850W servo electrical machinery fits Sichuan SGMGV

Dec 24th, 2011

Brand: Yaskawa – Ann Sichuan

Name: 850W servo electrical machinery fits Sichuan SGMGV

Type: SGMGV-09A

About products:

850W fits the application of the servo electrical machinery of Sichuan: Lathe, conveying machinery, carrying machinery, food processing machinery

The products are detailed:

Specification parameter of servo 850 W
Power 850W servo electrical machinery, the type: SGMGV-09A
Amount is exported: 0.85KW
Specified torque: 5.39N• m
Instantaneous biggest torque: 13.8 N• m
Specified electric current: 6.9 A
Instantaneous largest electric current: 17A
Specified rotational speed: 1500 rotates / divides
Supreme rotational speed: 3000 rotates / divides
Torque parameter: 0.859N• m
The rotor rotates the inertia: 13.910-4km2
The rate of change of rated power: 20.9KW/S
Specified angular acceleration: 3880rad/s2
Form a complete set and fit the servo driver of Sichuan: SGDV-7R6A
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