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May 17th, 2016

The intersection of NTP and the intersection of network and the intersection of time and server (the intersection of GPS and the intersection of satellite and the intersection of clock and system, time check server, the intersection of the Big Dipper and device at the school) Professional provider, the products are running at nearly ten thousand scenes of domestic and foreign every profession and trade steadily, quality is guaranteed!

High-accuracy time, to national defense construction, country’s economic development and scientific research are significant. Accurate time is regarded as a basic parameter scientific experiment and engineering, it is offered the essential time coordinate by all dynamics systems and measurement and studying of time sequence course, not merely in the field of basic research (Earth’s rotation changes,etc. dynamics of the earth is studied, celestial body the intersection of pulse and quantity in the physics study, satellite dynamics afford to examine) ,In application study and national economic activity more ‘ The intersection of national defence and military affairs, survey and draw, navigate communication, intellectual traffic, power system, measure, test, earthquake measure and geological prospecting, broadcast and television, Ann prevent from controlling etc.) There is extensive application.

NTP network time server regards GPS signal as the time source, available at the same time time such as the Big Dipper signal, IRIG-B yard, OCXO, rubidium atom clock, CDMA signal source, inlay the international popular NTP/SNTP agreement, apparatuses such as all computer servers, controllers in the synchronous network,etc. inside, realize the time service of the network, it is the best choice of offering the accuracy for network equipment, standard, safe, reliable time serves synchronously.

Shanghai presents electric Co., Ltd. to research and develop NTP network time server products produced and adopt the whole module structural design independently sharp, not only it is all compatible to realize the board card, has offered abundant signal interface resource and open special interface to design the platform, possess excellent compatible ability. Can offer many ways pulse signals, IRIG-B signal, DCF77 signal, NTP/SNTP agreement signal, PTP( IEEE1588) Agreement signal, gentle signal of RS232/422/485 time newspaper, the demand when can meet the school of different apparatuses. The products have already been applied to IT extensively, service of correcting time of the field that finance, petrochemical industry, government bodies, national defence, broadcasting and TV, communication, electricity, traffic, medical treatment, water conservancy, metallurgy, Ann prevent from, educate,etc..

NTP the intersection of network and the intersection of time and the intersection of server and apparatus adopt surface stick to, load technology with, produce, go on, control so as to the at a high speed chip, there is no hard disk and fan to design, high to have precision, stability is good, the function is strong, has not accumulated the error, not environmental condition restrictions, high, easy to operate, full-automatic intelligent characteristics of running, non-maintaining etc. of cost performance such as the climate in the region, suit nobody on duty. This device can be a computer network, computer application system, the procedure controls the administrative system, the save of E-business system, online B2B system and database safeguards etc. and offers accurate standard time signal and time to jab and serve systematically.

The characteristic of NTP network time server:

1. The mode of supporting the single star and correcting time, suitable for accepting the situation not good of the star result, there are roofs and stick to the window aerial available.

2. Support single GPS, single the Big Dipper, single CDMA, pairs of GPS, pairs of the Big Dipper, GPS / the Big Dipper / CDMA one pair of systematic receiver dispositions, realize much the intersection of basis and redundant time service, can intelligence differentiate the intersection of GPS and signal, the intersection of the Big Dipper and signal, the intersection of CDMA and signal, yards of the intersection of time and the intersection of basis and stability and quality of signal, B of outside, and offer many kinds of clock basis to dispose the method.

3. Pairs of CPU work at the same time, 32 CPU one pair of nuclear processors, performance is improved greatly.

4. GPS the Big Dipper reception antenna have considered preventing thunder design, stability design, anti-interference from being designed especially, the dependability of signal receive is high, are not limited by region condition and environment.

5. Module structure, it is disposed, dispose 10/100M network ports that physics isolated of No. 14 at most that NTP/SNTP port quantity can be flexible.

6. The precision is high, synchronous and quick, accept the star stably.

7. One grade of components of high-quality industry, high-quality electric design, the high circuit structure integrated in density, make the device have excellent electric segregation and electromagnetic to shield behaving, the complete machine does not have adjustable device, have improved clock device interference-free performance and dependability guarantee greatly.

8. The device can reveal online that accepts the star number, the synchronous state of the animation satellite clock device at present through the digital tube.

9. ? ? The performance of good the Big Dipper and GPS signal is monitored, chooses to mainly use the satellite signal automatically or manually.

10. Service when can offer the time school for hundreds of thousands sets of customer end, server, work station at the same time.

11. Support 32 / 64 computers, support WINDOWS9X/NT/2000/XP / 2003/2008/2012 / vista, network equipment such as operating systems such as LINUX, UNIX, SUN SOLARIS, IBM AIX, HP-UX,etc. and supporting the router, exchanger, intellectual controller of NTP agreement.

12. The device adopts the whole module structural design of using simultaneously, support heat of the board card to be inserted and pulled out, it is flexible to dispose, it is convenient to safeguard, provided convenience for the port when on-the-spot network transformation will come to increase the school while extending at the same time.

13. The system adopts the distributed systematic structure, adopt heat of the clock to back up at the same time, feedback control, lose electric protection, the intersection of trouble and diagnosis, the intersection of trouble and isolation technology, the intersection of software and hardware and redundant measure since, protect earthing, screen components and parts, resist electricity, interfere with and not electromagnetic to interfere with strictly. Offer ” the function go backwards ” The technological measure of way,etc. of running, make the system have extremely high dependability.

