Centrifugal air blower R1G175-AB41-02 of R1G175-AB41-02 direct current

Oct 28th, 2014

The products are sketched:

-Compact and small and exquisite, the majority is connected with the cable, and can connect up the power at any time
-Can run under the high-pressure condition with the extremely low noise
-The external rotor electric machine has good heat-dissipating results
-Suitable for running under adapting to the abominable air medium, is suitable for the high temperature and with low noise too
Inner rotor electrical machinery device
-Can apply to DC single-flow EC technology, and is furnished with integrating electronic technology (mainly commutate 230V)
-Tach output and Lin/PWN can be suitable for open loop or close cycle control are input
-Have efficient characteristics, and have numerous characteristics, such as the invariable airiness characteristic, the bus line is connected
The mouth is offered the independent added value
-Relevant air blower spare part: Protect the catch frame, the air inlet, power conversion unit, external electronic building brick and electric capacity,etc.

Our company still supplies the following products for a long time: Germany ebmpapst is in accordance with sending than Ann specially, the direct-flow non-brush fan
4182NGX, 4182NX, 4182NXH, 4112NH3, 4184NXH, 4184NX, 4184NXM, 4184NGX, 4188NGX, 4188NXM, 4188NXH, 4188NH3, DV4112N, DV4114N, DV4118N, 5212NM, 5212NN, 5212NH, 5214NM, 5214NN, 5214NH, 52128NM, 5218NN, 5218NH, DV5212N, DV5214N, DV5218N, 5112N, 5114N, 5118N, 5118NL, 7112N, 7114N, 7118NH, 7114NHR-193,7114NHR, 7118N, 7212N, 7214N, 7218N, 6212NM, 6224NM, 6224N, 6224NH, 6248NL, 6248NM, 6248N, 6248NH, 6224NT, 6248NT, 6224NTD, 6248NTD, DV6224, DV6248, DV6248TD, DV6224TD,DV6248TD,6412M,6424M,6424,6424H,6448M,6448,6448H,6424T,6448T,DV6424,DV6448,DV6424TD,DV6448TD,
W1G180-AB31-01, W1G180-AB47-01,W1G200-HH77-52,W1G200-HH01-52,W1G208-BA35-52,W1G208-BA73-52,W1G250-HH37-52,W1G250-HH67-52,
RV40-18/12l, RV40-18/12H, RLF35-8/12N, RLF35-8/14N,RL90-18/NG,RL90-18/12N,RL90-18/4NG,RL90-18/14N,RL90-18/18NH,RLF100/12,RLF100-11/14,RLF100-11/18,
RG90-18/12NG, RG90-18/12N, RG90-18/14NG, RG90-18/14, RG90-18/18N, RG125-19/12NM, RG125-19/12N, RG125-19/14NM, RG125-19/14N, RG125-19/18N,RG160-28/12NM,RG160-28/12N,RG160-28/14NM,RG120-28/14N,RG160-28/18N, RG160-28/14NTD,RG160-28/18NTD,
Sell ebmpapst in accordance with sending the centrifugal air blower of special double feed inlet more than Ann
D2E140-HR97-07, D2E146-KA45-01, D2E146-B27-01, D2E146-HR93-01, D2E146-HR93-03, D2E146-HS97-03, D2E146-HT67-02, D2E160-FI01-01, D2E160-FX11-02, D4E146-LV19-14, K4E146-QB71-13, D2E097-BI56-02, D2E097-BI56-22, D2E097-CH85-48, D2E097-CH85-02, D2E097-BK66-48, D2E097-BK66-02, D2E133-AM47-01, D2E133-DM47-22, D2E133-DM47-01, D2E133-DM47-22, D2E133-CL33-22, D2E133-CL33-56, D4E133-AH01-55, D4E133-AH01-58, D2E146-AP47-22, D2E146-AP43-B4, D2E146-AA07-22, D2E146-AP43-22, D2E146-CS03-01, D4E160-DA01-22, D2E160-DA01-02, D2E160-AB01-06, D2E160-AB01-01, D4E160-EG06-05, D4D180-CB01-03, D4E180-BA02-02, D4D200-CA01-02, D4E200-CA02-02, D4E225-CC01-30-, D4E225-CC10-02, D4E225-BC01-02, D4D225-CC01-02D4D225-FH02-01, D4D225-GH02-01, D4E225-EH01-01,D4E225-DH01-01,D4E240-BA01-01,D4D250-BA02-01,D4D250-CA02-01,D4E250-BA01-01,D4E250-CA01-01,
Supply ebmpapst for a long time all-metally and exchange the fan
8880A, 8850A, 8550A, 8556A, 8880N, 8850N, 8550N, 8556N, 3950L, 3950M, 3950,3956,3850,3856,3550,3556,3650,3656,9956,9956M, 9956L, 9950,4890N, 4850N, 4580N, 4550N, 4650N, 4656N, 4850Z, 4650Z, 4656Z, 4656,4656EZ, 5988,5950,5958,5656S, 7056ES, 7855ES, 7856ES, 7450ES, 6058ES, 7450ES, 6058ES, 6078ES, W2E200-HK38-01, W2E200-HH38-01, W2E200-HK38-C01, W2E208-BA20-01, W2E250-HL06-01, W2S130-AA03-01, W2S130-BM03-01, W2S130-AA25-76,W2S130-AA09-90,W2S130-AA03-44,W2E143-AA09-01,W2E142-BB01-01,W2E143-BB01-44,W2E142-BB01-98,
