AB-PLC frequency converter

Mar 17th, 2012

Brand: ROCKWELL – Rockwell (AB)

Name: AB-PLC frequency converter

Type: 1747-L552 1747-NI8 1746-N04I 1747-NI8 17

About products:

Create circling in the air and key agent of Science Technologies Co., Ltd., a large number of stock special price intelligently in AB-PLC general agent _ Beijing, the most agent of the Chinese stock.

The products are detailed:

AB-PLC frequency converter Our company is in China 2, (AB-PLC ) Stock are the most in the general agent, and the special price wholesale price is sold. It is U.S.A. ‘ Rockwell) (Rockwell Automation) Have another name called 2, U.S.A. AB, (Allen-Bradley) . The key agent, mainly sell the whole series of products in U.S.A. ROCKWELL A-B Company in China: , including AB-PLC programmable controller, AB frequency converter, AB soft actuator, AB low-voltage electric apparatus and software,etc.
Especially 5, (ABPLC) SLC500 series 1746- 1747-1756 – a large number of stock special price of series.
6,( ABPLC) Series SLC500: 1746-,1747-;
H3, (Rockwell) Series LOGIX5000: AB-PLC 1756-, 1757-, 1784-; CompactLogix (1769) , FlexLogix(1794) , AB-PLC MicroLogix(1761,1762,1764) PLC5(1785)
Series PLC-5: AB-PLC 1770-, 1771-; Wait for the series of products

Software: Rslojix5,500,5000

U.S.A. H4, ( Rockwell) (Rockwell Automation) Frequency converter: PF4(4,40,400) PF7(70,700,700H,700S) 1336 PLUS II

In addition: Our company has a large number of U.S.A. AB products stock: ( ABPLC) Module, series and (U.S.A. AB) of AB soft actuator 150 (Allen-Bradley) POWERFLEX series AB frequency converter, U.S.A. (Allen-Bradley) AB touch-sensitive screen ( 2711- 2711P-) Wait for the good price

Schneider 140 serial PLC special price are sold

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