Open an advantage and offer Narda attenuation pad 4779-13 in Suzhou

Aug 28th, 2016

Open an electron and rely on Hong Kong head office RICHI GROUP strong overseas channel resources in Suzhou, the advantage act as the agent of NARDA amplifier / power distributor / mixer / attenuation pad / biasing device / phaser / block device / limiter / frequency divider, wait for are all microwave devices most in the whole country, a large number of stock always on the alert. All NARDA microwave device products are guaranteed as & ldquo; Original packaging brand-new normal product & rdquo of former factory; ,The company imports and exports on one’s own account, goods one can promise the area of China’s Mainland has advantages most at the price, a large number of stock always on the alert of company, welcome the masses of users and traders to call to consult

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Bore the hole type water-filled radiator and bore the hole type water-filled radiator

Aug 28th, 2016

The products are sketched:

The water-filled radiator is a high-efficient heat sink of a kind of IGBT, GTO equipower component, control the temperature of the module of power, working ring of making it live in

The above standard and maximum temperature that the norm stipulates under the border condition, the calculation of the maximum allowed temperature is by thermal analysis and components and parts working condition of finite element

Based on analyzing, and required with the authenticity requirement for the products and environment for use compatibly. Thus reach module security of the power, stability reliability to transport

Walk and lengthen the apparatus life time.

Bore daily preparation method and classification of the hole type water-filled radiator:

The market employs:

The peak electronic Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of hawk of Shanghai researches and develops, produces the new high-tech enterprise as the developing direction of passive device of electric electron with the speciality, it is the passive device solution supplier leading at home. The staples includes generatrix, thin film capacitor, water-filled radiator, reactor, power resistor of laminating, braking the unit, electric electric-wave filter,etc..
The company successively passed SQCISO9001: 2008 quality control certification systems and ISO/TS16949-2009 quality control certification systems. Hawk peak science and technology is devoted to open-up and innovation of the products constantly, comprehensive solution and service of passive device of offering and fighting for strength unexpectedly very much to trades such as industry’s transmitting, new energy, rail transportation, electric energy quality,etc. customer, understand customer’s demand continuously, cooperate with the customer to research and develop together, promote users to experience, create maximum value for users.

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Data collecting card PCI interface module OLP-9203

Aug 28th, 2016

The module of data acquisition runs side by side in PCI interface 1MSPS 16Bit 4Ch high-speed high precision
4 passways run side by side and sample
The highest sampling rate: 1MSPS
ADC definition: 16bit
The quantum shelf is very programme-controlled
AC/DC coupled mode can be chosen
Large memory: 4MSa / passway
The cost performance is extremely high, point-to-point after service
Support the interface API of application and development
There is 16Bit independent ADC in OLP-9203 every passway, the input signal scale span range of the differentiating is ¡À 0.01V, ¡À 0.02V, ¡À 0.05V, ¡À 0.1V, ¡À 0.2V, ¡À 0.5V, ¡À 1V, ¡À 2.0V, ¡À 5.0V, ¡À 10.0V. Every passway quantum shelf can be set up independently.
Storage space at the board can cascade use, when 4 passway sample at the same time, it is 4MSa that every passway stores the length; If the dual bolts is sampled, it is 8MSa that every passway stores the length; If the single channel is sampled, it is 16MSa. Sampling the length each time can be set up.
OLP-9203 highest sampling rate of every passway is 1MSPS. Use the exterior clock ‘ The front panel is imported) There is no minimum sampling rate to limit hour.
OLP-9203 has abundant trigger ways, sampling movements can be made up and start by any AND or OR of the following triggering signal: External triggering ( Import from the front panel) ; The level of the passway is touched off; Automatic trigger ( The software is touched off) .
OLP-9203 offers the dynamic linking storehouse of 32bit of many kinds of programming tools of support, helps users carry on the secondary development under different environments.
Olympic general science and technology still offers specialized software development guidance for users’ application and development, offer canonial DLL and abundant source routine.
Technical indicator
Input the number of channels 4 passways
ADC definition 16bit
ADC conversion rate The highest 1MSPS
Direct-flow precision <0.06% FSR (calculate with mean value)
Exchange the precision < 0.3%FSR(f< 5KHz)
Input coupling AC/DC
Input impedance 1M¦¸//15pF
Input span 10 shelf very programme-controlled ‘ ¡À 10mV- ¡À 10V)
Bandwidth: Direct-flow DC- 300KHz; Exchange 0.2- 300KHz
Signal input Single-end
Phase difference of interchannel 1o(f< 50KHz)
Channel separation Superior to 102dB
Low frequency CMRR 75dB
Memorizer depth: 16MSa/Ch (sample the number of channels 1 at the same time) ; 8MSa/Ch (sample the number of channels at the same time is 2) ; 4MSa/Ch (sample the number of channels at the same time is 4) .
Touch off the following OR or AND touched off to make up: External triggering; Level is touched off; The software is touched off.
Physical size: 140mm* 98mm

