Serial gateway CPROFIBUS

Mar 15th, 2018

AnyBus-C Profibus serial gateway can change the serial communication agreement into Profibus communication agreement. This gateway is DIN guide track style installation and canonial DSUB-9 Profibus bond-linkage element of use.
The gateway includes a Anybus-S Profibus DP module, so support all service functions that the module has. The gateway is set up through the friendly software of the interface. Through the computer and software, may set up Profibus side and serial port side of the gateway.
Leading particulars:
DIN guide rail installed
Input output data of most 512 byteses
RS232/422/485 is available
Support Modbus RTU/ASCII serial communication agreement
Support Modbus transparent to transmit
Support 4 nodes at most
Furnished with setting up the software

Technical indicator:
Mechanical size: 120* 75* 27mm
Power: 300mA
Operating temperature: 0-70 ¡æ
Profibus speed: 9.6,19.2,93.75,187.5,500,1500,3000,6000,12000 kbit/s
Serial port baud rate: Can set up highest 57.6k BPS
Application interface: RS232/422/485
Profibus service: All indispensable ones + user’s parameter data; The associated data of the apparatus are diagnosed
Standard order number: AB7000

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FUJI UG30 series series PODUG30

Mar 15th, 2018

UG30 series carry on 32768 kinds of colors expicity POD bright in luster
Can deal with 32768 kinds of colors to reveal
Can deal with 32768 kinds of colors to reveal, the display effect is the same as photo.
AV function substantiated
Make a recording on videotape input funciton ‘ Option unit, high function products)
Have abundant functions, the super input funciton of the video picture can let the video picture be revealed through the switch, connecting 4 video recorders can carry on 4 channels to reveal, the super input funciton can reveal stationary continuously 16 points of pictures at the same time.
Imitate RGB and input the output function into ‘ Option unit, high function products)
Sound WAV file broadcasting function ( Option unit, high function products)

But the standard deals with the storage card (CF)
Function, readable data storage function of data entry

Can deposite various data of PLC in the CF card. Can operate on the computer with CSV form.
Hold functions of different files
The interval slow reproducing data or UG30 picture of the video picture can be kept as JPEG file. And can also carry on the save of BMP file or WAV file.
Upload or download the picture data
Switching functionality of multiple languages
Preserve the characters script of various countries in the CF card, multiple languages that can carry on 8 languages switch over revealing.

The network is multiple functional
The standard allocates Ethernet function ‘ High function products)
WebServer function ( High function products)
Can reveal HTML file preserved in the CF card in the display unit of computer on LAN. Can control the data of PLC,etc. long-rangely.
E-mail deliver letters function ‘ High function products)
UG30 can send the abnormal circumstance in machinery,etc. to going to with telephone in hand via the mail host computer on LAN.

Other various abundant functions
PLC2Way function
UG30 PLC with the type of the same producer of the simultaneous connection or 2 PLCs with the producer, can serve as the passway between PLC.
Cartoon function of ruggedization
Carry on movements to BMP file logged on in advance to presume, can finish the cartoon function automatically.
Correspond to the two-shot metacode
Intensity control function
Wall paper function

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Online security NSP-2040

Mar 15th, 2018

Structure 2U framework type chassis, steel plate
Size 424(W) *368.30(D) *88(H) mm (16.7″ *14.5″ *3.46″ )
The processor supports one pair of Intel Xeon/ LV Xeon processors, can reach as high as 2.8G
Memory maximum 12GB DDR memory, DIMM * 6
The group Intel E7501 of the chip, Intel 64H2, Intel ICH3-S, Intel FWH
Storage equipment One 3.5 HDD Bay
Cooling system One pair of 60mm fan systems lowers the temperature
System control and instruction Power LED * 1
ATX POWER Switch* 1
Act/Link, 10/100 LED* 2&10/100/1000 LED* 2
Expansion slot 2* PCI-X slot
Authorize CE, FCC

Operating temperature 0 degrees C 40 degrees of C
Store the temperature -20 degrees C 80 degrees of C
As to 10%~90% of humidity, there is no condensation

MIO COM* 1 , RS-232, USB* 3
Ethernet 10/100./1000 Base-TX port* 2
10/100Base-TX port* 2
Intel82544GC* 2, Intel82551QM* 2 , RJ45 with LED* 4


Purchasing order information:

NSP-2040G: 4 ether net mouths, 2 COM ports, mouth of 3 USBs, available EBK NPCI, 400W EPS
NSP-2040GR: 4 piece ether net mouth,2 piece COM port, 3 USB mouth, EBK NPCIs available, 400W power [img ] 20051515581314590 jpgs redundant [/img ]

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Series FUJI UG20 Holding POD holding type

Mar 15th, 2018

Handy POD can be taken on hand, hung on the neck, hung on the wall, erect and install etc., can make general-purpose all-round POD.

