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Jun 14th, 2016

Fire hydrant, bringing intelligence the fire hydrant of a stuffy lid

First, brief introduction of fire hydrant

1,Use of the fire hydrant
The use of the fire hydrant, mainly mean that dispels the ignition source, isolates the fire goods, offer the water source for fire vehicle. The classification is mainly as follows, indoor type, outdoor type, underground fire hydrant and fire control water crane,etc..

2,Relevant regulations of the fire hydrant
Article 21 of ” fire protection law “, have done the following regulation in maintaining fire protection facility, apparatus, firebreak, fire passage respect: Any unit, individual can’t damage or divert, remove, deactivate fire protection facility, apparatus without authorization, can’t bury and press, enclose the fire hydrant, can’t take up firebreak and can’t stop up the fire passage.
” the fire protection law ” stipulate fire hydrant the intersection of fire control and non utility electric installation, every can’t use the fire hydrant with the intersection of fire control and irrelevant other water using clearly. If there are special circumstances, can use after the relevant water supply department agree, no individual or unit may open the fire hydrant without permission.

Second, question of fire hydrant management

Fire hydrant, existing problem of the management and difficult point are as follows, at present

1,The municipal fire hydrant steals water, meets with the big destruction level
First, the free water of fire hydrant of unauthorized manipulation, for example, car wash, construct temporarily, afforestation,etc., even have stores, at the gate of shop because of the municipal fire hydrant, influence vehicle, personnel to pass through, fear to delay the business, remove, move the municipal fire hydrant without authorization; Second, the municipal fire hydrant is buried and pressed, enclosed in places such as the bicycle car parking and piling up the rubbish on both sides of the street,etc.; Third, because the transformation of the road constructs, various reasons that the vehicle bumps into,etc., cause the municipal fire hydrant to be destroyed, influence the smooth development watching fire control and putting out the fire and rescuing seriously at crucial moment; Fourth, some lawless persons steal the municipal fire hydrant.

2,At present, there is no valid supervision measure in the fire hydrant, can only depend on the polling of censorship of water department, will inevitablely cause and supervise uncompletely, thus in order to move the fire hydrant and use the free water of the fire hydrant without permission, have offered the environment, and cause the implementation that is safeguarded and maintained to be uncomplete. So this question is water department and department’s troublesome question of fire control.

Market analysis of third, intellectual fire hydrant supervising system

Running water companies, through the development of decades, fire hydrants spread all over the whole city, but there has been very good management, make water department very troublesome. So, some water departments put forward there can be intelligence ways to manage the fire hydrant, this forms a market, then market scale can follow the population of the city, scale, support the isoparameter of water amount, calculate the quantity of the fire hydrant, take Tangshan as examples, there are 1880 fire hydrants of urban area of Tangshan, there are 205 to reach and exceed cities of the scale of urban area of Tangshan in the whole country, the most conservative estimation, the national market needs more than 385400 sets at present.

This market was blank in the past, but it is flat that the theft-proof water alarm device of fire hydrant that researches and develops rises in Tangshan now, have filled in the blank of this market.

Fourth, technological and brief introduction of theft-proof water alarm device of fire hydrant one

To what quantity is the theft-proof water alarm device of fire hydrant monitored in real time?
1,Knock down
2,Twist the stuffy lid
3,Water using of valve opening
4,Battery voltage
5,Can expand the pressure of the pipe network to monitor

Product introduction:

Fire hydrant have 2-3 delivery port generally, delivery port diameter 65mm and the intersection of 100mm and two kinds. Among them 65mm delivery port is used for connecting fire control to take, 100mm delivery port specially used for for water make up of fire control vehicle. Under the regular situation, all delivery ports bear bored Gael, prevent leaking from, where delivery port is used turns on the correspondent stuffy lid.

Our theft-proof water alarm device of fire hydrant replaces the original 100mm delivery port stuffy lid directly, do not change the appearance of the fire hydrant.


1,When someone in 100mm delivery port water using, are twisting the theft-proof water alarm device of fire hydrant, shift takes place and turn on, touch off the theft-proof water alarm device of fire hydrant and pass the warning message to the control center far through GPRS in the slope switch in the device, realize that calls the police in time.

2,In 65mm delivery port water using as someone, the inner water pressure of the fire hydrant touches off the theft-proof water alarm device inner inching switch on of the fire hydrant after effluent, pass the warning message to the control center far through GPRS, realize and call the police.

3,The fire hydrant theft-proof water alarm device allocates the communication function of bluetooth, realize that carries on it wirelessly and maintains through the mobile phone APP, and the mobile phone APP can look over the warning message at any time, positions fire hydrant.

4,The power supply mode was adopted battery-drivenly, the life-span is 2-5 years, the material used nylon of high strength.

The fire hydrant theft-proof water alarm device employs the synoptic diagram

Fifth, application situation of theft-proof water alarm device of fire hydrant

At present, it is flat that the theft-proof water alarm device of fire hydrant that researches and develops rises in Tangshan, have already got application in one water department, run, steady reliable, no matter how far can monitor, in place, once steal ink situation, can all call the police in time, deal with as soon as possible. Practice has proved this product can help water department to solve problem of management of the fire hydrant.

1,From the viewpoint of administrative department of fire hydrant and every unit, community:

(1)Dispense with the daily task to supervision and control of scene.

(2)All right fast positioning fire hydrant while taking place in condition of a fire.

(3)Improve the success rate that the fire brigade fires fighting through measuring long-rangely in water pressure of the fire hydrant.

(4)Rationality of the urban fire hydrant overall arrangement of aid decision making.

2,View from the point of supplying water in the angle of enterprise:

(1)Can maintain the fire hydrant fast in time, rush to repair.

(2)Save a large number of fresh water resources, retrieve the economic loss caused by the fact that the fire hydrant leak the bad water using of hydration.

3,Look from social angle:

(1)Avoid because the losses of the lives and properties of not available people that causes of fire hydrant.

(2)Have improved service level and socialized lateral effective way of public fire control.

(3)Have reduced management of the fire hydrant, maintenance cost.

Sixth, feed water in department and fire control department and buy proposing

1,Water department should summarize and steal the high place of failure rate of fire hydrant of hydration frequently, install small quantities of first, think, will you please catch or find, steal ink situation and destroy the situation in time.

2,Water department should cooperate closely with fire control department, can carry on punishment according to department’s department’s relevant regulation of water while stealing water, will deal with according to the relevant laws of the fire control department at the same time.

3,The running water company wants and the fire control department establishes cooperation, discuss the application of the theft-proof water device of the fire hydrant together, listen to the opinion of the fire control department, perhaps will receive better suggestion, will popularize positive facilitation to our application.

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