Bus line characteristic
PCI Specification 2.1
5V PCI signaling
Share and cut off INTA #
Operating temperature: 0 ¡æ- +70 ¡æ(can offer the wide warm products)
Store the temperature: -25 ¡æ- +85 ¡æ
Relative humidity: 0- 85%
Voltage +5V electric current 1.2A
Voltage +12V electric current 300mA
Voltage -12V electric current 100mA
Driving software
Support Windows9x/2K/XP/Vista/Win7
Support LabWindows CVI/Labview/Microsoft VC ++ / VB/Delphi/C ++Builder,etc.

Application software
Analyze the software in OLP-DAQ data acquisition
OLP-9203 PNP software and source code
The quality is protected and served
All module one grade of products that Olympic general science and technology offered, promise as follows:
On-the-spot quality guarantee of one year
Lifetime technical support
Purchasing order information
Item Model Function description
OLP-9203-x x: The passway quantity, the maximum value 4;
For example: If need to buy the module in 2 passways, it is OLP-9203-2

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HS-7006 BS-7007HS-7006 BS-7007

Aug 28th, 2016

Intel insults and moves N270 processor, PICMG1.0 full-scale SBC W / CF [Intel Atom N270 processor PICMG1.0 Full-size SBC w/CF ]
Intel & reg; Insult and move? N270 processor, PICMG1.0 full-scale SBC W / CF, miniature PCI, PC / 104, DVI – I / CRT / LVDS, pairs of gigas of Ethernet, audio frequency, 4 COMs, 8 USBs
Intel & reg; Insult and move? N270 processor
DDR2 SDRAM of 2 x DIMM memory slot greatest support 2GB
Intel & reg; System of 945GSE / ICH7 – M chip set
18 double-channel LVDSs
Pair of Ethernet
ALC202A coder-decoder
Hardware supervisory function
Select one as DVI – I display unit
Central processing unit
Intel & reg; Insult and move? N270 processor, 1.6GHz one
Bus interface
PICMG 1.0 is full-scale
FSB of 533MHz
Reward and use simultaneously BIOS flashing memory
Systematic chip set
Intel & reg; 945GSE / ICH7 -M
I / O chip set
Nation W83627EHG of China
Systematic memory
2 240 stitches of DIMM, DDR2 533, maximum 2GB
CF slot of one Type II
Extended interface
A III type mini PCI slot

One PC / 104 slots

8 common input/output ports
Watchdog’s timer
Software programmable ultra time separate from
1 – 255 seconds. Or 1 – 255 minutes.
H / W state monitor
Control the temperature, voltage and cooling fan
Power function
AT / ATX power mode supports
Operating temperature
Working humidity
0 – 95 % , Have not condensed
Stiff size ‘ It is long and x wide) 338 X 122 millimetres
I / O interface
I / O port
3 RS – 232
One RS – 232 /422/485
8 USB2.0s
One runs side by side
One PS / 2 KB / MS

Chip set
Intel & reg; 945GSE integrated Intel GMA950
Show storing DVMT3.0 high and up to 224MB
18 forms / double channels
Chrontal CH7307 is (available)
VGA mode: 2048* 1536
Audio frequency
Chip set
ALC202A of RealTek
Audio interface
MIC IN, line output
Chip set
RTL8111C giga Ethernet of double RealTek
Interface of Ethernet
2 RJ – 45
Order information
Does PICMG1.0 full-scale SBC W / ice move? CPU of 1.6GHz, CF,
CRT, each Ethernet, audio frequency
Does PICMG1.0 full-scale SBC W / ice move? CPU of 1.6GHz, CF,
DVI – I, each Ethernet, audio frequency

