Server K806A hour of GPS school

May 17th, 2016

The intersection of GPS and server (the intersection of NTP and the intersection of clock and device at the school, GPS time jab the server, the time service apparatus of the network) at the school Adopt GPS clock signal as the standard time source, available at the same time time such as the Big Dipper, CDMA source. Support the standard NTP and SNTP agreement, adopt the outer cover of standard framework type of 19 inches, has small caloric value, low consumption characteristic. Can offer accurate standard time signals for the fact that computer network, computer application system, communication system, procedure control the administrative system etc. to serve simultaneously with time, suitable for fields such as telecommunication, finance, electricity, broadcasting and TV, traffic, industry and national defence,etc..

Sharp while presenting GPS school the server adopts the distributed structure, close the ring to control, lose electricity, protect, stick to scenes of technology, the intersection of trouble and diagnosis, the intersection of trouble and isolation technology, the intersection of software and hardware and redundant measure since, protect earthing, resist electric electromagnetic advanced technology of interfering with etc., employ the latest communication, computer and electronic technology, make the system have extremely high precision and dependability.

Sharp while presenting GPS school the key parts of the servers all adopt a pair of machine heat to back up technology, when breaking down in main unit, the apparatus can switch over on the spare unit automatically within extremely short time, replaced the main unit to work temporarily by the spare unit, thus the high dependability of the security system. There are the devices at the same time” The nodal function is extended step by step ” Operation way,can if you can’t demote, use,at present at break down grades of node,can work the node normally; It does not influence each other that the node at the same level breaks down.

Professional provider of the server when it is GPS school that sharp in Shanghai to present electric Co., Ltd., the products are running at nearly ten thousand scenes of domestic and foreign every profession and trade steadily, quality is guaranteed!

Characteristic and parameter of the server hour of GPS school

High precision, the server is superior to 1¦Ì s, customer end and superior to 2ms

High capacity, support for 10000 times / second, support online> 50000 terminal devices move ahead simultaneously

One grade of server main boards of high-performance industry, embedded Linux operating system

High dependability, MTBF can be up to 80000 hours

Reveal information is abundant, can reveal status informations such as GPS, network, system,etc.

Support 1-14 10/100MBase-T Ethernet ports of separate No.

Support MD5 to encrypt the agreement safely

Support SNMP network management function

A network port can move ahead simultaneously apparatuses such as several tens of thousands of servers, work station, network computer, DVR,etc.

Support WINDOWS9X/NT/2000/XP / 2003/2008/2012, network equipment such as operating systems such as LINUX, UNIX, SUN SOLARIS, IBM AIX, HP-UX,etc. and supporting the router, exchanger, intellectual controller of NTP agreement.

Clock source: GPS signal, the Big Dipper satellite, IRIG-B yard, OCX0, rubidium atom clock, CDMA, RS232, 1PPS are available.

Ocular Web interface, can realize to server group’s long-range network log-in, management, disposition and maintenance easily

The quality service of the server of GPS school hour:

1. Present the clock synchronization products sharp, the free quality is protected in three years, safeguard all one’s life, the software adopts once to be bought and upgraded free all the life.

2. The apparatus breaks down to run online at the scene, the attenbant reaches the scene (special circumstances in 12 hours in 24 hours) ,Servicing time is not generally greater than 30 minutes.

3. The reputable engineer offers 24-hour technical support to you, follow ” practically ” , ” enough ” , ” work well ” Principle,offer to you a whole set of solution. If need to install and debug live, our company will select and appoint the experienced, conscientious engineer and get to the scene as soon as possible. Our service goal is that ” all matters, big and small, perfect, the carefree service of customer’s whole journey ” ,Your requirement is our task, we will cherish every trust of yours, making great efforts to make sure is better.

Quotation standard of the server hour of GPS school

Electric device installation construction and confirming and standardizing GBJ/232-92

Analog quartz clock standard GB/T6046-1992

Standardize GB50807-86 in equipment dependability test

The analog accurate clock assays the rules JJG 106-81

Test and test technological GB/T17626-1998 electromagnetic and compatibly

Timing the intersection of instrument and the intersection of appearance and piece cover common technological terms and the intersection of clock and metal the intersection of appearance and a paint one layer of ZBY 11011-86 with paint

International telecommunication alliance ITU-T ITU-R

International electric and electronic engineering SCTE ( IEEE)

International institute of electronics ( IEC)

International Standards Organization ( ISO)

Europe is wide to unite one yard of standards of time ( SMPTE/EUB)

The electromagnetic compatible standard ” launches the standard in the industrial environment ” IEC61000- 6- 2

The electromagnetic compatible standard is ” resisted and disturbed degree in the industrial environment ” IEC61000- 6- 4

Electric design specification of civil building ( JGJ/T 16- 92)

The People’s Republic of China trade standard QB- 1038 1042- 91

The above detailed information of the server when being GPS school, if is there any room for doubt about you to price, producer, type, picture, please consult, or the telephone is condescended to inquire.

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