A prosperous moderation electrical machinery of Taiwan

Mar 6th, 2012

Brand: RAFI

Name: A prosperous moderation electrical machinery of Taiwan


About products:

Horizontal moderating machine, the moderating machine of the gear

The products are detailed:

The Cheng ‘s sells directly to households ” Ten thousand prosperous gear moderating machines ” ” Ten thousand prosperous gear moderation motors ” Wan prosperous accurate industrial Co., Ltd. established Taiwan in 1978, it is a professional research that develops and produces the large-scale, medium-sized, miniature gear moderating machine specialized company,
The main power of the products is ” 1/100HP{0.075KW-7.5KW} Gear moderate motor, reduce the speed ratio 1/3-1/18000 The electrical machinery power is single-phase, three phases, install way for, vertical, horizontal, dual axle, sharply type, our company products last driving, products per machinery extensively the characteristics is; A small which the Wan ‘s of Taiwan runs in the mainland one specializes in the transmission apparatus company, professional research of our company to design and produce ” Miniature serial moderation electrical machineries ” , ” Miniature serial direct currents machine ” , ” The miniature moderation motor ” , ” Medium-sized serial moderation electrical machineries ” , ” The medium-sized moderation motor ” , ” The GHM series gear moderating machine ” , ” The GVM series gear moderating machine ” , ” Large-scale serial gear moderation electrical machineries ” , ” The large-scale gear moderating machine ” , ” Aluminium alloy series moderate plane, the intersection of electrical machinery and the intersection of function and have, single-phase power, the intersection of three-phase and power, frequency conversion, transfer speed, not electromagnetic to brake, function ” It moderate vertical, horizontal, dual axle machine have series, sharply type,etc., air-blower series, ” RB serial annular high-pressure air-blowers ” , ” CX serial high-pressure forced draught blowers ” , ” The TX completely serial Pu type air-blower ” , ” SSD serial many wing type air-blowers ” .
Our company is at fair and reasonable price, swift and high-quality service, the stable and reliable quality, ultra and short delivery date come to reciprocate happy Shu Xin using whose the masses of old and new customers, sincerity conducted oneself, did things diligently, let users buy to operate and save worry.
Our company authorize, not various in style system through CCC.CEISC-9000.2000.UL,etc., it is complete in specifications, delivery date fast, welcome by guests old and new

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