32 relay module

Mar 28th, 2012

Brand: KACON – triumphant elder brother

Name: 32 relay module

Type: RXT-N32

About products:

Offer many kinds of industrial standards rightly to mix the relay module of numerous factories PLC

The products are detailed:

Offer the right relay module which mix numerous factories PLC of many kinds of industrial standards to export possessing from 1 o’clock to 32 o’clock, used for importing and exporting to carry the sub module to possess from 20 o’clock to 56 o’clock, can install or install on the standard 35mmDIN guide with the surface, there is sign one of the one very ocular and easy to operate, end son adopts the screw of different color and luster to label the function, , obtain the national patented technology by design raising the efficiency.
The ones that connect specializedly in the sensor have 8 points to carry the sub module, at 16 o’clock, 32 o’clock.
Connect cable to be right to buy input of different PLC, export and connect, can customize the cables of different length.

Basic performance:
It is exported at 1 o’clock, 4 o’clock, 8 o’clock, 16 o’clock, 32 o’clock that the relay module possesses.
Possess and suitable for two kinds of specifications that NPN and PNP output.
Output noise suppression function in joints at 8 o’clock, 16 o’clock, 32 o’clock.
It is easy to maintain the tool which change the relay to arm with the normalizer.
Adopt the engineering plastics which accord with UL standard to make, have the remarkable one fire-retardant and resisting and assaulting performance.
The module has transparent dustproof lids.
The electric current capacity: 1A.

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