14. Keeping ability strong, after the device of the clock can not accept the satellite signal, since punctual ability is superior to 7*10-9 (0.42¦Ì S/min) .

15. Support power cut off, GPS the intersection of the Big Dipper and satellite signal lose and the intersection of B and yards of lost step be joint signal, report an emergency and ask for help or increased vigilance.

16. Time the intersection of basis and the intersection of source and dual the intersection of machine and heat back up, constant temperature shake punctual while being brilliant.

17. There are many kinds of working state instructions, it is easy to operate the making an inspection tour at ordinary times of the attenbant.

18. Support a pair of power redundantly to back up.

19. Adopt high performance, wide range switch power, it is steady to work.

20. Specialized embedded system, there are not hard disk and fan that are designed, aseismatic design, the system is stable and reliable.

21. Ocular Web interface, can realize the log-in of long-range network, management, disposition and maintenance easily.

22. All the intersection of output and signal of device isolate, export, and network mouth physics isolate each other, the ability to resist interference is strong.

23. Standard framework type machine case, 1U/2U, 19 inches, it is convenient to install.

Technical parameter of the server of NTP network time



GPS characteristic

1PPS pulse accuracy second less than or equal to 100ns

It is less than or equal to 10 meters to orient the precision

Can follow 12 GPS satellites, sensitivity of radio frequency of the aerial – 166dbw at the same time; 50 Europe of impedance;

Receive the intersection of L1 and yard, CA of wave band, receive the intersection of frequency and 1575.42MHZ, GPS 30 meter long in feeder of aerial, but apolegamy extend the aerial.

The Big Dipper (BD) Characteristic

Receive the frequency ( BD2 B1 ) : 1561.098¡À 4MHz.

Receive clever acuity: -157.6dBW;

Time of first localization (TTFF) : The cold is started: 32s, hot starting: 1s, loses the lock to catch again: < 1s;

Inside is marked frequently

10MHz, accuracy: 1* 15 minutes after adding the electricity 10- 9

1PPS synchronous pulse exported

1PPS, TTL interface, accuracy, is smaller than 0.1¦Ì S; Pulse width 200ms;

Network school hour

LAN 0.2-10ms; Land network 10-50ms of the city;

Network time agreement

NTP/SNTP, ARP, UDP/ Time, Telnet, SNMP, MD5, ICMP, DHCP, TFTP, NTP V4, V3, V2, V1, NTP SERVER or NTP Client can be chosen, 10/100M Ethernet is adaptive.

RS232 serial mouth

Output first piece pulse to 1PPS ( Local second) Less than or equal to 0.1ms

Environmental condition

Working temperature: -40- +55 ¡æ(outdoor antenna) ,-20- +50 ¡æ(in the room) ; Store the temperature: -30- 60 ¡æ;

Relative humidity: 95¡À 3% (temperature is + 40 ¡æ)


MTBF is greater than or equal to 80000 hours; MTTR is less than or equal to 20 minutes;


Exchange 220V¡À 10%

Physical dimension of body of case

Standard 1U or 2U framework type machine case. External dimension: It is (high) 44 or 88* is (wide) 435* is (deep) 280

The quality service of NTP network time server:

1. Present the clock synchronization products sharp, the free quality is protected in three years, safeguard all one’s life, the software adopts once to be bought and upgraded free all the life.

2. The apparatus breaks down to run online at the scene, the attenbant reaches the scene (special circumstances in 12 hours in 24 hours) ,Servicing time is not generally greater than 30 minutes.

3. The reputable engineer offers 24-hour technical support to you, follow ” practically ” , ” enough ” , ” work well ” Principle,offer to you a whole set of solution. If need to install and debug live, our company will select and appoint the experienced, conscientious engineer and get to the scene as soon as possible. Our clothes? ? The goal is that ” all matters, big and small, perfect, the carefree service of customer’s whole journey ” ,Your requirement is our task, we will cherish every trust of yours, making great efforts to make sure is better.

The detection of NTP network time server authorizes and customer’s case:

Measure and authorize: Chinese Electric Power Research Institute inspection certificate( Move [the side ] far terminally and examine words 2008 No. 093) , China National Measuring Science Research Inst tests the certificate ‘ Certificate serial number: XDsp2008-0295) , electricity of East China tests the examining report of research institute ‘ Report the serial number: G-34-04) , ISO9001: 2008 quality systems are authorized (certificate serial number: PRC004565) ,East China country measures the test center and regulates the certificate ‘ Certificate serial number: 2015F34-10-001833) .

Customer’s case: Municipal public security bureau traffic police’s detachment of Tai’an, public security bureau of Shanxi, field airport of senior colonel of Nanjing, first-aid centre of Jinan city 120, central hospital of Yiwu of Zhejiang, power-managenment and communation centre of Guangdong Province, field of wind-power electricity generation of Datang Dongping, cross the river hydropower station in Wuhan abundant Si of group of China, group of steel of Panzhihua, Guizhou bank, CAAC university, people’s air defense project, Palestinian general headquarters IDC computer lab, Indonesian BAYAH project of Hebei Local Taxation Bureau, Ariba of Sanmenxia of Henan.

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