GPS satellite clock K801

May 18th, 2016

It has 10 years to specialize in GPS satellite clock experience to present electric Co., Ltd. that sharp in Shanghai, the properties of product are superior! The design is unique! Quality is guaranteed! Running at nearly ten thousand domestic and foreign scenes steadily. We wish to create the miracle with you together!

The intersection of GPS and the intersection of satellite and clock (the intersection of GPS and network fit at the school, LAN time move ahead simultaneously, the intersection of Big Dipper and the intersection of time service and product) Regard GPS signal as the time source, available at the same time clock sources such as the Big Dipper satellite, IRIG-B yard, OCX0, rubidium atom clock, CDMA signal,etc., the precision reaches 20nS to correct time.

Shanghai presents electric Co., Ltd. GPS satellite clock products to adopt the surface to stick to to hold technology to produce sharp, control with the high-speed chip, high to have precision, stability fine and function strong and cost performance high, have, accumulate error and environmental the intersection of terms and limit, easy to operate full-automatic intelligent run, characteristic such as being non-maintaining, suit nobody on duty.

GPS satellite clock apparatus adopts the whole module structural design, it is all compatible to not merely realize the board card, have offered abundant signal interface resource and open special interface to design the platform, possess excellent compatible ability. Can offer many way pulse signals (1PPS/M/H, TTL, empty joint, difference is divided, 24V/110V/220V is active, light) , time offers gentle(RS232, RS422/485, light)s , IRIG-B signal ( 422, TTL, AC, light) , DCF77 signal, NTP/SNTP agreement network clock synchronization signal, PTP( IEEE1588) Agreement signal, synchronous signal of 10MHz frequency, the interface requirement when can meet the school of different apparatuses. The device has already been used in IT extensively, the services of correcting time of fields such as metallurgy, communication, electricity, finance, broadcasting and TV, Ann’s preventing from, traffic, water conservancy, national defence, petrochemical industry, medical treatment, government bodies, education,etc..

Global positioning system (GPS) Mainly made up of GPS satellite, ground monitoring system and user’s apparatus. Its satellite of space is made up of 21 jobs satellite and 3 spare satellites. Satellite distributes the job 6 orbits, there are 3-4 satellites in each orbit. The orbit average height is 20200km, satellite operation cycle is 11 hours and 58 minutes, the disposition of its space can guarantee that can spot four satellites at any time, place of the earth at least, in addition GPS transmitter uses the frequency of signal carrier of 1.5GHz, transmits signals to the ground in the form of year yard, its spread and receiving and is free of weather, so GPS is a kind of global, all-weather continuous and real-time navigation navigation system, his earth’s surface monitoring system part is controlled standing, 3 to inject into and stand making up with a master station by 5. User’s part includes GPS receiver, aerial, data processing software and computer apparatus.

The design considerations of GPS satellite clock: Have followed the ripe, accurate, simple, reliable principle exchanging dilatation, exchanging management, security, reliable and low-cost of so as to ensure to run for a long timing. Easy to manage and expand at the same time, and kept the advance over a period to come.

Function characteristic of GPS satellite clock

1. It is disposed that time the source, frequency source, power supply power are redundant, interface of many kinds is exported. The time source selects one three times automatically, can select and receive GPS the Big Dipper, can receive IRIG-B (DC) Time yard DCLS that or communication network conveyed, the satellite signal of the Big Dipper of China is made and backed up.

2. No. 2 is disposed ‘ Or No. 1 is disposed and input with the outside) High a steady thermostatical crystal oscillator ‘ Or select rubidium atom to mark and increase to shake steadily and brilliantly frequently) It is marked frequently that pair is redundant.

3 . Export: Can offer many way pulse signals (1PPS/M/H, TTL, empty joint, difference is divided, 24V/110V/220V is active, light) , time offers gentle(RS232, RS422/485, light)s , IRIG-B signal ( 422, TTL, AC, light) , DCF77 signal, NTP/SNTP agreement network clock synchronization signal, PTP( IEEE1588) Agreement signal, synchronous signal of 10MHz frequency.

4 . Time service function of the network (RJ45 interface and customer end software) . When can play a game in the network school in the land, on the land network of applicable city again, support NTP / SNTP agreement.

5 . Customer end school hour; No matter WINDOWS environment or UNIX/LINUX environment is served when can satisfy the school.

6 . Receive B (DC) Yard, prolong and revise it to one microsecond grade when being automatic.

7 . Exchange / self-adaptation of supplying power of a pair of power of direct current. After disposing? ? The battery can maintain the normal running of 2 hours of master clock.

8 . The information and synchronous information that the panel reveals time, a plurality of LED lights point out the working state within the system.

9 . The button sets up modification parameter, look over the internal data, the working parameter set up loses the electricity and does not lose.

