2 port DVI distributors

Feb 5th, 2012


Name: 2 port DVI distributors

Type: DVISP102A

About products:

What DVI transmitted is digital signal, digital picture information does not need to undergo any conversion

The products are detailed:

Characteristic of the products
First, fast
What DVI transmitted is digital signal, digital picture information does not need to undergo any conversion, will be conveyed to the display device directly, so reduce figures Simulation The transfer process with tedious figure, has saved time greatly, so its speed is faster, dispel and tow the shadow phenomenon effectively, and use DVI to carry on data transmission, the signal has not decayed, color is purer, more lifelike.
Second, the picture is clear
It was the digital signal of the binary scale that transmitted within the computer, the sentence using VGA interface to connect the liquid crystal display needs to pass the signal D/A (figure / simulation) in the display card first The converter changes into R, G, B three natural colored signal and walking, synchronous signal of field, these signals transmit and also need corresponding A/D (simulation / figure) inside the liquid crystal through the line of analog signal Converter change, succeed digital signal demonstrate again analog signal picture come at liquid crystal. Change and can appear loss of signal and receive interference while being inevitable in the the intersection of signal and transmission course in above-mentioned D/A, A/D, lead to the fact the picture appears distortedly and even reveals the mistake, but DVI interface does not need to carry on the conversion, avoid the losses of the signal, make definition and detail expression of the picture improved greatly.
About function
2 DVIOutputs arrives from one DVIInput
Adopt the connecting type to design, insert the card type compatible question of system in not having
The signal transmits 10 metres of Damien (effective distance)
It has high-resolution screen of DVI port that applicable
Support UXGA, range broadly from 165MHz frequently
Can connect and expand, increase the display quantity
Support HDTV to draw quality TV 1920×1080 high-resolution high.
Application of products
Public video-information system (card roll company, forward market, financial card roll,etc.)
High-quality multimedia show, bulletin
Video-information meeting (VideoConference)
The screen tests and the burning machine (Monitortestingandburn-in)
DVI full name is DigitalVisualInterface, it was 1999 by SiliconImage, Intel (Intel) , Compaq (Compaq) , IBM, HP ( Hewlett-Packard) , NEC, Fujitsu ( Fujitsu) Wait for the company to make up DDWG (DigitalDisplayWorkingGroup, the work group of the digital display) together Interface standard put out. It is based on PanalLink interface technology of SiliconImage Company, because of TMDS (TransitionMinimizedDifferentialSignaling lSignaling, minimizes and transmits difference to divide signals) The electronic agreement is connected as the basic electricity. TMDS is a kind of differential signal mechanism, can be like plain digital coding, and through connecting transmitting seriallying. The digital signal that the display card produces is sent to the receiver through TMDS passway after being encoded according to TMDS agreement by the telephone transmitter, through decoding to the digital display device. A DVI display system includes a conveyer and a receiver. The conveyer is a source of the signal, can be built in the chip of the display card inside, can appear on the display card PCB in the form of additional chip too; But the receiver is a piece of circuit on the display, it can accept the digital signal, decode and transmit the circuit of digital display to it, through the two, the signal that the display card sends out becomes the vision on the display
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