Proximity switch E2E-X8MD2 of Omron

Jun 8th, 2012

Brand: OMRON – Omron
Name: Proximity switch E2E-X8MD2 of Omron
Type: E2E-X8MD2

Proximity switch E2E-X8MD2 of Japanese Omron

Sell the following brands:
Japanese mountain military YAMATAKE/azbil TAKEX/SEEKA in the Japanese bamboo Japanese Kean person KEYENCE
Japanese god looks at SUNX Japanese Omron OMRON Japan pays attention to and grinds RIKEN optical curtain / lens
Male genital bright FOTEK of Taiwan Luxuriant benevolence moujen in Taiwan Ni Weill HONEYWELL Huo in U.S.A.
Large storehouse OHKURA of Japan East Nation TOHO of Japan Receive BANNER in the Nation of U.S.A. ASEE fits the holy optic fibre thread, thermocouple, thermal resistance
Japanese Sanyo SANYO Switzerland good happy CARLO GAVAAZZI Taiwanese person grinds ANV Germany constructs gram SICK

Recording meter: The large storehouse OHKURA, mountain military YAMATAKE a thousand wild CHINO, the supernatural harbour SHINKO, the east Nation TOHO, horizontal river YOKOGAWA
Safe optical curtain: Fit holy ASEE, SSG20 correlation optical curtain, the god looks at SUNX, male genital bright fotek, pays attention to and grinds RIKEN fresh mere SUN KWANG
Optical fiber amplifier: TAKEX god looks at SUNX, Kean’s Sri Lankan KEYENCE male genital bright fotek Otto Knicks in the military YAMATAKE bamboo of mountain

The principal products of business: Safe optical curtain, recording meter, optical fiber amplifier, line of optic fibre, proximity switch, photoelectric switch, limit switch, counter, time-recorder, thermostat, solid state relay, thermocouple, PT100 thermal resistance, burning protective relay, flame detector, PLC, frequency converter, touch-sensitive screen, stepping motor, driver, various countries import the recording paper of brand, ink ribbon, recorder-pen
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