Adopt 7.7 inches of medium-and-large-sized 128 color STN colored liquid crystals
Adopt 7.7 type VGA (640* 480 o’clock) 128 color STN display color liquid crystals. There are enough space, operability area that increase by a wide margin in the picture is made.
There are many kinds of safe functions
Fixed switch
Dispose and fix the switch on the host computer. Therefore can confirm and prevent the faulty action ‘ There are 2 sections of products, 3 sections of products and 2 kinds of types) And turn on or off the acknowledgement lamp fixedly, make operation safer.
Urgent stop switch
The standard configuration implements the switch that the hardware shuts down in urgent cases.
Locking switch
In view of the function of the password, there are products not operated unless hold the key.
Adopt simulation to touch the faceplate
Adopt the touch faceplate in the simulation resistive film way, can put the switch more meticulously. And can serve as welcome note book.
But the standard deals with CF ‘ Flash card)
CF card of the standard configuration. The data that needed the logger to be kept in the past can be kept on Handy POD host computer.

Carefully think out and allocate the extendible cable
The cable can be drawn by two directions of left and right sides, no matter will not bring inconvenience to take the machine in hand from side to side. The design that is carefullied think out has saved the trouble at the time of operation.

Other functions
IP65 protection grade.
But and every PLC of Company connect as series UG20 in the past ‘ Can’t use the communication unit)
But the fixed switch of direct output of o’clock of strip 4
Built-in time-recorder

▪ 5.7 inches (UG220/221) ,7.7 inches of (UG320) ,10.4 inches of (UG420) ,12.1 inches of (UG520) 4 pieces of size
▪ But and there is no communication of procedure (00/9) in 25 PC producers
▪ And the thermostat direct connection of every producer with communication function. Can realize the data monitoring, settlement of the thermostat on POD.

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Scheme BXM (D) flies from Shanghai Serial explosion proof luminaire ( Motive force) Distribution box BXMD

Mar 15th, 2018

Type meaning

Applicable scope

1,A district, hazardous area of 2 districts or 20 districts, 21 districts, hazardous areas of 22 districts;

2,IIA, IIB, IIC. explosive gas atmosphere or flammable dust environment;

3,The indoor, outdoor (IP65_ IP66 ” );

4,Temperature group: T1-T4/T5/T6;

Characteristic of the products

1,The shell adopts the aldural to at one time press the casting type. The outer cover is compact and rational. The intensity is good, unexplosive is of good performance; The high-pressure static after throwing pill of high speed is cleared up of surface is gushed out and moulded, the surface

It is strong to mould powder adhesion, have good antisepticizing the characteristic, appearance is neat, elegant appearance;

2,The inner fixable component is: C65, C120, NSX, DZ47, CM1 circuit breaker and indicator light,etc., if need to install other special components, can contact company’s engineers and technicians;

3,Have functions such as protection, short circuit protection, earth leakage protection, photo-control,etc. in year;

4,This product is modular construction of compound type, the switch is won for the explosion suppression type, bus wire lumen and connecting line cavity are the safety adding type, according to user’s request, carry on independent segregation to every loop:

5,But purpose-built according to user’s request, such as install surge protector, ammeter, voltmeter, mutual inductor,etc. additionally; Regular the intersection of products and the intersection of operating handle and material engineering plastics, operating handle can as requested

It is the aldural to install the small-scale circuit breaker padlock hand grip material of padlock additionally;

6,Steel tube, the routing of cable will do

Main technical parameter

Appearance and installation size

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Shandong active filter ABQF

Mar 15th, 2018

Active filter

The products are summed up:

Abifsey series active electric electric-wave filter whether one use for, inhibit harmonic wave, compensate wattless new electric electronic device dynamically, the active electric electric-wave filter of harmonic series abifsey that it can change all the magnitude and frequency has overcome the filtering result of the traditional passive filter badly, apt to take place syntony, can only compensate fixed subharmonic shortcoming, can get up get good filtering and compensate result to various fast transient the intersection of toughness and load.