Sell the intersection of Ebmpapst and centrifugal air blower, air evolve FFU specialized at odds with the community or the leadership air blower
R2E133-BH66-05, R2S133-AE17-05, R2E175-AR72-05, R2S175-AB56-05, R2E190-AO26-05, R2E220-AA40-05, R2E220-AB56-05, R2E225-BD92-09, R4E225-AT01-05, R2E250-AS47-05, R2E250-AQ05-05, R4E250-AH01-05, R2E250-AV65-01, R4E250-AH01-05, R2E280-AE52-05, R2E280-AW50-05, R2E270-AA01-05, R4E280-AD08-05, RE310-AT06-01, R4E330-AA06-05, R4E310-AP11-01, R4E310-AP11-09/F01, R4E310-AP11-09, R4E355-AK05-05, R4E355-AF05-05, R4E400-AB04-05, R4D310-AR18-01, R4D310-AS18-01, R4E310-AR06-01, R4D355-AH11-05, R6E400-A04-05, R4E400-AR05-06, R4D400-AD22-01,R4D400-AD22-06,R4E400-AN09-06,R4D450-AD22-06,R4E450-AB09-06,R4E450-AB06-06,R4D450-AK01-01,
G2E085-AA01-01, G2E085-AA01-05, G2E097-HD01-02, R2E097-AD01-05, G2E108-AG63-01, G2E120-AR77-01, G2E140-AE77-01, R2E140-AE77-05, G2E140-AL40-01, R2E140-AL40-05, G2E140-AL28-01, R2E140-AL28-05, G2E140-NS38-01, G2E140-NL33-01, G2E146-DW07-01, R2E146-AW07-05, G2E160-AY47-01, R2E160-AY47-01, G2E180-EH03-01, G4E180-AB01-01, R4E180-AB01-05, G4D180-FF20-01, R4D180-AF20-05, G4D180-GF20-01, G4E180-GF20-01, G4E180-FS11-01, R4E180-AS11-05, G4E180-AS11-01, G4D200BL12-01, R4D200-QL12-05, G4D200-CL02-01, R4E200-AL03-05, G4E200-AL03-01, G4E200-CL03-01, G4D225-FK10-03, G4D225-GK10-03, R4D225-AK10-06, G4E225-DK05-03, G4E225-EK05-03, R4E225-BK05-03,G4D250-DC10-03,G4D250-EC10-03,R4D250-AC10-01,G4E250-EA09-03,G4E280-CA21-01,R4E280-BA21-01,
D2E140-HR97-07, D2E146-KA45-01, D2E146-B27-01, D2E146-HR93-01, D2E146-HR93-03, D2E146-HS97-03, D2E146-HT67-02, D2E160-FI01-01, D2E160-FX11-02, D4E146-LV19-14, K4E146-QB71-13, D2E097-BI56-02, D2E097-BI56-22, D2E097-CH85-48, D2E097-CH85-02, D2E097-BK66-48, D2E097-BK66-02, D2E133-AM47-01, D2E133-DM47-22, D2E133-DM47-01, D2E133-DM47-22, D2E133-CL33-22, D2E133-CL33-56, D4E133-AH01-55, D4E133-AH01-58, D2E146-AP47-22, D2E146-AP43-B4, D2E146-AA07-22, D2E146-AP43-22, D2E146-CS03-01, D4E160-DA01-22, D2E160-DA01-02, D2E160-AB01-06, D2E160-AB01-01, D4E160-EG06-05, D4D180-CB01-03, D4E180-BA02-02, D4D200-CA01-02, D4E200-CA02-02, D4E225-CC01-30-, D4E225-CC10-02, D4E225-BC01-02, D4D225-CC01-02D4D225-FH02-01, D4D225-GH02-01, D4E225-EH01-01,D4E225-DH01-01,D4E240-BA01-01,D4D250-BA02-01,D4D250-CA02-01,D4E250-BA01-01,D4E250-CA01-01,
The air blower brand is as follows, that our company manages mainly for a long time The intersection of Germany and ebmpapst, in accordance with send than Ann special, the intersection of Germany and Ziehl-abegg Xerox one hundred, German Lip river full of trees, platform, DELTA of Taiwan, reach, Taiwan it is accurate for SUNON to build, the happiness of Taiwan ADDA association, auspicious in Taiwan one hundred, Taiwan, in order to enlarge, it is accompanied inferiorly that Japan NMB-MAT is beautiful, Japanese Panasonic, Japanese Sanyo, the specialized type of the frequency converter is as follows, the spare part of the frequency converter of Siemens / fittings air blower, ABB frequency converter spare part / fittings air blower, the spare part of Ai MoSheng’s frequency converter / fittings air blower, fit the related fan / air blower of advanced products such as the fittings air blower of frequency converter of Sichuan,etc.. Our company seriously promises: The products sold are protected for one year by the original packaging straight quality.

