Gprs communication module, industrial wireless communication module DATA-6123/6124

Jul 2nd, 2016

The products are summed up:
Gprs communication module (the module of industrial wireless communication) Adopt low power consumption to be designed, pass GPRS/CDMA or long-range transmit data of short message way, suitable for the intersection of monitoring and occasion that solar energy supply power especially, can reduce solar energy, power cost and reduce the difficulty of construction greatly, gprs communication module (the module of industrial wireless communication) Apply to trades such as environmental protection, meteorological phenomena, hydrology water conservancy, geology,etc. extensively.

Product function:
Communication function: Support GPRS/CDMA and short message double-channel transmit data; Support with polycentric to go on data communication.
Gather the function: Gather the apparatus data of the serial port, such as serial port instrument, collector, PLC,etc..
Long-range supervisory function: Support long-range parameter setting, procedure staging.

The characteristic of the products:
Low power consumption is designed, the real-time online average current is less than or equal to 10mA/12V.
The volume is small and exquisite, installation is convenient.
The springing card cage is designed, installation SIM card does not need to turn on the outer cover of apparatus.
Support many kinds of network connection ways such as short message, individual line, VPN Private Network; Support the domain name mapping function.
Support UDP, TCP agreement; Support the data to be transparent and transmit.
Support every configuration software and user to develop the software system by oneself.
Technical grade is designed, the applicable outdoor severe environment.
Adopt the upper computer and call the data examined together and appear in the newspaper in the way; Extendible to support appear in the newspaper, the intersection of data and the intersection of change and the intersection of person who appear in the newspaper and way of appearing in the newspaper regularly ‘ The expanded function needs to customize) .

Technical parameter:
The serial port is disposed: RS485 of No. 1, RS232 of No. 2.
Data format: 8 data bits, a stop bit, check digit is (strange, even, does not have) Can presume.
Baud rate: 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400( Bit/S) Available.
Communication error code: Less than or equal to 10-6.
Electric power supply: 10V- 30V DC.
Power consumption: Await the opportune moment in the electric current: Less than or equal to 0.1mA/12V;
In the line current: Less than or equal to 6mA/12V;
Send the electric current: Less than or equal to 60mA/12V;
Real-time online average current: Less than or equal to 10mA/12V.
Enclose: Curve chart of the power consumption (by sending data once every 3 minutes as the example)

Work environment: Temperature: -40- +85 ¡æ; Humidity: Less than or equal to 95%.

Install the way: Guide track style.
Physical dimension: 100* 25.4x74mm.

Comparison of the cost of supplying power in the solar energy of GPRS/CDMA module with the general power consumption:
The remarks: The parameter is only directed against GPRS/CDMA module (DTU) as follows ,Do not include other peripheral devices.
The solar energy panel compares with cost of the storage battery
The site plant overcast and rainy continuously is supplied power by the solar energy panel + storage battery way according to two weeks, as follows:
Choose GPRS/CDMA module (DTU) of the general power consumption : Can charge the battery capacity to choose as 30AH; The solar energy panel power is chosen as 20W.
Choose low power consumption GPRS/CDMA module (DTU) : Can charge the battery capacity to choose as 12AH; The solar energy panel power is chosen as 10W.
Other respects
Because the power consumption is relatively big, ordinary GPRS/CDMA module (DTU) Need to choose the storage battery that heavy solar energy panel and high capacity, volume are bigger. Raise supply power equipment cost like this, improve the intersection of solar energy panel and support, periphery protect case cost of ancillary equipment, increased the difficulty of construction at the same time.

Distinguish contrast:

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