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Grind the permanent EC7-H1312 worker and accuse of the mother board The low power consumption Mini ITX worker accuses of the mother board EC7-H1312

Aug 27th, 2016

It is a research, development devoted to the special computer that the intersection of Guangzhou and city grinds permanent computer Science Technologies Co., Ltd., makes, sells as an organic whole high-tech enterprise. One accuses of the professional group engaged in market for many years, research and development and service of the trade in engineering.

Hardware respect, we are absorbed in embedded fan-free complete machine, industry’s dull and stereotyped computer, industry flat panel display, man-machine interface and industrial automation to reveal the development of the platform is customized; Software respect, we can customize XPE, WINCE, LINUX, VXWORKS operating system according to the customer’s demand, help to open an account and develop the associated application software at the same time. Our products have already been applied to fields such as revealing, outdoor multimedia, factory automation detection, channel control, intellectual parking system of meteorological phenomena,etc. extensively, have offered the one station intelligent solution to numerous high-quality trade customers.

Grind the permanent EC7-H1312 worker and accuse of the mother board The low power consumption Mini ITX worker accuses of the mother board


Intel® Celeron® 1037U high-performance low power consumption mother board
10 serial ports, one pair of net mouths




Intel® Celeron® 1037U binuclear processor, 1.8 GHz, TDP 17W

Chip set

Intel® NM70 chip set, TDP 4.1W


1*SO-DIMM, heaped capacity 4 GB, DDR3 1333 MHz SDRAM


2 network cards, 10 RS232 (COM3 can make RS485)s of board year


Support the intersection of 1080P and high definition decode, it offers many kinds of double screens to be different to show mode (the intersection of VGA and +HDM + pairs of 24bit LVDS)


2 Mini PCI-Es, support mSATA/Wifi/3G module

Audio frequency

Integrated HDA 5.1 sound effect sound card, supports 6W power amplifier

I/O interface

3*SATA 2.0+1*SATA 3.0+10*COM+1*PCI-E 16X+8*USB 2.0+1*LPT+1*PS/2+8*GPIO

Static protection:

Contact ¡À 6KV, Air ¡À 8KV

Operating temperature:

0 ¡æ- 60 ¡æ; 5%-90% (not condense the state)

Store the environment:

-40 ¡æ- 85 ¡æ, 5%-90% (not condense the state)

System support

Support Win XP, Win7, Win8, Linux operating system


255 grades, it is programmable for second /divide, cut off by or system reset overtime

Power demand

DC12V inputs, ATX inputs

Size (W * D) :

170 mm* 170 mm

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Address: Green land nave A1 one 1603 of science town

Dull and stereotyped computer of industry of 15 inches – surfacial industry integrated machine CTN-GE0115GA of desk

Aug 27th, 2016

The surface of the surfacial industry integrated machine of 15 inches of desks adopts the high strength to be metal-cased and designs, give consideration to esthetic firm compact characteristic, make, install convenient; Have extremely strong antijamming capability at the same time, the electromagnetic compatibility is good. Built-in VKM video switcher, multi-channel sound channel power amplifier. High-performance fan-free, the adjustable metal support of the self-carrying, adapt to various installation environments.

The characteristic of the products:
This product core is based on Intel ATOM processor platform of new generation, adopt the thread edition CPU of four kernel fours, primary frequency is upgraded to 2.0GHz, the core of the display card is Intel HD. The whole platform has stronger graphics capability, more quick processing rate.
Adopt 15 inches of industrial liquid crystal screens, support VGA to expand asynchronously or duplicate synchronous ouput at the same time. Suitable for various more than dust, the industrial situation such as being high and wet.
Adopt the power of externally positioned adapter to supply power, the aviation plug of the self-carrying. It is convenient to adapt to all kinds of power environments, increase the global stability.
Support the built-in power amplifier.
This product supports WINDOWS7/ Windows7 Embedded, WINDOWS 8, surfacial operating systems of many kinds of desks such as LINUX,etc., have well met application of all kinds of industrial places’ needs, suitable for the self-service service in places such as terminal, intellectual traffic, monitoring aid, industrial automation,etc..