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There is not light source series LFR of shadow in the level) LTS-LFR100-W

Oct 28th, 2014

The characteristic of the products:

1.Divide LED to distribute on and fix in horizontal direction.

2.The homogeneity is good, the luminance is high can substitute the annular light, reach more even result.

3.Unblanketed, low-angle lighting system.

Name the way:

LTS -LFRxx – C
Company name Kind diameter Color

Application area:

1.Measure the date on the food bag.
2.Measure the object with highlighted surface and reflecting light
3.Measure the physical dimension of IPA accurate part.

There is not light source of shadow (series LFR) in the level –The table note of the product series: R represents the red (wavelength: 620-660nm) ,W represents the white (colour temperature: 5500-6000K) ,B represents the blue (wavelength: 465-470nm) ,G represents the green (wavelength: 525-530nm) . It is infrared for IR to show ‘ Wavelength: 850-940nm) ,It is close and ultraviolet for UV to show ‘ Wavelength: 365-395nm) .

  • Type
  • Color
  • Size
  • Voltage / power
  • But the apolegamy
    • LTS-LFR100-R
    • Diameter 100mm
    • 24V/4W
      • LTS-LFR100-B/G/W
      • Diameter: 100mm
      • 24V/6.7W

      • Contacts: Miss Liang
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TS Serial voltage transformers use the connecting terminal TS Series

Oct 28th, 2014

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RZ3A60D40 Swiss good happy carlogavazzi electrical relay RZ3A60D40

Oct 28th, 2014

RZ3A60D40 Switzerland is good and happy (carlogavazzi) Electrical relay
Switzerland is good and happy (carlogavazzi) It is a famous automatic brand of Europe, headquartered in Switzerland, established in 1931, enjoyed great prestige for American-European 70 years with the sturdy, sane, overall development style, offer top automatic products and technical support in the world, and is approved by the automatic users of China gradually and praise.
Staples: The proximity switch of the electric capacity, the proximity switch of the inductance, supersonic wave spreads the thanking device, the photoelectric switch, solid state relay, auxiliary relay, controlling and protective relay, switching power supply, safety relay,etc.

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19 inches of ZEC-6401 standard can be put 4U industry chassis ZEC-6401 on the shelf

Oct 28th, 2014

Leading particulars:
It is applied to a plurality of memorizers of need that it is designed that professional, and dispel the heat well, the stable occasion of the system; Can offer up to 1 0 times 3.5 ” Space,compact rational,economical and practical; There are 3 ball fan air blast cooling in all, more suitable system of the overall arrangement dispels the heat; Extensively suitable for trades such as video controlling, the network server, video on demand,etc..
Structure: 4U height 19 ” Standard framework type chassis, high-quality SECC-N2 high tensile steel plate, accord with EIA RS-310C standard
Mother board: PC/ATX structure supports the mother board of commercial PIII and PIV
Operation: The front panel is with lock to operate the window, make operation safer
Drive: Can offer 10*3.5 ” The locus, or 8*3.5 ” , 2*5.25 ” Space of magnetic disk drive
Air-cooled: In the front have 1 with gauze filter 1225 fan, 2*825 ball cooling-down fans (not hinder for 50,000 hours) ,Can wash the dust gauze, it is convenient to dismantle
Resist shock: Adopt the high-accuracy spring vibration damper, prevent the insertion card from being vibrating and resist shock to layer
Power: Support PS/2 specification, AT/ATX series power
Color: The offwhite / gray black / black is available.
Size: 177 is (high) *450 is (deep) *482 is (wide) mm
Operating temperature: 0~50 ¡æ(32 degrees are the 122 degrees Fahrenheit)
Relative humidity: 5%~95%, does not condense