Operating principle:

Series abifsey active electric electric-wave filter gather the electric current signal in real time through the external mutual inductor CT, isolate the harmonic part among them through the internal detection circuit, it is new electric harmonic wave that made of modern electric electron technology and digital signal processing technique based on DSP device at a high speed that control the non utility electric installation. It is made up circuit two main parts by electric current arithmetic circuitry of order and compensating current. The electric current arithmetic circuitry of order monitors the electric current in the circuit in real time, and will imitate the electric current signal to change into the digital signal, send into the high-speed digital signal processor (DSP) Deal with the signal, separate the harmonic wave from fundamental wave, and by puls e-width modulation (PWM) Signal form circuit see drive pulse off, drive IGBT or the intersection of IPM and the intersection of power and module to take place by compensating current, produce the compensating current equal to amplitude of harmonic current of the electric wire netting, with opposite polarity and pour into the electric wire netting, compensate for harmonic current or offset, dispel the electric harmonic wave voluntarily.


Series abifsey active electric electric-wave filter can be applied to the distributing net of the industry, commerce and organ extensively, for instance: Electric system, electrolytic plating enterprises, the water treating equipment, petrochemical industry enterprise, large-scale store and office building, accurate electronic enterprise, airport / the power supply system of the port, medical organization,etc.. According to employing the target to be different, the application of abifsey series type active electric electric-wave filter will arise to and ensure service ability, reduce the interference, improve product quality, increase the life of equipment to reduce the apparatus on function of damaging etc..

Communication trade

In order to meet operation of the large-scale data central machine room’s needs, UPS in the communication power distribution system uses the capacity to rise by a wide margin. According to the investigation, the master harmonic source apparatus of low-voltage distribution system of communication is UPS, switching power supply, frequency conversion air conditioner,etc.. Its great of harmonic content produced, and the displacement power factors of these harmonic source apparatuses are extremely high. Can raise the stability of communication system and power distribution system through using the active filter, lengthen the life time of communicating device and power equipment, and make the power distribution system accord with the design specification of the harmonic environment even more.

Semi-conductive trade

3 subharmonics of most semi-conductive trades are very serious, mainly because has used a large amount of single-phase rectifier unit in enterprises. 3 subharmonics are the harmonic wave of the zero sequence, possess the characteristic gathered on the neutral, cause the neutral squeezing action, even present the phenomenon of striking sparks, the maximal production potential safety hazard exists. The harmonic wave will also cause the circuit breaker to trip, delay the production time. 3 subharmonics form the circulation in the voltage transformer, has accelerated the aging of the voltage transformer. Severe harmonic pollution must cause influence on apparatus service efficiency and life-span in the power distribution system.

Petrochemical industry trade

Because of the need of production, there is a large number of pump type load in the petrochemical industry trade, and many pump types load is furnished with the frequency converter. A large number of application of the frequency converter makes the harmonic content in the power distribution system of petrochemical industry trade increase greatly. Most frequency converters commutate links and employ 6 pulses to be exchanged and turned into direct current at present, so the harmonic wave produced takes 5 times, 7 times, 11 times as the core. It mainly endangers and is shown as the danger of the power equipment and deflection in measuring. Can well solve the problem that in this respect while using the active filter.

Chemical fibre industry

For the melting rate of improvement by a wide margin, improve vitreous melting quality, and lengthen furnace life, save energies, get dailily in chemical fibre industry electricity-drivingly and melt the heating equipment, send the electricity into the fuel and heat directly through the electrode? ? ? In the glass pool kiln. These apparatuses will produce a large amount of harmonic wave, and frequency spectrum and amplitude difference with harmonic three-phase are larger.

Steel / heating trade of intermediate frequency

The daily intermediate frequency stove, rolling mill, electric arc furnace,etc. apparatus that get will have a great impact on electric energy quality of the electric wire netting in the steel industry, make the intersection of electric capacity and compensating tank to be overload protection movement frequent generating heat serious, the intersection of fuse and frequent blowout,etc. by voltage transformer and power supply line, even cause the voltage to fall, flicker.