10. Report an emergency and ask for help or increased vigilance function – power report an emergency and ask for help or increased vigilance, B yard lose, report an emergency and ask for help or increased vigilance and GPS lose report an emergency and ask for help or increased vigilance and system report an emergency and ask for help or increased vigilance always.

11. One grade of components of high-quality industry, high-quality electric design, the high circuit structure integrated in density, make the device have excellent electric segregation and electromagnetic to shield behaving, the complete machine does not have adjustable device, have improved device interference-free performance and dependability guarantee greatly.

12. The diversification of outputting the signal, can insert the card type export 1PPS, 1PPM, 1PPH, accord with IEEE1344 or NASA36 IRIG-B yard, DCF77, NTP(RCF1305) ,SNTP, PTP, one bunch of newspapers of ASCII time is gentle. Each signal (network and newspaper except being gentle) at the same time Have, arrange RS-422/485, empty joint, the intersection of 24V and the intersection of active, TTL,etc. and many kinds of electric the intersection of interface and function that form choose Cheng online.

The technical indicator of GPS satellite clock:

1. Working temperature: — +70 ¡æ, store the temperature at 20 ¡æ: -40 ¡æ- +85 ¡æ, the humidity: < 95%.

2. Consumption: Less than or equal to 15W.

3. Power: 220/110V hand in / redundant in power in direct-flow self-adaptation, pair.

4. Time source: GPS satellite, the Big Dipper satellite, IRIG-B yard, OCX0 (constant temperature is shaken brilliantly) , rubidium atom clock, RS232, CDMA, 1PPS are available.

5. The Big Dipper receiver: Passway: 6; Receive the sensitivity: -157.6dBW; The cold starts one to catch time: Less than or equal to 2 seconds; Lock and catch time again in mistake: Less than or equal to one second; 1PPS precision: Superior to 100nS.

6. GPS receiver receives the frequency: 1575.42MHz; Receive the sensitivity: Catch <- 160dBW, follow <- 163dBW; Catch time: When it is started that the device is cold, <2min, at the time of the hot starting of the device, <10S; Internal battery type: Lithium battery, battery life-span: ¡Ú 25000h.

7. The aerial length of time service marks and mixes 30 meters, available 50, 60, 80, 100, 150, 200 meters or longer.

8. NTP/SNTP throughput: Satisfied request of 20000 periods of time per second.

9. The port of the network supports the agreement: NTP/SNTP , ARP, UDP/ Time, Telnet, TFTP, SNMP, ICMP, DHCP, MD5.

11. External dimension: Standard framework type machine case, 1U/2U, 19 inches.

12. Correct time precision: Pulse, B yard: 0.1¦Ì S, one bunch of mouths: 10¦Ì S, NTP/SNTP: 0.2-10ms, PTP: 70 ns.

13. Have no time between failures (MTBF) equally Greater than or equal to 80000 hours; Average maintenance time (MTTR) : Is not generally greater than 30, service life is no less than 20 years, needn’t be safeguarded under the normal service condition.

The quality service of GPS satellite clock products:

1. Present the clock synchronization products sharp, the free quality is protected in three years, safeguard all one’s life, the software adopts once to be bought and upgraded free all the life.

2. The apparatus breaks down to run online at the scene, the attenbant reaches the scene (special circumstances in 12 hours in 24 hours) ,Servicing time is not generally greater than 30 minutes.

3. The reputable engineer offers 24-hour technical support to you, follow ” practically ” , ” enough ” , ” work well ” Principle,offer to you a whole set of solution. If need to install and debug live, our company will select and appoint the experienced, conscientious engineer and get to the scene as soon as possible. Our service goal is that ” all matters, big and small, perfect, the carefree service of customer’s whole journey ” ,Your requirement is our task, we will cherish every trust of yours, make great efforts to accomplish better!

The typical achievement and measuring of GPS satellite clock system is authorized:

1. Typical achievement: The water conservancy of Sanxia, the public security bureau of Jilin Province, Yunnan Province expressway networks and charges the centre, the air traffic control centre of Hongchiao Airport of Shanghai, Chongqing medical university attaches to the first hospital, the airport of administration bureau of Hubei prison, broadcasts the transmission of television and transmits the centre in Sichuan Province, Gui Lin bank, Civil Air Defense Office, Jiyuan of Henan.

2. The products are authorized and measured: East China country measures the test center and regulates the certificate ‘ Certificate serial number: 2015F34-10-001833) , Chinese Electric Power Research Institute inspection certificate( Move [the side ] far terminally and examine words 2008 No. 093) , electricity of East China tests the examining report of research institute ‘ Report the serial number: G-34-04) , China National Measuring Science Research Inst tests the certificate ‘ Certificate serial number: XDsp2008-0295) , ISO9001: 2008 quality systems are authorized (certificate serial number: PRC004565) .

The above is the brief introduction of GPS satellite clock, introduces and consults in more detail

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