3M cable temperature shrinkage terminal fitting / union fitting 5624PST-G1-CN

Jan 16th, 2018

Adopt the technology of temperature shrinkage, does not need getting angry and special tool, has not chased a trouble telescoped, only need to collect the core rope gently, earth and adopt the constant force spring, does not need welding or copper to tie the line, construct, save time save effort and space saving, for construct the intersection of space and narrow and small place, especially suitable. The independent packaging of each set of products, are furnished with installation explanation and assembly list with excellent pictures and texts.

    3M temperature shrinkage cable terminal adopted and expanded technological structure, so very applicable many kinds of cable thread diameters of each kind of specification in advance while making, strong to the cable thread diameter compatibility. Temperature shrinkage the intersection of cable and terminal speaking from the structure, design for whole prefabricated compactness, control valve of the electric stress, external insulation protective tube and rain skirt integrate. Up till now, 3M Company already had the 35KV, following indoor, intact series of cable lug of outdoor temperature shrinkage, suitable for polyethylene cable, crosslinking polyethylene cable and ethylene propylene rubber cable,etc..

    The electric stress control of 3M temperature shrinkage cable lug adopts the dielectric constant and is made of Hi-K of 25, the dielectric constant, dielectric strength, insulation resistance of this material keep steady in a long-term with the medium dissipation factor, through this kind of stress control method, can drop the high electric field intensity on the terminal surface to the safety range of 15V/mil, the high potential is movable towards the cable termination, but not concentrate nearby at the place where it is cut off that the cable is shielded, thus make the electric field distribution of external insulation of cable lug prone to dispersing, even. Therefore improve the discharge voltage of external insulation, and make the whole cable lug diameter reduce, shape factor increases, its result is to improve the discharge voltage too.
    3M insulating material high-quality silastic material outside the the intersection of temperature shrinkage and cable lug, it has the good one hydrophobicity can, the water droplet does not form the conductive liquid film, and have self-healing characteristic of hydrophobicity in the roll-off at any time above. In addition, its extremely strong insulating quality, resisting track, corrosion resistance and uviofast, guarantee long-term usability is steady. With cable body and life-span.
    3M temperature shrinkage cable terminal, unique material prescription and manufacture process, it is mainly insulating to make it stick to the cable closely, provide the invariable and lasting radial pressure for cable body, local discharge amount is small, the initial voltage assaults competence and is higher than the existing canonial level high, insulating, the waterproof leak tightness is good, with the cable body with ‘ breathe ‘.
All product test organization and China State Power Corporation high-pressure electrical apparatus quality monitoring center of research institute in Wuhan to authorize through world every large authority.
    The products accord with standards of countries all over the world such as U.S.A. IEEE-48, Germany VDE 0278 and China GB11033-89,etc., pass the canonial authentication of ISO9002 quality system. 3M Company leads in U.S.A., Germany and other places in the same trade, the bulky research and development centre of the scale, offer the development of the technicality at any time, measure and support, so as to ensure products quality


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