FIMEC electrical machinery

Jun 4th, 2012

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Name: FIMEC electrical machinery

Italian FIMEC electrical machinery, FIMEC reducer

The special price of Trade Co., Ltd of rising supplies Italian FIMEC electrical machinery, FIMEC reducer in autumn in Shanghai. FIMEC motors electric motor is the electronic machine of a kind of rotary system, it changes the electric energy into the mechanical energy, mainly include an electro-magnet coil or distributed stator used for producing the magnetic field revolves round group and one the armature or trochanter. Under the function of the rotational magnetic field of stator winding, there is electric current that makes it rotate in squirrel cage aluminium frame of the armature through the fact that and is effected by magnetic field in it. The power range that FIMEC electronic function offers is very large, from watt level of fine long hair to ten thousand kilowatts. The use and controlling of FIMEC motor electric motor is very convenient, have ability such as self-starting, accelerating, braking, reversal, pulling, can meet various operation requirements; The great of operating efficiency of FIMEC electric motor, there are no smoke and dust, smell, do not pollute the environment, the noise is minor too. Because a series of advantage of it, employ in different fields such as the industrial and agricultural production, communications and transportation, national defence, commerce, household electrical appliance, medical electric equipment,etc. extensively. Type: MOT: 3~2H132SE2VE, N.0001337832EIP, 54S6LclF50Hz, 15Kw, 380/660(V) , 33/19(A) , 0.85COS, 2800MIN-1

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