Contacts: Big treasure pool
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RS422/RS485 relay set HL2295

Oct 28th, 2014

Type: HL2295
Function characteristic:
HL-2295 mere isolated form relay set, compatible RS-422, RS-485 standard, HL2295 can strengthen or amplify the communication signals and distances among RS422/485, and can realize RS422 transfers to the function of RS485. He can communication from expand by 3 kilometers or increase 128 joints at original foundation, Built-in: optoelectronic isolator and DC/DC DC converter, can offer the segregation voltage of 3500V, fast transient voltage suppressor (TVS) Can valid the intersection of inhibition and lightning and ESD, offer every the intersection of line and 600W strike by lightning the power of surge protection. Can be valid prevention is struck by lightning and interferes with altogether. RS-422, RS-485 carries the passband and inserts the land location connecting terminal set aside to connect. Because RS_485 supports Line two to be half duplex, that is to say RS-485 only has two circuits that should want the receive data in transmission data, Handshaking signal can it goes to be to control data transmission direction, the intersection of HL-2295 and mere the intersection of isolated form and relay set internal circuit automatic perception data flow direction usually, and autokinetic switch make, can control, if can convenient, it make the RS-485 can control getting more diaphanous totally,it need to in the past on the basis of operating mode last modification at software.
HL-2295 photoelectric isolated form relay set can be clicked to multi-point communication and offered the reliable connection Point to point, point-to-multipoint can allow, connect 128 the intersection of RS-422 and piece or the intersection of RS-485 and interface equipment, the intersection of data communication and from 300-115.2KBPS rate, three pieces of power and pilot lamp of flowrate of data can point out the communication situation. The communication way supported has RS-485 to the conversion of RS-422, RS-485/RS-422 isolates and enlarges.

Transmission media: Shielded wire of twisted-pairs
Isolate the voltage: 3500V lasting 1000V in twinkling of an eye
Transmission rate: 300BPS-115.2KBPS
The distance of communication: 0-5KM
External power source: DC9V-DC30V direct current power supply (wide power)
Operating temperature: -40-85 ¡æ humidity is less than or equal to 90% (not condense)
Physical dimension: 849mmX49mmX25mm
Suitable for all industrial occasions with harsh condition. Our company sells directly to households for the producer, can offer OEM such as the bare board to take the place of worker’s production according to customer’s demand

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RS485 transfers to Ethernet network and transfers to RS485485 and transfers to the net mouth C2000 N2A1

Oct 28th, 2014

Sum up:
C2000 N2A1 is that a kind of stable and reliable high-performance technical grade serial port apparatus networks the server, it is transmitted that it is transparent to TCP/IP network and data to RS485/422 of TCP/IP network that it offers RS485/422, it can make the apparatus with RS485/422 serial port possess and link the function of TCP/IP network immediately.
C2000 N2A1 offers 10/100M Ethernet interface up, offers a standard RS485/422 serial port downward, the communication parameter can be set up through many ways. C2000 N2A1 can be applied to PLC and controlled and managed extensively, entrance guard’s medical treatment, automatic control of the building, industrial automation, measuring instrument and environmental power monitor system, infromation household appliances, LED information display equipment and CNC manage etc..
Adopt ARM7 processor +RTOS, have stronger real-time handling capacity
Have TCP Server, five kinds of modes of operation such as TCP Client, UDP, fictitious serial port, point-to-point connection;
User’s based on network software, can be with C2000 N2A1 communication without doing any modification;
Through the fictitious serial port software that we offered free of installation, users can be with C2000 N2A1 communication without doing any modification because of a bunch of oral software;
For needing to develop the users of the software, we offer the dynamic storehouse of the communication, controlling part of dynamic storehouse of arrangement or OCX free
Carry on parameter setting through the browser, arrangement software or dynamic storehouse of arrangement;
Low power consumption is designed, does not need the heat dissipating double-fuselage
One pair of watchdogs designs, stability is high
The power has overvoltage protection of excessive load and defends the opposing connection function
Technical parameter:
· System
CPU 32-bit ARM
Flash 256KB
Ethernet 10/100Mpbs
Protect the built-in 1.5KV electric magnetic isolation to protect
· Serial port
Each RS-485/422
The serial port quantity One
Signal RS485/422: R+, R -, T+( 485+) ,T-( 485-) ,GND
· Serial port communication parameter
Check-up None, Even, Odd, Space, Mark
Data bit 5, 6, 7, 8
Stop the location 1, 2
The flowrate controls XON/XOFF
The speed is from 300 bps to 115200 bps
· Software characteristic
The mode of operation TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, fictitious serial port, point-to-point connection
Set up C2000 and set up procedure, Web browser, the dynamic storehouse of arrangement, serial port to set up ( availably)
Offer the software fictitious serial port software, C2000 to set up the procedure, serial port debugging tool, controlling part of network test procedure, EDSocketServer.OCX, the example codes of EDSocketServer.DLL dynamic storehouse, dynamic storehouse of arrangement and VB, VC, BC, Delphi
Drive and support Windows 98 / ME/2000/XP/2003
· Power demand
Power specification DC 9V 24V (recommend 12VDC)
· Environment
Operate temperature – 30 ¡æ 85 ¡æ, 5~95% RH
Store temperature – 60 ¡æ 125 ¡æ, 5~95% RH
Working humidity 5~95% RH, no condensation
· Other
Guarantee The quality is protected in five years