Manufacturing industry of the car

The apparatus that welding machines are can’t be few in manufacturing industries of the car, because the welding machine has the characteristic of random property, promptness and toughness, make in a large amount using welding machine cause severe the intersection of electric energy and quality problem, cause weld quality to be unstable automaticity high robot unstable and unworkable because of the voltage, such situations as the reactive compensating system can’t be used normally.

The direct current machine harmonic wave is controlled

The large-scale direct current airport need to change the alternating current into the direct current through the rectifier unit first all, because load capacity of project this kind of relatively large, exchange side, store the severe harmonic wave in pollute, cause voltage distortion, will cause the accident when being serious.

Use of automatic production line and precision equipment

In automatic production line and precision equipment occasion, the harmonic wave will influence it to use normally, make the intelligent control system, PLC system,etc. break down.

Hospital system

The hospital has very rigorous requirements on continuity and reliability of supplying power, 0 kinds of places resume supplying power automatically time T is less than or equal to 15S, a kind of place resumes supplying power automatically time 0.5S is less than or equal to T and less than or equal to 15S, 2 kinds of places resume supplying power automatically time T is less than or equal to 0.5S, the total harmonic distortion rate THDu of voltage is less than or equal to 3%, X-ray machine, CT machine, nuclear magnetic resonance are the extremely high load of the harmonic content.

Theater / gymnasium

It is the harmonic source that the silicon controlled rectifier adjusts the optical character system, large-scale LED apparatus,etc., will produce a large amount of third harmonic in the course of running, not only cause the electric plant efficiency of the power distribution system to be low but also will cause the light to be stroboscopic, the jar emerges to little light current loop such as communication, cable television, even produce the trouble.

Characteristic of the products

1.The filtering precision is high, the filtration rate of the harmonic current can be more than 97%;

2.The filter range is wide, the filtering number of times: 2- -50 subharmonics and a harmonic wave;

3.Fast in response to the fluctuation supported, response time is 1us;

4.The dynamic injection current, in order to inhibit the harmonic wave and compensate the power factor;

5.Do not know and syntony takes place systematically;

6.Can be multi to make up and expand the capacity;

7.Inhibit systematic over voltage, improve systematic voltage stability

8.Electric system chugging of the damping;

9,Systematic self-protection and stability are extremely strong.

Technical parameter:





Specified compensating current



Working voltage

A( 400V-1000V(-20%- +15%) +15%)

Operating frequency


Performance index

Filter capacity

THDI<3% (amount)

Filter range

2- 50 subharmonics, dispel all appointed subharmonics

Single harmonic compensation rate is adjusted

Compensating current limit to every subharmonic

Response time of instant

< 100us

Total response time

< 10ms

Meritorious power consumption

<3% (amount)

It is uneven to correct three phases


Reactive power compensation function

Yes, can presume the power factor

Overload protection

The automatic current limiter is in nominal output 100%

Switching frequency


Reveal and operation

Reveal interfaces

7 inches of Chinese colored touch-sensitive screens

Display status

Electric wire netting parameters such as the electric current, voltage, power and harmonic distortion rate,etc.


Modbus, RS485, TCP/IP Ethernet

Input and export a bit dry and harder

5 export nodal point, 4 input nodal point (users are very self-defining)

The products are disposed

The single machine runs

All right

Be combined with other handset run

Very multi be combined with other handset

Ambient temperature

-10 ¡æ- 50 ¡æ

Store the environment

-40 ¡æ- 65 ¡æ

Relative humidity

95% of maximum, there is no condensation

Is it above sea level and high? ? ?

Under 2000 meters

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Thick thing science and technology Strengthening portable machine HW-1063HW-1063

Mar 15th, 2018

Accord with PXIe/PXI and CPCI norm

Customize trough 3U PXIe/PXI/CPCI slab of 3+3 physical structures 6

10.1 inches of industrial display screen 1280×800 definitions

Touch the industrial electric capacity and reject and laminate the craft completely at 10 o’clock

Insert the input interface with boat of power

Wrap angle of special anticollision and strengthening the handle

Customizable PXIe/PXI/CPCI backplate, control device and module

3U 6 troughs of the whole aluminum magnesium alloy cPCI strengthen the portable machine

HW-1063 is that strong firm cPCI adopting first the whole aluminum magnesium alloy of industry to be designed strengthens the portable machine, the complete machine is light and handy and portable, appearance design is exquisite, have high characteristics of integrating, strong etc., 6 built-in trough 3U cPCI slabs, the touch-sensitive screen of resistance of 10.4 inches, the boat plug connector of power input is designed, strengthen the wrap angle of anticollision, integrate the abundant I/O extended interface, abominable a internal and external environments that suitable for various, the engineer can put up various test and control system conveniently, suitable for national defence, Aero-Space, weapon electron, shipping carrier-borne,etc. application of actual combat and scientific experimental study occasion of war industry.