Products parameter

Name of product

Reveal the size

LED industry in a poor light of 15 inches rejects
1024 x 768 definition
Support the luminance above 400cd/m2, the visual angle is greater than 160 degrees

Surface craft

The front panel adopts the aluminum alloy of black anodic oxidation
Metal envelope of the back over

Complete machine color



500G 2.5 inches of HDD

Master chip

CPU J1900
2M Cache, up to 2.42 GHz

Chip set




Peripheral interface

4 x USB 2.0 – Type A
1 x 1G LAN – RJ45
1 x LINE IN+1 x MIC IN+1 x SPK OUT

Peripheral operation

Starting up of power up

Display card and in a poor light

Intel HD display card
1 x VGA IN, 2 x VGA OUT (integrate and enter two and reveal the frequency divider two times)


Software 0 ~255S is programmable

The power supply is imported

Adapt input AC 220V (3 core city power)
Adapt and export DC12V (the aviation plug)

Power consumption

Built-in 500G SSD
Pmin =21W,Pmax =25W, Ptyp =31W

Operating temperature

Operation: -15-60 ¡æ

Working humidity

Operation: 5% ~ 95 % Do not condense

Protection grade

It is waterproof not to need, try hard to seal


Host computer, installs (the screw X6, several of viscose) ,Power line 1.0m

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Series such as the real color touch-sensitive screen MT6043HA,etc.

Aug 27th, 2016

About type:

1.MT6037H(A) —3.5 inches of real color touch-sensitive screens, two kinds of installation ways, can be used in machinery and intellectual home furnishing;
2.MT6050H(A) —5 inches of real color touch-sensitive screens, two kinds of installation ways, can be used in machinery and intellectual home furnishing;
3.MT6043H(A) —4.3 inches of real color touch-sensitive screens;
4.MT6070H(A/AS) —7 inches of real color touch-sensitive screens;
5.MT6100HA – –10.2 inches of real color touch-sensitive screens; The intersection of touch-sensitive screen and 232 of self-carrying and 485, support the intersection of MODBUS and agreement / free mouth, can with routine.

The touch-sensitive screen is introduced:

( 1) Offer a large number of vector picture libraries and support the self-built picture library

( 2) Resistance type touch faceplate of high precision, high reliability

( 3) Support various form static picture and GIF cartoon

( 4) Support all script that WINDOWS offers

( 5) 60,000TFT real color display unit

( 6) Support the prescription function

( 7) Serial communication interface, communication way has RS232/RS485

( 8) Can be vertical to reject revealing

( 9) Available to hold the net mouth or audio frequency

( 10) Basically edition and staging edition is available

The characteristic of the products:

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Worker’s word inductance LGB0608

Aug 27th, 2016

LGB I-shape inductor Show and size: (Unit mm )


Material number














2.0± 0.5


0.5± 0.1




3.0± 0.5


0.6± 0.1




5.0± 0.5


0.6± 0.1




5.0± 0.5


0.6± 0.1




7.0± 1.0


0.8± 0.1




7.0± 1.0


0.8± 0.1




8.0± 1.0


0.8± 0.1

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The original packaging cluster achieves the liquid crystal glass V500HJ1-PE1 faceplate V500HJ1-PE1 of A rule of 50 inches

Aug 27th, 2016

The original packaging cluster achieves the liquid crystal glass V500HJ1-PE1 faceplate of A rule of 50 inches

Very beautiful liquid crystal glass V500HJ1-PE1 Structural property
Faceplate size: 50 inches
Some definition: 1920(RGB) *1080 (FHD)
The density of picture element: 44 PPI
Picture element is arranged: RGB vertical strip
Aspect ratio: 16:9 (It is wide: It is high)
Physical shape: The level rectangle reveals
Some interval: 0.19025* 0.57075 mm (* horizontal vertical strokes)
Pixel pitch: 0.57075* 0.57075 mm (* horizontal vertical strokes)
Faceplate weight: 2.06Kgs (Typ.)
Surface treat: The fog (Haze 1%)
Display interval: 1095.84* 616.41 mm (* horizontal vertical strokes)
Appearance size: 1110.44* 631.63 mm (* horizontal vertical strokes)
Appearance size: 1.365 (Typ.) Mm (thickness)
Scenery portrait: Scenery mode
Touch-sensitive screen: No

