HOKUYO counter, HOKUYO reactor

Jun 6th, 2011

Brand: @-LINK – Ai LinKe

Name: HOKUYO counter, HOKUYO reactor


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Japan HOKUYO photo-sensor, HOKUYO photoelectric switch, HOKUYO counter, HOKUYO reactor, HOKUYO photoelectric transmission device

Common electromechanical international trade ‘ Shanghai) Limited company acts for products such as open HOKUYO photo-sensor, HOKUYO counter, HOKUYO photoelectric switch, HOKUYO photoelectric transmission device of the north of Japan,etc. from stock. Japan north positive electricity machine ( Corporation) Photo-sensor, photoelectric switch, build minister’s permission and Japan’s highest quality mechanism to approve of and authorize through ISO9001 international quality system through Japan with counter, photoelectric transmission device. HOKUYO photo-sensor can be used for carrying on noncontact measurement, positions, classify and count different objects, used in the car extensively, machine-building, flow control of the thing, prints packaging and gate trade. HOKUYO PE2-H2T photo-sensor characteristic is stable and reliable, it is the first-selection of the metallurgical trade, the product series are as follows, color or contrast degree discerns the sensor, take background inhibitory photo-sensor, sensor, glass and plastic optical fiber sensor used for measuring the object accurately and is used for measuring the minification object sensor etc.. Its product is suitable for the little or special ambient temperature occasion of space.
It is a preferably method that HOKUYO metal-cased photoelectric data communication system carries on wireless data transmission among the linear kinematic objects. Can reduce the data trouble produced because of the wire trouble. In addition install, debug simply. HOKUYO photo-sensor data communication system owns the serial data mode parallel or with on-the-spot bus interface in common. Align the long distance of the tool through it is obvious ‘ As much as 300m) the most It can be suitable for various application to transmit alignment convenient, joinable different field buses, firm outer cover.
The safety sensor that HOKUYO offers has independent security photo-sensor and multi-point machine protection device, can protect with the finger, the protection of hand or body is protected. In HOKUYO offers the broad high-quality products to use different occasion machines and apparatus and install. In order to reach and protect the function in a part of the people or body before touching the dangerous source, the protection system of non-contact is the first-selected products. The serial products of all plays of safety type of factory pass the approval of the relevant international authoritative organization.
HOKUYO different outer covers are designed and can be used in different installation occasions, and this kind of products can be suitable for all trades of heavy industry.