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Data collecting card Card DKING of the acquisition of signal

Oct 26th, 2014

Supply and gather the card of card / data collecting card / acquisition of signal / pulse and gather the module of card / acquisition of signal

Card of acquisition of signal of PCI pulses of No. four
The axle ABZ Coder counter of PCI bus 4 and No. DIO Input/Output 24
The plate card is adopted PCI9054 bridge slice
Applicable platform
Windows9x, WindowsNT, WindowsXP
Windows2k, WindowsME
1,The bivalve LS7266 demoder chip of the self-carrying on the board, offer 24 high speed counting, the hardware filtering clock 24MHZ, can rise to 33MHZ or higherly according to the actual demand;
Film 8255 programmable IO of upper band of card, 24 No. I/O (PA, PB, PCH, PCL) Users can dispose and use depending upon need.
2,Offer a slice of 82C55 in addition on the board, can already serve as Input/Output of switch amount, can also be used in the mode a way and the hand-shake way data interchange of instrument and similar apparatus.
3,4 axle count passway, can suitable for differentiating output, push-pull output, current collecting collect the intersection of person who open a way and many kinds of the intersection of rule and the intersection of grating and chi and use of Coder. Needn’t add the external circuit, it is convenient to use.
4,Board card connector adopt DB62/F, offer +5V, +12V to the outside, – 12V power, all power supplies add the insurance, guarantee the computer, plate card apparatus security
Offer WINDOWS WDM driver program under a platform, utilize the register of output function direct operation LS7266 of input, and the status word of 82C55.

Gather the board by USB top management way
This card is a section of well-designed digital quantity Input/Output of No. 24, 8 routes
12 perfect collection cards of analog quantity.
12 analog to digital converter in No. 8 composed of CD4051 and ADS1286 serial ADC, single-end 0-5v is input.
Digital quantity Input/Output of No. 24 of I2C bus line composed of PCF8574s.
The perfect power composed of DAQ5S12-100A supply convertor, 78L05 stabilizator is consulted.
Top management USB interface circuit composed of CH371s.
The plate card does not need external source by the direct power supply of USB interface.
Use simultaneously under WINDOWS platform.
It is high and perfect to hit low speed to gather, the analog quantity and achievable about 4SPS of speed of the digital quantity. It is suitable to be high and perfect but demand to gather the not high occasion of the speed.
The intersection of freezer and temperature control, automatic gate, the intersection of agricultural machinery and the intersection of water and pump control, computer lab automatically control and automation control, the intersection of production line and goods examine, control at home,
Serial pressure, conductivity, density measurement,etc.
Board slide caliper rule inch 100mm x 66mm
Suitable for the platform Windows9x/Me/2000/xp

Depth, hanging the heavy state to gather the module
Card of acquisition of signal of USB interface
24 high speed counting, the hardware is filtered, IDEX mark control
12 ADCs of No. 8, DI of No. 4, DO of No. 2
Measure X-axis and Y-axis at the same time, USB supplies power, DC-DC offers 12v up to 150mA for sensor and drives the power on the board.
The platform of applicable WIN9x and WIN2K, hangs and gathers again, pump condition monitoring that this card can be used for gathering deeply, and utilities equipment on off control.
It itself is a complete deep system hardware circuit. Have anti-interference, fast, simple easy numerous functions of using etc..

Contacts: Wang JinZhuang
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Fax: 860631-5266088
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Industry camera VS industry camera, high-speed industry camera, industry digital camera MV-VD

Oct 26th, 2014

Industry camera, VS industry camera, digital industry camera, high-speed industry camera

MV-VD series industry digital camera

[About products ]

The MV-VD series industry digital camera is specially to needing high image quality, high-speed image output and application of the reasonable price to be designed, choose the newest advanced CMOS chip, the signal to noise ratio is greater than 60dB, can meet making excessive demands to image quality of industrial occasion. MV-VD series the intersection of industry and digital camera offer whole frame shutter, need mechanical shutter can take a candid photograph at a high speed motion image, and picture can out of shape undistorted, it have the intersection of AOI and function at the same time, need very high occasion of definition, the vertical rate is improved by a wide margin on the original basis all right.

