Server K805 of time service of the Big Dipper

May 17th, 2016

The server of time service of the Big Dipper is summed up:

The intersection of the Big Dipper and the intersection of time service and server (GPS fit at the school, the intersection of GPS and the intersection of network and clock, the intersection of the Big Dipper and the intersection of time and server) It is an intelligent punctual clock source of GPS the Big Dipper base, its signal is exported: Pulse signal (1PPS/M/H, TTL, empty joint, difference is divided, 24V/110V/220V is active, light) , time offers gentle(RS232, RS422/485, light)s , IRIG-B signal ( 422, TTL, AC, light) , DCF77 signal, NTP/SNTP agreement network clock synchronization signal, PTP( IEEE1588) Agreement signal, synchronous signal of 10MHz frequency, can meet the interface requirement of correcting time with the apparatus. Can employ its remarkable performance widely correctly require base steady with when there last strict various field is base, such as communication, broadcast and television, communications and transportation, electricity, national defence, finance, IT,etc..

The server products of time service of the Big Dipper regard GPS signal as the time source, available at the same time clock sources such as the Big Dipper satellite, IRIG-B yard, OCX0, rubidium atom clock, CDMA signal,etc., the precision reaches 30nS to correct time. This device has adopted the distributed structure, since diagnosis, trouble isolating, software and hardware are redundant, resist and interfere with, protect earthing,etc. advanced technological measure electrically and electromagnetic to close the ring and control, lose electric protection, trouble, and screen the components and parts to guarantee to improve the dependability of the system to the maximum extent strictly.

It is a professional provider of the server of time service of the Big Dipper that sharp in Shanghai to present electric Co., Ltd., the products are running at nearly ten thousand scenes of domestic and foreign every profession and trade steadily, quality is guaranteed!

Characteristic of the server of time service of the Big Dipper

1. Support single GPS, single the Big Dipper, single CDMA, pairs of GPS, pairs of the Big Dipper, GPS / the Big Dipper / CDMA one pair of systematic receiver dispositions, realize much the intersection of basis and redundant time service, can intelligence differentiate the intersection of GPS and signal, the intersection of the Big Dipper and signal, the intersection of CDMA and signal, yards of the intersection of time and the intersection of basis and stability and quality of signal, B of outside, and offer many kinds of time basis to dispose the method.

2. It is abundant to select one: This product can expand many kinds of interface to export, 1PPM, 1PPH, IRIG-B, DCF77, NTP/SNTP, IEEE1588, E1, Zhou BoZhong, worker quantity frequently,etc.; The interface quantity can be as requested expanded, customize many ways to export, interface type is available.

3. The device adopts the whole module structural design of using simultaneously, support heat of the board card to be inserted and pulled out, it is flexible to dispose, it is convenient to safeguard, the power plant / transformation of transformer substation increased or changed and corrected time while extending the interface of the signal provided convenience for future at the same time.

The server technical indicator of the time service of the Big Dipper:

1,GPS receiver receives the frequency: 1575.42MHz; Receive the sensitivity: Catch <- 160dBW, follow <- 163dBW; Catch time: When it is started that the device is cold, <3min, at the time of the hot starting of the device, <15S; Internal battery type: Lithium battery, battery life-span: ¡Ú 25000h.

2,The Big Dipper receiver: Passway: 6; Receive the sensitivity: -157.6dBW; The cold starts one to catch time: Less than or equal to 2 seconds; Lock and catch time again in mistake: Less than or equal to one second; 1PPS precision: Superior to 100nS.

3,Output frequency: 10MHz, 1PPS

Output level: 1PPS outputs the square wave TTL level

10MHz exports sinusoidal wave 12.5dBm

1PPS precision: Superior to 20nS

10MHz frequency precision: It is average to less than or equal to 1.2* 10-12/24h

Harmonic wave: -40dBc

Stray: -70dBc

4,Correct time precision: Pulse, B yard: 0.1¦Ì S, one bunch of mouths: 10¦Ì S, NTP/SNTP: 1-10ms, PTP: 70 ns;

5,The port of the network supports the agreement: NTP/SNTP , ARP, UDP/ Time, Telnet, TFTP, SNMP, ICMP, DHCP, MD5, NTP V4, V3, V2, V1, NTP SERVER or NTP Client can be chosen.

6,Have no time between failures (MTBF) equally Greater than or equal to 300000 hours; Average maintenance time (MTTR) : Is not generally greater than 30, service life is no less than 20 years, needn’t be safeguarded under the normal service condition.

7,Physics and environmental parameter

Size: 19 inch 1U framework type machine case ( Can be customized as 2U, 3U machine case) according to the interface quantity

Weight: < 3.8Kg

Power: 220V¡À 20% 47Hz – 63Hz consumption: < 20W

Working temperature: -10 ¡æ- 50 ¡æ

Store the temperature: -25 ¡æ- 85 ¡æ

Humidity: 95% have not been condensed

The typical achievement of the server of time service of the Big Dipper:

Municipal public security bureau of Wuxi of Jiangsu, prison of mountain of Sichuan Province Han Wang, detachment of Anhui traffic police of Huaibei, Qinghai cajaput airport, the People’s Hospital, Deyang of Sichuan, broadcasting and TV of Henan Province office, Shandong Utilities Electric Co., the crescent moon pool of Chaohu of Anhui drains flooded fields at a station, petro-chemical corporation of Lanzhou of Chinese petroleum, Kaifeng commercial bank, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Jiangsu Xuzhou municipal people’s armed forces department, Fujian Xiamen municipal Local Taxation Bureau, African Guinean transformer substation of Henan.

The above is the brief introduction of the server of time service of the Big Dipper, introduces and consults or telephone consultation in more detail.

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