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May 17th, 2016

NTP time server (NTP clock synchronizer, GPS time source server, LAN SNTP time server) Offer the apparatus of frequency of professional time of the source of time of high-accuracy high degree of stability for network equipment, receive GPS / the Big Dipper satellite signal, draws the regular information among them, in order to adjust the local time of the server, and with NTP/SNTP agreement (Network Time Protocol) Distribute standard time downwards; In needing the time PC or server of synchronous service, runs a customer end procedure reads NTP/SNTP agreements, obtain time information, and revise this machine time. 10/100M adaptive the intersection of Ethernet and interface can make the intersection of you and inserting get you in the existing network it very convenient. In order to strengthen security, the communication between C/S can choose to adopt MD5 safety protocol, in order to protect C/S from being attacked. The interface of friendly user is a great characteristic of the products.

NTP the intersection of time and the intersection of server and high-accuracy the intersection of network and synchronous clock that products offer come from the intersection of GPS and the intersection of the Big Dipper and every atom clock of satellite under system directly ‘ Also can choose other satellite time service systems as the basis source of time according to the request of user) . Have integrated one and 96 high-quality passway GPS the Big Dipper time service receivers within the products, can offer high-accuracy time service for network in the whole world and serve synchronously any place.

Shanghai presents a great break-through that the appearance of electric Co., Ltd. NTP time server marks synchronous technology sharp, it has combined satellite synchronous technology and high-speed high-capacity data treatment technology of time service, offer the user interface based on Ethernet, support many kinds of procotols.

NTP time apparatus of the server is specially used for offering the high-quality products of time service and synchronous service for whole network all servers and terminal devices, have already applied to fields such as telecommunications, the bank, securities, electricity, tax revenue, industry, commercial affair and national defence,etc. extensively, it is computer network, computer application system, information system, communication system, procedure control and management, special apparatus,etc. that offer perfect standard time signals, it can be user’s improvement system or operation quality and management quality of the apparatus greatly finally.

Performance characteristic of NTP time server

1,One pair of networks and NTP time server

2,Module structure, it is disposed, dispose 10/100M network ports that physics isolated of No. 14 at most that NTP/SNTP port quantity can be flexible.

3,96 passway GPS the Big Dipper time service receivers

4,Support NTP agreement

5,Support Telnet/FTP

6,But the upgrade of the software

7,Support MD5 safety protocol

8,Can offer time time service service for hundreds of thousands sets of customer end, server, work station.

9,Support WINDOWS9X/NT/2000/XP / 2003/2008/2012 / vista, network equipment such as operating systems such as LINUX, UNIX, SUN SOLARIS, IBM AIX, HP-UX,etc. and supporting the router, exchanger, intellectual controller of NTP agreement.

10,Adopt the whole module structural design of using simultaneously, support heat of the board card to be inserted and pulled out, it is flexible to dispose, it is convenient to safeguard, in order to on-the-spot network transformation will come to increase and correct time while extending the port provides convenience at the same time.

11,Have no time between failures (MTBF) Greater than or equal to 80000 hours; Average maintenance time (MTTR) : Is not generally greater than 30, service life is no less than 20 years. Needn’t be safeguarded under the normal service condition!

Agreement interface and index of the server of NTP time


NTP v2, v3 v4 (RFC1119 1305)

SNTP simple network time agreement ( RFC 2030)

MD5 appraises ( RFC 1321)

Telnet ( RFC854)

FTP ( RFC959)

DHCP ( RFC2132)

2.Input / export and connect

Network link: 10/100Base-T adaptive Ethernet; RJ- 45

Connect serially: Interface of 9 stitches of two-way RS232, 38400, N, 8, 1

GPS the Big Dipper aerial: BNC mother’s head

3.Working status display light

Power indicator lamp: Point out whether the power is normal;

PPS indicator lamp: Point out the working state of the apparatus

Lock the indicator lamp: Instruct the apparatus GPS / the Big Dipper satellite whether to lock or not

4.GPS receiver receive frequency: 1575.42MHz; Receive the sensitivity: Catch <- 160dBW, follow <- 163dBW; ? ? Obtain time: When it is started that the device is cold, <2min, at the time of the hot starting of the device, <10S; Internal battery type: Lithium battery, battery life-span: ¡Ú 25000h.

5.Two generations of receivers of the Big Dipper: Receive the frequency ( BD2 B1 ) : 1561.098¡À 4MHz. Receive clever acuity: -157.6dBW; Time of first localization (TTFF) : The cold is started: 32s, hot starting: 1s, loses the lock to catch again: < 1s.

6.Physics and environmental parameter

Size: 1/2U, 19 inches of framework type machine cases.

Power: 220V/110V alternating and direct current self-adaptation, a pair of power is redundant to supply power.

Working temperature: -20 ¡æ- +50 ¡æ

Store the temperature: -25 ¡æ- +85 ¡æ

Humidity: 95%

The typical achievement of NTP time server:

Yemen MARIB transformer substation, Hongta group Dali cigar mill, continue and revitalize the quality technical supervision of the city and measure the institute, one army of Shanghai, Shanghai Communications University, branch of Zun Yi of bank of Guizhou, natural gas Limited Company of the west of the Inner Mongol, large pool river pump station of Cixi of Zhejiang, Shuangyashan power plant of Heilongjiang, wind electric field of the Chinese redbud of China Resources, centre of broadcasting and TV of Fujian Province, it is in charge of branch office, municipal public security bureaus, Sichuan Province public security bureaus of Hunan Province Zhangjiajie, Anhui An’qing traffic police detachment that Wenzhou Cangnan county third the People’s Hospital, civil aviation Guizhou are empty.

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