The MV-VD series industry digital camera applies to the on-line testing of high-speed industrial production extensively, used for in higher trades that requires such as pharmacy, printing, electron, electricity making, integrated circuit,etc.. Digital camera applicable high-resolution 1280*1024 and 80-500F / second high-speed on-line testing at a high speed of MV-VD series industry, can apply to semi-conductive detection, the printed plate is measured, domain of machine vision of printing quality detection, food beverage detection, quality detection of semiconductor and component etc., nearly contain all industry high-speed image detection fields.

[Characteristic of the products ]

1,USB2.0 was exported, has not relaid 5 meters of data transmission, add and relay reachable 20 meters

2,10Bit, 8Bit data format is available

3.The computer can program exposure time, luminance, isoparameter of gain to noise temperature ratio

4,It is zoomed that there is no grade at the picture window, there is external triggering that is input, there is the blinker that is controlled and exported

5,Offer support VC, VB, BC, SDK of DELPHI, helps users do the secondary development;

[Specification type and characteristic tabulation ]

Specification type





Highest redolution

752 x 480

752 x 480

800 x 600

1280 x 1024

Sensor type

Line by line scan CMOS

Size of picture element

9.9μ m X 9.9μ m

9.9μ m X 9.9μ m

6.7 µ m x 6.7 µ m

6.7 µ m x 6.7 µ m

Optical size





Vertical rate

60fps@752× 480

45fps@752× 480

75fps@800 x 600
100fps@640 x 480
300fps@256 x 256

25fps@1280 x1024
30fps@1024 x 1024

The color is exported


Bayer is colored

Bayer is colored

Bayer is colored

Sample the precision


Shutter kind

Shutter of the whole frame

Signal to noise ratio


Dynamic range

Linear 64dB, it is not the wire-type reachable 90dB

Degree of sensitivity

3.2 v/Lux-sec

Synchronisation mode

External synchronization

Interface of the lens

Mouth of C mouth or CS

Power reguirements

5V (USB interface supplies power)

12V (outside supplies power)

Physical dimension

64× 64× 31

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OPET-USB wave bodyguard USB network optic fibre extender OPET-USB

