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May 18th, 2016

Shanghai presents electric Co., Ltd. GPS time service appearance (the clock synchronization of the Big Dipper is fitted sharp, GPS corrects time the products, system of time service of the Big Dipper) Adopt the whole the intersection of module and structural design, realize board card all compatible, offer abundant the intersection of signal and the intersection of interface and resource and open special interface design the platform, possess excellent compatible ability. Can offer synchronous signal of network time, PTP( 1588) to many way NTP/SNTP agreements Agreement signal, pulse signal (1PPS/M/H, empty joint, difference is divided, TTL, 24V/110V/220V are active, light) , IRIG-B signal (TTL, 422, AC, light) , DCF77 signal, time offer gentle (RS232, RS422/485, light)s , synchronous signal of 10MHz frequency, can meet the interface requirement of correcting time with the apparatus. The products have already been applied to the electricity extensively, finance, communication, traffic, broadcasting and TV, Ann prevent from, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, water conservancy, national defence, medical treatment, education, government bodies, IT,etc. serve at the school of field.

GPS time service appearance apparatus adopts the surface to stick to and hold technology to produce, controls with the high-speed chip, have the intersection of precision and high, the intersection of stability and fine, strong having, accumulating erroring, receiving the intersection of region and climate environmental the intersection of terms and restriction, the intersection of cost performance and characteristic high, easy to operate, non-maintaining function, suit nobody on duty.

Parameter and function of GPS time service appearance

1. 12 passway GPS satellites receive, frequency accuracy: Less than or equal to 1* 10-12, synchronous precision: Less than or equal to 30ns

2. The Big Dipper receiver: Passway: 6; Receive the sensitivity: -157.6dBW; The cold starts one to catch time: Less than or equal to 2 seconds; Lock and catch time again in mistake: Less than or equal to one second; 1PPS precision: Superior to 20nS.

3. Support single GPS, single the Big Dipper, single CDMA, pairs of GPS, pairs of the Big Dipper, GPS / the Big Dipper / CDMA one pair of systematic receiver dispositions, realize much the intersection of basis and redundant time service, can intelligence differentiate the intersection of GPS and signal, the intersection of the Big Dipper and signal, the intersection of CDMA and signal, yards of the intersection of time and the intersection of basis and stability and quality of signal, B of outside, and offer many kinds of time basis to dispose the method.

4. One grade of components of high-quality industry, high-quality electric design, the high circuit structure integrated in density, make the device have excellent electric segregation and electromagnetic to shield behaving, the complete machine does not have adjustable device, have improved device interference-free performance and dependability guarantee greatly.

5. Adopt one pair of nuclear processors, the precision is high, synchronous and fast.

6. The device adopts the whole module structural design of using simultaneously, support heat of the board card to be inserted and pulled out, it is flexible to dispose, it is convenient to safeguard, the power plant / transformation of transformer substation increased or changed and corrected time while extending the interface of the signal provided convenience for future at the same time.

7. The port of the network supports the agreement: NTP/SNTP , ARP, UDP/ Time, Telnet, TFTP, SNMP, ICMP, DHCP, MD5, NTP V4, V3, V2, V1, NTP SERVER or NTP Client can be chosen.

8. Correct time precision: Pulse, B yard: 0.1¦Ì S, one bunch of mouths: 10¦Ì S, NTP/SNTP: 0.2-10ms, PTP: 70 ns;

Standard and norm that GPS time service appearance follows

<> (DL/T 1100.1-2009)

” synchronous systematic technical specification of time of electric wire netting of East China ” (QB/HD01-2002)

” synchronous systematic technical specification of transformer substation GPS time of electric wire netting of Guangdong ” (Q/GD001.1154.3-2005)

<> (GB/T15527-1995)

” the industrial process measures the electromagnetic compatibility with the control device ” (GB/T13926-1992)

” require safely in the computer field ” (GB/T9361-1988)

” common norm of electronic computer field ” (GB/T2887-2000)


<>(RFC 1350)

<>(RFC 2030)

” design standard of intelligent building ” (GB/T50314-2006)

” system engineering design specification of comprehensive wiring ” (GB50311-2007)

” building and buildings comprehensive wiring system engineering design specification ” (GB/T50311-2000)

” the commercial building communicates in passway and space standard ” (EIA/TIA-569)

” computer lab design specification of electronic information system ” (GB 50174-2008)

” norm of inspection of quality of electric construction of building ” (GB50303-2002)

” project technical specification of safe precaution ” (GB 50348-2004)

” video Ann defends controlling the design specification of the system engineering ” (GB 50395-2007)

” the electronic information system of the building defends the thunder technical specification ” (GB50343-2012)

” futures industry network clock time service norm of the securities ” (JR/T0084- 2012)

GPS time service appearance quality service:

1. Present the clock synchronization products sharp, the free quality is protected in three years, safeguard all one’s life, the software adopts once to be bought and upgraded free all the life.

2. The apparatus breaks down to run online at the scene, the attenbant reaches the scene (special circumstances in 12 hours in 24 hours) ,Servicing time is not generally greater than 30 minutes.

3. The reputable engineer offers technical support to you for 7*24 hours, follow ” practically ” , ” enough ” , ” work well ” Principle,offer to you a whole set of solution. If need to install and debug live, our company will select and appoint the experienced, conscientious engineer and get to the scene as soon as possible. Our service goal is that ” all matters, big and small, perfect, the carefree service of customer’s whole journey ” ,Your requirement is our task, we will cherish every trust of yours, making great efforts to make sure is better.

GPS time service appearance measured and authorized:

ISO9001: 2008 quality systems are authorized (certificate serial number: PRC004565) , China National Measuring Science Research Inst tests the certificate ‘ Certificate serial number: XDsp2008-0295) , Chinese Electric Power Research Institute inspection certificate( Move [the side ] far terminally and examine words 2008 No. 093) , electricity of East China tests the examining report of research institute ‘ Report the serial number: G-34-04) , East China country measures the test center and regulates the certificate ‘ Certificate serial number: 2015F34-10-001833) .

The above is the brief introduction of GPS time service appearance, introduces and consults in more detail

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