silicon sheet; Adopt the fabrication processing of special dip-coating, has reduced vibrations and noise of the runtime effectively; The innovative technology that and adopt the high temperature resistant insulating material to be designed,etc., new technical leading-in, make the intersection of voltage transformer and energy-conservation, further quieter further. The energy-conserving low noise coil leaves the ventilation slot, the air flow is unblocked, reduce the coil temperature effectively. The reasonable structure of the high reliability, high in efficiency, the waveform is undistorted, it is convenient and reliable to use, can run for a long time, the performance index totally accords with the standard requirement of GB/6450 dry electric voltage transformer. Can isolate the main mains supply, defend assaulting, jamming-proof, defend the thunder and lightning. The characteristic in environment protecting mode has heat resistance, moisture resistance, stability, chemical compatibility, low temperature, radiation resistance and non-toxicity.

There are contactless stabilizators in Germany ‘ China) Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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The photoelectricity isolates RS485 relay set, signal amplifier, transmitting, commutation equipment, transmitting, the commutation equipment, communication products

Apr 24th, 2014

C2000 S109 is the data trunk communication products of only isolated RS-485/422, can lengthen the communication distance of RS-485/422 bus network, strengthen the number of RS-485/422 bus line network equipment. C2000 S109 Built-in: optoelectronic isolator and DC/DC DC converter, can offer the segregation voltage of 1500V, fast transient voltage suppressor (TVS) Can inhibit the lightning (Lighting) effectively And ESD, offer every the intersection of line and 600W strike by lightning the intersection of surge protection and power, may valid prevention is struck by lightning and interferes with together.

→ Flow into and control automatically;
→ RS485/422 automatic authentication function;
→ Lightning protection, the striking by lightning the power of surge protection of every line 600W;
→ The photoelectricity is isolated; → The power is isolated, 3500V isolates the voltage;
→ RS-485 of the interface compatible EIA/TIA, RS-422 standard

· Essential information
RS-232 end interface unit: DB9 (mother head) Signal: RXD, TXD, GND
RS-485/422 end signal: T+(485) +, T- (485 -) , GND, R +, R-
RS-485 data flow control Automatic
Baud rate 110 bps~115200bps
The abrupt-wave is protected 15KV ESD
Lightning protection 600W every line
Transmission distance 0~1.2 kilometers

· Environment
Operating temperature -40~85 ¡æ
Store the temperature -From 60 ¡æ to 125 ¡æ
Working humidity 5~95%RH

· Other
Size 90& times; 65× 25 . 5mm
Guarantee The quality is protected in five years

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Relay set 485 rs485 changing device ATC-109N

Apr 24th, 2014

Safe and sound high ATC-109N RS422 485 photoelectricity isolates the relay set and defends being struck by lightning DIN standard guide rail

The characteristic of the products:

Can lengthen the communication distance of RS-422/RS-485 bus network

Increase the number of RS-422/RS-485 bus line network equipment

The automatic flow control of data, zero delays time to design

Optoelectronic isolator and the intersection of DC/DC and module, can offer the intersection of segregation and voltage of 3500V, may valid prevention is struck by lightning and interferes with together

Efficient to prevent the detonator from inhibiting the lightning (Lightning) effectively And ESD, offers the striking by lightning the power of surge protection of every line 1000W

Can raise the reliability of the whole RS-422/485 network greatly

All metal-cased, anti-electrostatic, antijamming capability is strong


Point-to-point, P-MP point-to-multipoint communication

Industry’s collecting and distributing distribution system, industrial control automation

Traffic regulation automation of the road

Closed-circuit control

Safeguard system

Intelligent card, attendance Access Control System

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Take care of the beautiful scientific and technological MT6043N real color touch-sensitive screen MT6043N

Apr 24th, 2014

Shenzhen takes care of American science and technology and introduces the EX2N-43H series touch-sensitive screen PLC integrated machine, its touch-sensitive screen adopts 4.3 inches of real color touch-sensitive screens MT6043, the function is abundant.

1,Product specification:

Reveal the size: 60,000 real colors 4.3 ” TFT liquid crystal screen, 480*272 picture element

Physical dimension: 134*102*30

Install the size: 119*93

Reveal the size: 97*56

Luminance: 450cd/m2

Power consumption: 3W

Communication interface: The touch-sensitive screens / PLC can all select to hold one RS232 or 485

USB downloads the mouth: Yes

The memory 64M of the touch-sensitive screen, support U one is stored, stand in WINCE department

2,The function is introduced:

Offer a large number of vector picture libraries and support the self-built picture library

Resistance type touch faceplate of high precision, high reliability

Support various design static picture and cartoon graphic

Support all script that WINDOWS offers

260,000TFT real color display unit

Support the pull-down menu

Support the prescription function

Serial communication interface

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