Feb 7th, 2012

Brand: ROCKWELL – Rockwell (AB)

Name: AB PLC

Type: 1746-OB32

About products:

U.S.A. AB PLC A-B PLC ab plc

The products are detailed:

Rockwell automatic company combines the famous brands of the automatic field of industry, devoted to making the all-round automatic solution, help the customer to improve productivity. Do these brands include Allen – Bradlee Allen-Bradley? Control products and engineering service, and Rockwell software Rockwell Software? The worker of production accuses of the software. The company is still customer’s relation administrative skill and leading supplier of the application system, can help enterprises to carry on the customer relationship management more effectively. Global technology and customer service are important components of Rockwell automatic company. The company has nearly 5,600 retail traders, system integration trader and the agent in 80 countries of the whole world. Have strengthened the global capability of the company with the reliable cooperation in the field of distributing, software and products,etc. of local company greatly. Famous brand and strategic cooperation have strengthened the ability that the company offers the high-quality reliable industrial scheme worldwide. Rockwell automatic company pays attention to helping the manufacturing company to overcome the pressure of keen competition day by day from the fund and on strategy, lower costs, protect resources, improve productivity, shorten the products and cycle when the service enters the market. For example, the intersection of Company and newly formed global industrial solution department will become the core of Rockwell’s automatic development strategy. Can offer the overall solution of having cost, for example the assets and integrating managing for the fact that possessive, advisory service. The tendency of making the manufacturer walk to the trade where one stays makes a response more rapidly. Rockwell automatic company has two business segments under command: Control system department, dynamical system department. The company also has 50% of the shares of Rockwell scientific & technical corporation. A-B 1746 – NI4 2 analog quantity imports the module PLC
A-B 1746 – NO4I 6 analog quantity exports the module PLC
A-B 1746 – OB32 10 digital quantity exports the module PLC
A-B 1747 – L542 2 programmable terminal station PLC

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