170M1419 170M1420 170M6221 170M6464

Dec 22nd, 2011

Brand: BUSSMANN – rich bodyguard is graceful

Name: 170M1419 170M1420 170M6221 170M6464

Type: 170M1419 170M1420

About products:

Shanghai gallops across automated system Co., Ltd. of the universe to set up in Shanghai, banking centre of China, absorbed in agent and popularization of the world-famous brand all the time, serve fields such as worker’s accusing of, frequency conversion, power, new energy, electrified rail transportation,etc. extensively, majority is 500 in the world

The products are detailed:

1. FLUCK universal meter is specialized (DMM-11A or DMM-B-11A; DMM-B-44/100)

2. PV only bends over and converges the case specializedly (PV-1A10F PV-2A10F PV-3A10F PV-4A10F PV-5A10F PV-6A10F PV-8A10F PV-10A10F PV-12A10F PV-15A10F)

3. BS88 frequency converter, UPS is specialized (35FE 40FE 50FE 63FE 80FE 100FE 120FEE 140FEE 160FEE 180FEE 200FEE 200FM 250FM 315FM 350FM 400FMM,etc.)

4. 170M series fuse box (example: 170M1418 170M1422 170M1571 170M1572,etc.)

5. FUSE HOLDER base ( CHM1D CHM2D CHM3D CHCC1D CHCC2D CHCC3D CH141D CH142D CH143D CH221B BM6031SQ BM6032SQ BM6033SQ 1A3400-09-R ,etc.)

6. Daily size 1038 series (LP-CC; FNQ; FNQ-R; KTK; KTK-R; KLM; BAN; FNM; FWA; BBS; FWC; C10 Series,etc.)

7. Daily size 1451 series (FWX; FWH; FWP; NON; C14 Series)

8. Daily size 2258 series (FWP; C22 Series)

9. Daily other size series (LPJ series JJN serial JJS series JKS serial TCF series NON serial NOS series ANN/ANL serial FWH series FWP serial FWX series FWS/FWL Serial series FWJ)

Mr. Shen ( Mr.Louis Shen)

Shanghai gallops across the limited company Champion Automation System of automated system of the universe

Address: China. Shanghai. Pudong New Area The new road No. 1088 of gold bridge unites and creates room 2518 of world

Mobile: +86.134 7261 0650

Fax: +86.21.6105 0020

Email: [email protected] 126.com


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