Optical characteristic
Display mode: Super MVA, often reveals black, the transmission type?
Faceplate luminance: 0 cd/m2
Contrast degree: 5000 : 1 (Typ.) (transmission)
Reveal the color: 16.7M (8-bit)
Response time: 8 (Typ.) (G to G) (ms)
Visual angle: 88/88/88/88 (Typ.) (CR is greater than or equal to 20) (left/right / up/down)
The best visual angle: The whole visual angle
Transmissivity: 5.5% (Typ.) (including leaning towards the slide)

Electronic characteristic
Scan frequency: 60Hz
The reversal scans: No

Send the optical character system
Light source type: Without in a poor light

Signal interface
The big class of the signal: LVDS
Signal subclass: LVDS (2 ch, 8-bit)
Faceplate voltage: 12.0V (Typ.)
The electric current of the faceplate: 0.46/0.55A (Typ./Max.)
Faceplate power: 5.52/6.6W (Typ./Max.)
Interface type: Terminal

Manner of packing
The quantity per case: 13 pcs
The size of the packing box: 1260* 810* 97.5 It is mm (long and * wide and * high)
The gross weight of the packing box: 38 Kgs

There is V500HK3-PS1 besides, V500HK2-PS1, V500HK1-PS6, V500HK1-PS1, V500HJ3-P03, V500HJ2-PE1, V500HJ1-PE8, V500HJ1-PE6, V500HJ1-PE1, V500HJ1-P01, V500DK5-QS1, V500DK4-QS1, V500DK3-QS1, V500DK2-QS1, V500DK2-PS1, V500DK1-QS2, V500DK1-QS1, V500DK1-P01, V500DJ6-QE1, V500DJ5-QS1, 500DJ5-QE1, V500DJ4-QS1, V500DJ2-QS5 brand-new the intersection of A and the intersection of rule and 50 the intersection of liquid crystal and glass the intersection of faceplate and original packaging competent goods sell, welcome, have required friend come, choose.

Contacts: Peng FuZhi
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Open a speciality and research and develop and make the high-power temperature stable phase cable assembly SMA-J/SMA-J in Suzhou

Aug 27th, 2016

Open the speciality of a company and research and develop and make the radio frequency microwave cable assembly / high-performance millimetric wave cable assembly in Suzhou, it is one of the domestic very pointed army and the people’s dual-purpose microwave cable assembly manufacturers most. Opening a company has domestic strongest first-class technology research and development groups, advanced processing unit and equipment workshop, and measure the laboratory specializedly. Successively introduced half a flexible coaxial laser and shelled the wire apparatus, vector network analyzer, numerical control curved wire apparatus, salt fog testing equipment,etc.. Open a high-performance cable assembly that company made, various in style, the frequency covers DC 65GHz, apply to military-civil fields such as the radar, satellite communications, testing head-to-tail, microwave signal transmission,etc. extensively.

The high-power temperature stable phase cable assembly matched the high-power cable from the accurate interface unit that is made by oneself, cable external diameter 7.8mm. Except having frequency bandwidth, lossing low, such advantages as the homogeneity is good, its characteristic of phase stabilization is superior, when the cable losses extremely low (18GHz, decay as 0.7dB/m) . Especially suitable for having special requirement on phase place and having occasion of the high-power requirement.

1,Technical indicator

Assembly type

Applicable temperature

Frequency domain

Phase stability

Insertion loss

Voltage standing wave ratio


-65 ¡æ- +125 ¡æ

DC- 18GHz

¡À 2 degrees of (18GHz)

Less than or equal to 0.7dB/m(18GHz)

Less than or equal to 1.2


Less than or equal to 1.25



Less than or equal to 1.3


DC- 16GHz

Consult the hot line & gt; > 0512-66226676,66509508,E-mail:

Contacts: Mr. Li
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