Synchronous clock K801B of the Big Dipper

May 17th, 2016

It is a professional provider of synchronous clock of the Big Dipper that sharp in Shanghai to present electric Co., Ltd., the products are running at nearly ten thousand scenes of domestic and foreign every profession and trade steadily, quality is guaranteed!

Synchronous clock (the synchronous clock of GPS time, GPS time service apparatus, the Big Dipper network clock) of the Big Dipper It is the sharp advanced NTP network time server products which present a high-performance GPS that the company designs meticulously, develops by oneself, the Big Dipper association rubidium atom clock. The products select high-accuracy time service type GPS receiver, the Big Dipper time service board, high-performance rubidium atom clock and large scale integrated circuit for use to design, offer the high-accuracy NTP network time signal, can offer high dependability, high redundant time basis signal of degree at the same time. Adopt advanced the intersection of time and the intersection of frequency and observation and control technology tame the intersection of rubidium and atom, mark frequently, make output that atom mark frequently frequency accurate to move ahead simultaneously in GPS / the Big Dipper consulting at the system, output the high-accuracy frequency signal with fine degree of stability. Output the frequency signal of many kinds of time to export synchronously according to the basis signal at the same time, can offer the reliable frequency basis signal for key department’s systems such as national defence, electricity, telecommunication, broadcasting and TV,etc..

It is synchronous for clock lasting module in the Big Dipper design,device from CPU module, last module, power module, liquid crystal module reveal, when if you can’t mark by signal, last module to make up, users can make application up according to the on-the-spot actual need.

Receive the module to include

B yard receives module

GPS signal receive module

CDMA signal receive module

Module of signal receive of the Big Dipper

Oscillator signal receive module

Module of punctual function within OCXO

Mark signals and expand the module to include hour

Time newspaper gentle ‘ Each RS232/485/422) Export the module

The pulse exports the module (PPS/PPH/PPM can be set up)

IRIG-B(DC) Yard exports module hour

IRIG-B(AM) Yard exports module hour

NTP/SNTP network (support more than 4 routes of independent IP addresses) Export the module

Receiving and exporting the module can be made up according to the need of reality.

Characteristic of the synchronous clock of the Big Dipper

1. The Big Dipper module of high-quality time service type GPS: The precision of 1PPS time service: 20 ns.

2. Support single GPS, single the Big Dipper, single CDMA, pairs of GPS, pairs of the Big Dipper, GPS / the Big Dipper / CDMA one pair of systematic receiver dispositions, realize much the intersection of basis and redundant time service, can intelligence differentiate the intersection of GPS and signal, the intersection of the Big Dipper and signal, the intersection of CDMA and signal, yards of the intersection of time and the intersection of basis and stability and quality of signal, B of outside, and offer many kinds of time basis to dispose the method.

3. One grade of components of high-quality industry, high-quality electric design, the high circuit structure integrated in density, make the device have excellent electric segregation and electromagnetic to shield behaving, the complete machine does not have adjustable device, have improved device interference-free performance and dependability guarantee greatly.

4. The device adopts the whole module structural design of using simultaneously, support heat of the board card to be inserted and pulled out, it is flexible to dispose, it is convenient to safeguard, the power plant / transformation of transformer substation increased or changed and corrected time while extending the interface of the signal provided convenience for future at the same time.

5. It is abundant to select one: This product can expand many kinds of interface to export, RS232/RS422/485, 1PPS, 1PPM, 1PPH, IRIG-B (AC) , IRIG-B (DC) , DCF77, NTP/SNTP, IEEE1588, E1, BoZhong, the intersection of worker and quantity,etc. frequently Zhou, the interface quantity can be as requested expanded, customize many ways to export, interface type is available.

Technical indicator of the synchronous clock of the Big Dipper


NTP v1.v2.v3 v4(RFC1119 1305)

SNTP(RFC 2030)

MD5 Authentication( RFC 1321)

Telnet( RFC854)

FTP( RFC959)

2,Input / export the interface

The port of the network: RJ-45, No. 4, 10/100 of the adaptive Ethernet interface

Console: RJ-45, No. 1, RS232 level

GPS, the Big Dipper aerial are imported: BNC, No. 1

Apolegamy: 10MHz, E1, B yard, RS232/422/485, PPS, NTP, DCF77


Brilliant to reject and reveal date and GPS, the Big Dipper accept information such as the star situation second in the time

The indicator lamp points out status informations such as power, GPS, the Big Dipper, locking, keeping, 1PPS,etc.

4,Time service function

The Big Dipper synchronous clock consults the mode, the first class network time server

The precision of synchronous time service of the user terminal: 0.5-10ms

Do users hold? ? ? : Unrestricted

NTP asking amount: 14000 times / second

Move ahead simultaneously in other NTP servers

5,Time keeps the precision (select one) after GPS closes

SNTS3000-O constant temperature shaken(OCXO) brilliantly : 1ms (72 hours)

SNTS3000-R rubidium atom clock (Rb) : 3ms is (annual) Rubidium atom clock (Rb) : Drifting about rate 3E-12 in Japan

6,GPS receiver

12 runs side by side in the passway GPS receiver

UTC synchronous precision: 50ns (1§Ò)

Receive L1, C/A one yard of signals – 1575.42MHz

7,The Big Dipper receiver

Deal with 6 beam data of one pair of passways at the same time

UTC synchronous precision: 100ns (1§Ò)

Use the active microstrip aerial

8,Have no time between failures (MTBF) equally Greater than or equal to 300000 hours; Average maintenance time (MTTR) : Is not generally greater than 30, service life is no less than 20 years, needn’t be safeguarded under the normal service condition.

The typical achievement of the synchronous clock of the Big Dipper: Municipal public security bureau of Suzhou, municipal public security bureau traffic police’s detachment of Da Tong of Shanxi, Xianyang airport of Shaanxi, the People’s Hospital, Deyang of Sichuan, centre of broadcasting and TV of Fujian Province, Hebei Utilities Electric Co., adjust the project in the north of water of the Huaihe River, natural gas Company of Jiangxi Jiangxi state, electric projects of Lanzhou bank Limited Company, Zhejiang University, Xuchang people’s air defense, Henan project, telecommunication research institute of engineering letter department, Venezuela.

The above is the brief introduction of the synchronous clock of the Big Dipper, introduces and consults or telephone to condescend to inquire in more detail.

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