Oct 26th, 2014

OPET-USB Pass Ethernet optic fibre’s extension USB signal! USB network optic fibre extender Fig. 1: OPET-USB complete one product, bodyguard of use wave electron invent USB network optic fibre extender. Electronic OPET-USB, bodyguard of wave, can roll out one the intersection of USB and mouth in far-end the intersection of USB2.0 and the intersection of signal passing and one the intersection of optic fibre and the intersection of extension and endmost 40Km. OPET-USB complete products include a pair of OPET100L and one Ethernet / USB converter, need driver program, support USB2.0 full-speed ( 12M) Speed, compatible USB2.0 ( 480M) at a high speed . In many situations, need to insert the computer the mouth of long run USB. The distance may be from dozens of meters to dozens of kilometers, only using the cable can’t be realized, wireless and powerless too, must use the optic fibre. After constructing to use the extension of optic fibre of Ethernet of the computer by long-range USB oral most practical method with optic fibre and then in the far-end network / USB converter very much. The wave bodyguard electronic OPET-USB is USB fiber optics telecommunication products of new most generation, realize the long-distance transmission in Ethernet optic fibre of USB signal. OPET-USB to can lengthen USB product of 40Km while being only in the world at present. This product receives the following China’s patent protection: ZL02284434, 200730098650, 200630307752, the one who encroachs right must be punished! Second, hardware install and use the intersection of USB and the intersection of network and the intersection of optic fibre and the intersection of extender and complete set include one Ethernet / the intersection of USB and converter and one the intersection of Model OPET100L and the intersection of Ethernet and the intersection of optic fibre and transceiver. Link up with 2 SC head optic fibres between OPET100L, pay attention to the necessary cross connection of these 2 optical ports (such as Fig. 1) ,Can change into SC, FC mouth through the optic fibre jumper wire. The wave bodyguard electron forms a complete set and offers all lengths optic fibre and ST, FC, SC to connect. The power supply of Ethernet / USB converter and OPET100L needs 5V direct current, the power consumption of the products is smaller than 2W. Wave Ethernet / USB of bodyguard one kind general to let various the intersection of USB and apparatus can insert device of Ethernet in converter, can connect USB memorizer, USB lens, USB / nearly all USB apparatuses such as serial port converter, USB mouse, USB keyboard, USB-HUB. Ethernet / USB is changed to change the net mouth of ether into USB oral apparatus, being connected to one of the computer is a net mouth of ether, in addition connect USB apparatus directly. Pay attention to the difference between USB network server and USB net card: The USB net card changes USB mouth of the computer into oral apparatus of Ethernet, one that the USB net card receives the computer is USB mouth, it is opposite with USB network server. Real application is hit to have as the computer, and in addition the side is the endmost remote USB apparatus of reaching 40Km apart. Such as Fig. 1, the wave bodyguard OPET100L is a minimum Ethernet optic fibre changing device (74*23*47mm) in the world ,Also only support the single mode fiber and general Ethernet optic fibre’s converter of multimode optical fiber in the world, can change Ethernet signal into the medium signal of optic fibre from the paired line medium signal of copper cable. It is that third, software install and use Ethernet / USB converter acquiescence IP address, users can revise. Notice the top 2 of the ether net mouth address field of the computer should be the same. If computer Ethernet sets up as ” Get the IP address automatically ” ,May then reveal ” Local network link is restricted ” ,This is normal, can work normally. There is a reset button by USB mouth of Ethernet / USB converter, can make the products reset and get and is dispatched from the factory primitively and set up the state according to over 5 seconds. When it use get by Ethernet / USB converter USB apparatus extrapolation,such as if extrapolation U plate in USB socket, operate the related software ” Lanch USB Server ” on the computer Will reveal that has already connected U one (such as left of Fig. 2) ,Then press ” The search ” ,The picture bid competition of U one turns from green into red (such as right of Fig. 2) ,Explaining succeeds in connecting. The ones that turn on the computer ” The resource supervisor ” Can read and write this U plate. If extrapolation USB / serial port converter, the software kit will also be briefed on the driver program which installs the converter. Realize the mouth of long-range USB of fiber optic link in this way. Fig. 2: OPET-USB software set up three, the intersection of characteristic and the intersection of characteristic and the intersection of optic fibre and head of OPET-USB for monomode / multimode to meet automatically, this is unique technology of wave bodyguard electron.

Optic fibre interface SC ( Turnable FC, SC) Electric mouth, USB-A of interface, ‘ Far-end) Transmission media monomode or multimode optical fiber RJ-45 mouth ( Near end) Applicable optic fibre 9/125, 50/125, 62.5/125 um,etc. optical port 1310nm, 100Base-FX communication mode USB2.0 at full speed, USB2.0 optical fiber transmission 40Km (single mode fiber)s most remotes high-speeds compatible Socket of the power 5V power * 3 2Km (multimode optical fiber)s Optical wavelength 1310 nm operating temperature- 10 is +70 ¡æ

RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 / optic fibre converter

Passive RS-232 / optic fibre converter invents for the boss electron, it is the upper part of the body of the world that accumulates minimum RS-232 / optic fibre converter. Boss’ optic fibre converter has serial patents: ZL03335086, ZL03335087, ZL03335088 are counterfeit must study carefully!
Major advantage: 1. OPT232 [S ] – not need RXD, TXD, GND to can needn’t last 2 9 pieces.OPT232 [S ] – is 9 for a minimum RS-232 / optic fibre converter in the world
3. OPT485, is OPT485S for RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 common 4.is OPT-CAN that a in the world first needn’t have by CAN / optic fibre converter at arrangement
Click various Item Models and choose with the mouse right key ” The goal is stored separately ” May download various catalogues ‘ .pdf formatted file)

RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 common to transfer optical fibre to mouth OPT485L1 the intersection of single fiber and RS-232/485/422 / the intersection of optic fibre and the intersection of converter and monomode multimode common single fiber two-way, the multimode common dual-fiber of single mode of OPT485L dual-fiber RS-232/485/422 / optic fibre converter is two-way that SC head 5V supplies power, SC the intersection of head and 5V supply power the intersection of OPT485-9 and miniature RS-232/485/422 / the intersection of optic fibre and the intersection of converter and multimode the intersection of DB-9/DB-9 and the intersection of appearance and 5V power OPT485RS-232/485/422 / the intersection of optic fibre and converter The multimode DB-25/DB-25 appearance 5V supplies power OPT485SRS-232/485/422 / optic fibre converter monomode DB-25/DB-25 appearance 5V supplies power

