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Jun 2nd, 2016

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GT2512F-STNA parameter explains: 12.1 inches, SVGA [800*600 ], TFT colored liquid crystal, 65536 colors, memory 32MB, AC power, open frame model

Mitsubishi’s touch-sensitive screen GT2512F-STNA performance specification explains in detail:

1,Revealing department
Reveal the soft component: TFT colored liquid crystal
Picture size: 12.1 inches
Resolution ratio: SVGA is at 800*600 o’clock
Reveal the size: 246(W) *184.5(H) [mm]
Reveal characters are counted:
At the time of 16 lattice standard script: *37 lines of 50 words (the whole angle)
At the time of 12 lattice standard script: *50 lines of 66 words (the whole angle)
Reveal the color: 65536 colors
The luminance is regulated: 32 grades
The greatest picture of log-in is counted: 4096 pictures
2,Background light
Kind: LED (can’t be changed)
Life-span: About 60000 hours (use 25 ¡æ of ambient temperature, the time while revealing 50% of luminance)
Color: White
3,Touch-sensitive screen
Way: Imitate the membrane way of the resistance
Key size: Minimum(every key) at 2*2 o’clock
Push at the same time: 1 o’clock
Life-span: 1 million or more times (operate under efforts 0.98N)
4,User’s memory capacity
Memory capacity: Memory (ROM) 32MB, moving the function memory 80MB
Life-span (write into the number of times) : 100,000 times
Type: GT11-50BAT lithium battery
Back up the target: SRAM data, clock data, the systematic state daily record data are backed up
Life-span: About 5 years (ambient temperature: 25 ¡æ)
6,Built-in interface
RS-232: L passway 115200/57600/38400/19200/9600/4800bps
Connector shape: D-sub 9 stitch is (common)
115200/57600/38400/19200/9600 of RS-422/485 l passway / 4800bps
Interface shape: D-sub 9 stitch (mother)
Ethernet: A passway The Contact method of the data is 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
Interface shape: RJ-45 (module plug)
USB (apparatus) : Lch maximum transfer rate – -Full-Speed 480Mbps (the back)
Interface shape: USB Mini-B
USB (host computer) : 2ch maximum transfer rate – -Full-Speed 480Mbps (in the front / the back)
Interface shape: USB Mini-A
SD card: Lch supports SDHC (biggest 32GB)
Expand the interface: The module of module of communication / option is installed to use a passway
The interface of side: The module of communication is installed and used A passway
7,GT2512F-STNA inputs the power specification:
Input the power: AC100~240V
Power voltage: AC100~240V(+10%, -15%)
Power frequency: 50Hz/60Hz (¡À 5)
The greatest apparent function: 80VA
Power consumption:
While most greatly supporting: Under 35
The noumenonn is single: Under 14
The noumenonn is single (background light is while going out) : Under 7W
Assault the electric current: Under(25 ¡æ of 2ms, ambient temperature 60A, it is the largest while supporting)
Permit to stop time in wink: Under(above AC100) 20ms

8,GT2512F-STNA other specifications
Internal clock precision: ¡À 90 second /moon (ambient temperature 25 ¡æ)
POWER LED: Give out light: 2 colors are (green, orange)
The buzzer is exported: Monotony (the pitch, sound are long and adjustable)
Protect the structure: Front: In cupboard IP67F: IP2X
GT2512F-STNA external dimension: 311(W) *237(H) *54(D) mm
GT2512F-STNA panel measurement / GT2512F-STNA of opening opens hole size: 269(W) *214(H)
Weight (except installing the fittings) : 2.4kg
Cooling way: Since it is cold
Correspond to software package: After GT Works3 Versionl.108N
The able to bearing amount of the noise: The voltage 1500Vp-p of the noise, range 1¦Ì s of the noise, passing the noise noise simulator with frequency of 25~60Hz
Able to bear the voltage: The power end son sums up AC1500V – among the ground wire for one minute
Insulating resistance: End son sums up the power – DC500V passes the insulating resistance table above 10M¦¸ among the ground wire
Applicable to press and meet the end son: M3 whom bolt spend press and connect and carry sub RAV1.25-3, V2-S3.3, V2-N3A, FV2-N3A
Appropriate fastening torsion (end son arranges and carries the sub bolt) : 0.5~0.8[N.m]

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