The regular Item Model is as follows,
PEX-105C, AC-ZB3X5 CZB8011, AC-ZB15, DC-JB6-AY, DC-NXB-DC-J, AC-NEA6 AC220V, PEX-102C, DMS-HB1-Z05, PR-1T1, CWF-11A/B, CWF-11A, CWF-11B, ISP-A1C-C, CWF-02A , CWF-02B, ISP-A1C-C, PEX-263C, PEX-002C, AC-NHB6, AC-NEA6 DC24V , DC-M0W6, PH-WX-R-71AM, (DC12-24V) PX1-H1C, DC-SA6-N AC100V, PEX-102C, PH-WX-R-71AM ,
LA-FDS-5P-0Z, FHM-201-14K, FH-351(5M) ,FH-411(10M) ,CWF-02A/B, AC-NSA AC110V, DC-JA7-DW, PH-DX-R-21, PH-DX-R-71, PH-DX-R-21, AC-NKBA5 AC110V, PEX-105 (PEX-10E and PEX-10FC) ,PH-DX-R-71, CWF02A +CWF02B, PH-DX-R-21 (PH-DX-2A accepts – R-21 and PH-DX-2P launch – 20) ,AC-SB-6DIG, RK7-CR, the intersection of PVF-CR and +EP6-321, PH-1U8, HU2-015FH, DC-JB6-AY (applicable to exchange DC-JB6-DY, ES2-321A-15(D) 2M2.2UBG-05LN, FHM-201-8, DMS-GB1-V, DC-MC6-XNC substitutes PEX-105C, PLX-403W, PX7-CRD LA-FDS-5P-OZ, LA-FDS-3A-OY, PX7-CRD PEX –501,OBT200-18GM60-E4, LAV-10ALAV-10PDC-JA7-V + frame shelf, AC-ZS25, AC-ZB3X5 CZB8011, PH-1U8 + S-20G/DT, PH-WX-R-71A, AC-NKB5 100V 10CPS CKB3002 J50, FC-51C DC12-24V, PH-WX-R-71A, BWF-21B 24VDC, BWF-21A 24VDC, BWF-11A 12-24VDC, BWF-11B 12-24VDCDMS-GB2-V 18-30VDC, AC-NSB AC110V, PEX-002C, FP3-A21, AC-NHBA4 220VAC, URG-04LX, PEX-102C, URG-04LX, PLX-701R, DC-JB6-AY + chassis, DC-MC6-E, AC-NSB + chassis, DC-JB6-AY, LEX-031C, EP8-321, DC-JB6AY, PEX-501C,
PH-WX-R-71A , AC-NSA (CNA3033) ,AC-NSB AC110V(CNB4033) ,,DC-JB6-DY DC24V, EP6-321D-2M, PVF-CR, AC-NSBA AC110V, AC-NKBA5 DC24V, AC-NEA6 AC220V, BWF-17A/17B, BWE-17A, BWF-17B , MBF-26T, MBF-26R, DMS-HB1-V, PEX-263C, PE4-H3NM , PVP-CR, EP8-321(D) -2M, BWF-17A/17B, BWF-21A/21B, DMS-HA1-V, PEX-105C, PD5-2MA, BWF-17A/17B, BWF-21A/21B, DMS-HA1-V, DMS-HB2-V, PEX-105C, PD1-2MA, PD5-2MA, DMS-GA1-V, DMS-GA1-V, PD8NM1, DC-NSA + chassis, PFX-152T, DMW-GFR, PH-DX-2P-70BM, PDF-CR,
ES2-321(D) -1M, PEX-102C, PEX-263C, AC-ZB15, AC-NNSB AC11O, AC-ZB35, PH-DX-R-21, CWF-01A(B) ,CWF-01A(B) ,BWF-11A/B, , AC-LA44(AC220V) ,AC-LA44(DC24V) ,
PBS-03JN, PEX-105C, PLX-403W, DMS-HA2-VDMS-HA2-P, DMS-HA1-P, DC-JC6-AY, DMS-GB1-V, DMS-HA1-P, PEX-105C, DMS-GB1-V , DMS-GB1-V , AC-NEA4 220VAC, ES9-322,
PLX-105W, AC-NKB5 AC220V, MBX-301CA(220V) ,MAR-251, MWG-25, MSJ-20, MBJ-20, AC-NKB5 AC220V, ES9-321, ES9-321( D-2M) ,PEX-105C, AC-NSB 110VAC, PB9-22, PEX-105C, PEX-263C, AC-NEA4 AC220V, PD5-2MC , AC-NEA4 , ES2-321A-05(D) 0.5MF, URG-04LX, PLX20LC, RX7-CRD, EP7-321, EP1-321, PEX-501C, DC-MB6-D (C) 100V-240V,
DC-MB6-D (C) 100V-240V, EP7-321, EP1-321, PLX-20LC, PD5-2MA, AC-NSB 110VAC, DM-HB1FBX-25JC, AC-NEA6 AC110V 10HZ, LA-FDS-3P, MBF-23T, MBF-23R, PH-1U8,
DC-JA7-AW, DC-JB6-AY, PLX-403W, BWF-41B VAC85-110VAC 200M, PDL-120S DC24V 120M, PH-02Y-12A, the number 619-352001 of H1H1940PPR goods, PH-1U8, WBWF060 BWF-1DA.

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