The intersection of apolegamy and canonial the intersection of cPCI and control device or customize the intersection of cPCI and control device


Fix according to cPCI control device of the apolegamy

Expansion slot

The slab amounts to 6 troughs, a cPCI control device trough among them, 5 3U cPCI expansion slots


Fix according to cPCI control device of the apolegamy

IO port

To the made-to-order cPCI slab, can draw its interface of dorsal IO on the external of the machine according to the demand

Display unit

LED serial port in a poor light of 10.4 ” is rejected, 800×600 definition (but the industry of the other specifications of the apolegamy rejects or the serial port is rejected)

Touch-sensitive screen

Four thread resistance type touch-sensitive screens


Operating temperature: -10 degrees C 55 degrees of C
Store the temperature: -20 degrees C 65 degrees of C
Relative humidity: 5% to 95% (have no condensation)


15G crest value, in 11ms duration, it is not the running status


2Grms@5- 500Hz (X, Y, Z three sides are to each an hour)


298mm x 225mm x 129mm


5 KG

Affiliated type

Strengthen the portable machine

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Panel heat exchanger DSH

Mar 15th, 2018

DSH panel heat exchanger / plate heat exchanger
The interlinkage of products: id =227
Beijing pot permanent generation ‘ 010-58674097)The panel heat exchanger produced changes high thermal efficiency, the loss of heat is small, the floor space is small, make up and assemble flexibly, easy to operate, it is convenient to install and unpick and wash, have long performance life. The panel heat exchanger is applied to the chemical industry extensively, petroleum industry, metallurgical industry, paper industry, medicine, food industry, textile industry, electric utility industry, heating air conditioner and hot water supply etc.. Technological demands such as all kinds of satisfiable cooling, heating, condensing, concentrating, sterilizing and waste heat recovery,etc..
The panel heat exchanger is passed warm ripples wafer and chassis to make up high-efficiently, the wafer is clamped between fixing and cramp board and activities and cramp the boardses by the bolt, form a lot of runners within the heat exchanger, use rubber seal between board and board. Many kinds of rubber fitting can be applied to the name and planted and corroded medium and temperature. Carried on indirect heat exchange and cooled within the heat exchanger through the wooden partition by the fluids of two kinds of different temperatures, the herringbone ripple can increase to the fluidic perturbation, make the fluid reach the turbulance state under low speed on the wafer, win the high heat transfer result. And adopt the special construction, will not guarantee two kinds of fluid medium bunch leak.
Panel heat exchanger lectotype: The board that our company produces changes the template of adopting world and prevailing in the 1990s to design. Heat transfer, flow resistance, refractory characteristic are exactly the same as foreign advanced stage, the major part adopts and imports materials to manufacture. The heat transfer area of the single-board is from more than 60 kinds of specifications and templates of 0.05m2 / block – 2m2 / block, the heat exchange area of total installation is from the arbitrary specification between 0.5m2 / platform – 700 m2 / platform, can make up BR, BBR serial panel heat exchange products. Our company is except supplying the single products, the turn-key project of the plant stands to undertake the system design, installation and heat exchange of heat exchange. The products of our company are totally confirmed according to the national corresponding standard manufacture.
In the lectotype, please offer medium name, handling capacity, thermal load, temperature of imports and exports, pressure of imports and exports,etc.. Welcome to call to consult to order!

