Driver of the stepping motor of YKA2404MC Sanyo

Jul 19th, 2012

Brand: Foreign servomotor of SANYO DENKI – mountain
Name: Driver of the stepping motor of YKA2404MC Sanyo
Type: YKA2404MC

YKA2404MC stepping motor driver
With low noise, stationarity is extremely good
Consist of 12/8 shelf the intersection of angle and permanent force moment subdivide, highest to 200 subdivide, enable, turn round smoothly, the definition is raised
Adopt the unique controlling circuit, so valid as to reduce noise, has increased and rotated stationarity
Frequency reachable 200Kpps of highest reaction
When stepping pulse stops exceeding 100ms, the coil current is reduced by half automatically, has reduced the electrical machinery excessive heating of a lot of occasions
Bipolar constant current chopping way, make the identical electrical machinery output larger speed and power
The photoelectricity isolates the signal I/O
Drive current since 0.1A /looks to 4.0A /link up to continue adjustable
Can drive the composite stepping motor of quarter-phase under any 4.0A phase current
Single power input, voltage range: DC12-40V
Make mistakes to protect: Overheat protective; It is protected that the excessive load, voltage are overlow
The volume is 25x136x92mm, the weight is 0.3kgs
The type of the stepping motor:
1.42 type two phase: YK42HB33-01A, YK42HB38-01A, YK42HB47-01A, YK42HB60-01A
2.57 type two phase: YK57HB41-02A, YK57HB51-03A, YK57HB56-03A, YK57HB76-03A
3.60 type two phase: YK60HB56-03A, YK60HB65-03A, YK60HB86-03A
4.86 type two phase: YK86HB65-04A, YK86HB80-04A, YK86HB118-06A, YK86HB156-06A
5.110 type two phase: YK110HB99-05A, YK110HB115-06A, YK110HB150-06A, YK110HB201-08A
6.130 type two phase: YK130HB197-06A, YK130HB225-06A, YK130HB280-07A
7.57 type three phases: YK364A, YK366A, YK368A, YK3610A
8.86 type three phases: YK397A, YK397A-H, YK3910A, YK3910A-H, YK3913A, YK3913A-H
9.110 type three phases: YK31112A, YK31115A, YK31118A, YK31122A
10.130 type three phases: YK31317A, YK31320A, YK31323A, YK31328A

The driver type of the stepping motor:
(1) Stepping motor driver of two phase
1.Adapt the electrical machinery of two phase 42: YKA2204MA, YKB2204MA
2.Adapt 42/57 of the electrical machineries two phases: YKA2304ME, YKA2304MF, YKA2304MG, 2D34MG
3.Adapt 42/57 of the electrical machineries two phases: YKA2404MA, YKA2404MB, YKA2404MC, YKA2404MD YKA2405MG, YKA2405MH YKA2404S, 2D44MC, 2D44MA
4.Adapt 57/86 of the electrical machineries two phases: YKA2608MC, YKA2608MD, YKB2608MG, YKB2608MH YKC2608M, YKC2608MH 2D68MC YKA2608S
5.Adapt the electrical machinery of 86/110/130 of two phase: YKA2609MA, YKA2808MA, YKA2811MA YKA2613MA
(2) Three-phase stepping motor driver
1.Adapt 57/86 of the electrical machineries three phases (undervoltage) : YKA3606MA, YKB3606MA, YKB3606MB
2.Adapt 86/110 of the electrical machineries three phases: YKA3611MA
3.Adapt the electrical machinery (high pressure) on 86/110/130 of three phases : YKA3422MA YKB3722MA YKA3722MA

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