Passive RS-232 transfer miniature passive RS-232, OPT232-9 of optical fibre, to / the intersection of optic fibre and the intersection of converter and multimode the intersection of DB-9/DB-9 and appearance needn’t power OPT232S-9 miniature passive RS-232 / light Fine converter The monomode DB-9/DB-25 appearance needn’t supply power OPT232V9 Passive active common RS-232 / converter multimode and compatible and OPT232-9 passive optic fibre / 5V power
RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 / optic fibre relay, change the intersection of OPT35EX and common RS-232/485/422 / optic fibre multimode to suitable for to relay converter optic fibre network connection 5V of the trunk line power OPT35EXS common RS-232/485/422 / optic fibre relay the intersection of converter and monomode suitable for optic fibre network connection 5V of the trunk line power OPT485EXRS-485 / optic fibre multimode to suitable for the intersection of trunk line and the intersection of optic fibre and the intersection of network connection and 5V, supply power OPT485EXSRS-485 to relay converter / optic fibre relay the intersection of converter and monomode suit the trunk line Optic fibre the intersection of network connection and 5V supply power OPT232EXRS-232 / multimode to suitable for the intersection of trunk line and the intersection of optic fibre and the intersection of network connection and 5V, supply power OPT232EXSRS-232 to relay converter in optic fibre / optic fibre relay converter Monomode suitable for the intersection of trunk line and the intersection of optic fibre and the intersection of network connection and 5V supply power the intersection of OPT14HUB1 and the intersection of way and the intersection of serial port and optic fibre expand 4 optic fibre gathring line converter multimode to suit star-shaped the intersection of optic fibre and network connection No. 5V power OPT22 to be miniature Serial port double ring redundant optical fiber terminal multimode to suit annular optic fibre network connection 5V power
CAN / optic fibre converter, it is two-way that CAN / optic fibre relays and changes the multimode common single fiber of single mode of OPT-CANL1 single fiber CAN / optic fibre converter, the multimode common dual-fiber of single mode of OPT-CANL dual-fiber CAN / optic fibre converter is two-way that SC head 5V supplies power, SC the intersection of head and 5V supply power OPT-CANCAN / converter multimode to needn’t software set up 5V supply power OPT-CANSCAN / the intersection of optic fibre and the intersection of converter and monomode needn’t software set up 5V, power OPT optic fibre- CANEXCAN / optic fibre multimode to adapt to all the intersection of agreement and 5V supply power OPT-CANEXSCAN automatically to relay converter / optic fibre relay the intersection of converter and monomode meet all agreements 5V support automatically Electricity
TTL/RS-232 / OPT232TL miniature RS-232/TTL / converter multimode to support RS-232 optic fibre, TTL5V supplies power OPT232TLS miniature RS-232/TTL / optic fibre converter monomode supports RS-232, TTL5V to supply power
RS-232 transfer to 2 No. the intersection of way and the intersection of optic fibre and the intersection of converter and multimode one No. the intersection of serial port and two-way the intersection of optic fibre and 5V, OPT2322RS-232/2 of optical fibre, power the intersection of OPT2322SRS-232/2 and the intersection of Luis and the intersection of optic fibre and the intersection of converter and monomode The two-way optic fibres 5V of serial port of No. one supply power
The whole the intersection of signal and RS-232 / optic fibre change the intersection of OPT232AL and the whole the intersection of signal and RS-232 / converter multimode to spread RS-232 Handshaking signal 5V power more optic fibre
Monomode / multimode optical fiber change the intersection of OPT485MS and monomode / optic fibre converter multimode multimode serial port each other and monomode support various serial port optic fibres 5V power
USB optic fibre? ? Long, USB transfers to the serial port optical fibre OPTU232L miniature USB / serial port optic fibre converter It is extremely small! Multimode Serial port communication protocol needn’t supply power OPTU232L1USB / the intersection of serial port and the intersection of optic fibre and the intersection of converter and multimode the intersection of serial port and communication protocol needn’t power OPTU232SL1USB / optic fibre converter form of the serial port The model needn’t supply power serial port communication protocol
Ethernet transfer the intersection of serial port and Ethernet, OPET232L1 of optical fibre, to / the intersection of serial port and the intersection of optic fibre and the intersection of converter and multimode the intersection of serial port and the intersection of communication protocol and 5V supply power the intersection of OPET232SL1 and Ethernet / the intersection of serial port and the intersection of optic fibre and converter Monomode serial port communication protocol 5V supplies power

RS-232 optic fibre multicomputer communication chart of ” serial port fiber optics telecommunication network connection way ” RS-485 optic fibre multicomputer communication chart Mounting frame picture

Multicomputer communication chart of network connection of optic fibre of communication picture OPT22 double ring of multicomputer of network connection of OPT14HUB star-shaped optic fibre

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