Great economy host computer FBS-32MA forever

Oct 30th, 2013

The name of product: FBs-32MA –

The fixed terminal table, 24VDC inputs (4 10KHz) at 20 o’clock ,12 o’clock (R/T/S) Export (4 10KHz) ,RS232 or USB, can’t expand the die set of the communication

    : The blank – electrical relay is exported, T – transistor-resistor logic is exported, S – silicon controlled rectifier is exported
    : Blank – Sink (NPN) Type export,J-Source (PNP) Type export
    : Blank – built-in RS232, U – built-in USB
    : Blank – 100- 240VAC power, D-24VDC power
    XY: The intersection of MC and built-in high-speed the intersection of import and export and 2 o’clock, choose product can expand 1-6 each
    For instance: Show FBs-40MCT-21 it is input the 2nd to expand and one o’clock export,altogether enter 4 /3 points 6 at a high speed, specification if forgive me for not not issuing a separate notice for alteration
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