Beijing pot permanent electricity scientific and technological Development Co., Ltd. of generation
Rich centres A-310 of E. third Ring Road South of Chaoyang District of Beijing
Zhang Hua Manager
Beijing pot permanent generation ‘ 010-58674097)Supply various warm and open, water treating equipments for a long time. The staples of our company condenses water retrievers, expansion tank of console model, heat exchange aircrew, panel heat exchanger, brazing type heat exchanger, shell type heat exchanger of the tube, floating coil pipe heat exchanger, heat exchanger of swimming pool, swirl desanding device, electronic water processing instrument, water softener, water device of the diversity, emundans device, all comprehensive water

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The digital controlled lathe uses the electrolytic capacitor 15V820000UF gold electric capacity Long electrolytic capacitor LB171000 of Buddhist nun’s lucky health

Mar 2nd, 2018

Supply the digital controlled lathe and use the electrolytic capacitor 15V820000UF gold electric capacity Long electrolytic capacitor of Buddhist nun’s lucky health
The voltage of the products: 15V product series: LB
The capacity of the products: 820000¦Ì F
The size of the products: 77*175
The products use the temperature: 105 degrees
The life time of the products: 5000 hours
A lot of capacitive parameters are closely related to temperature. So should notice the temperature to capacitive influence while using the capacitor, especially while carrying on accurate circuit, long-lasting circuit design, should fully consider temperature and capacitive relation. First, temperature and capacitive life-span. Generally speaking, the capacitive life-span is shortened with increase in temperature, the most obvious one is the electrolytic capacitor. An electrolytic capacitor with warm and 85 ¡æ terminal job, while working under the condition at a temperature of 20 ¡æ, the general condition can guarantee the normal working hours of 181019 hours; While working under the condition of 85 ¡æ of limiting temperature, the general condition can only guarantee the normal working hours of 2000 hours. So, while designing the circuit, should pay attention to this situation, and inside the electrolytic capacitor is the electrolyte, it will cause the electrolyte to dry up that the temperature is too high, thus the capacity reduces or fails. The capacitive life-span rises and shortens with the temperature, aluminium electrolytic capacitor rises and wears out because of generating heat oneself when the ripple current is superposed, temperature, intensify 5- 10 ¡æ life-span to reduce by half each time, if you want to keep long life and please lower the ripple current in the course of using. In addition, more than 80% of the nominal voltage can pass the step-down extension life-span to get to specified voltage range.
820000UF16V 76.2* 100 Tan¦Ä: 1.20 ,Fix ripple current 44.1 Ams/105 degree 120Hz

The time of delivery: 7 days
About us: Capability producer, complete in specifications, quality is stable, hand in one on time
The failure rate guarantees in under 1%, if because the quality of our capacitor fails, change free unconditionally.
Must use within the range of the life-span of this specification, under 60 ¡æ work environment such as the products of 2000 hours, operation time used and can generally be used in in above 3.
It is your all-round service wholeheartedly to be blue and green: A false a compensation ten of straight conduct goods There is no reason to retreat and exchange goods in 30 days The quality is protected and guaranteed all the life in overlengthy 5 The lightning delivers and leaves singly for week to deliver
We supply various serial capacitors, please contact our more details

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3M35KV three-core temperature shrinkage cable joint QS3000-1-CNQS3000-I-CN

Mar 2nd, 2018

3M35KV three-core temperature shrinkage cable joint QS3000-1-CN

3M insulating material high-quality the intersection of silica gel and material outside the the intersection of temperature shrinkage and cable lug, it has the good one hydrophobicity can, the water droplet does not form the conductive liquid film, and have self-healing function of hydrophobicity in the roll-off at any time above. In addition, its extremely strong insulating quality, resist track, the corrosion resistance and uviofast, guarantee long-term usability is steady. With cable body and life-span. 3M temperature shrinkage cable head, unique material prescription and manufacture process, it is mainly insulating to make it stick to the clothes closely, provide the invariable and lasting radial pressure for cable body, local discharge amount is small, the initial voltage assaults competence and is higher than the existing canonial level high, insulating, the waterproof leak tightness is good, breathe with the cable together.
Code number Test subject Experimental condition and standard Test result
Withstand voltage of a mains frequency 105kV1min no the flashover, puncture Pass
2 local discharge is under 39kV, the discharging amount is less than or equal to 10pc to pass
3 constant voltage load is circulated ‘ In the air) Conductor exert the intersection of voltage and 23kV, heat to (95-100) Degree C. Among them the temperature stabilization 2h, cool 3h, amounts to 3 cycles. Do not puncture and is evaluated the test result by the following tests
4 assault the intersection of voltage and the intersection of test and 250kV, the intersection of ¡À and 10 flashover, puncture, flashover
5 direct current able to bear, press 156kV, 15min puncture flashover

6 exchange, able to bear, press 104kV, 4h puncture flashover

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