5000 series ALPHA High-performance vector frequency converter

Dec 14th, 2011

Brand: Alpha – Alpha

Name: 5000 series ALPHA High-performance vector frequency converter

Type: 5000 series ALPHA High-performance vectorial frequency conversion

About products:

The ALPHA5000 series frequency converter is serial products of small power that our company put out, it is designed that it is exquisite, adopt the intersection of magnetism and coherent the intersection of vector and control method, advanced automatic torque compensate, can 150% of the specified torque of low-speed is exported, ultra squelch muting runs steadily; Dispose

The products are detailed:

Power range:

· Three-phase 380V inputs: 0.75KW-5.5KW
· Single-phase 220V inputs: 0.4KW-2.2KW

It is designed that exquisite:
· Bikini outer cover is aesthetic in appearance
· The tertiary menu is designed, it is simple to debug
· Compact, save users to install the space
· Multi-functional digitized potentiometer, operate humanization

It is reliable to use
· The function flows in the automatic limit, should be to supporting sudden change
· Prevent the paint from handling the craft three times, strengthen environmental adaptive capacity
· The tunnel design is rational, Wen ShengXiao, really there is not a noise that run
· Pass EMC test, satisfy IEC61800-3 all gorge Mao ひ s and act as Yao? /LI>
· The ultra wide voltage inputs the range ‘ Three phases) 304V-456V is (single-phase) 176V-264V

The function is abundant
· 0-650Hz exports
· Built-in PID closes the ring and controls the function
· Can be regarded as the open vector of unique magnetism and controlled the law
· The strong one can programme the something small and hard of output end of input,
· But the flexible control request of meeting users
· Dispose the unit of applying the brake, apply the brake the torque can reach 125
· Built-in RS485 communication, support MODBUS-RTU communication agreement

Applicable trade
· Conveyor belt (multistage speed is controlled)
· Revolving door, the automatically controlled door runs and controls
· Fabrics machine, fibrous production equipment
· Lathe, food processing machinery, metal processing equipment

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