Abundant Wei’s China produces PLC

Feb 8th, 2012

Brand: Feejoy – fly tall and erectly

Name: Abundant Wei’s China produces PLC

Type: VH\VB

About products:

High cost performance It is high and steady Taiwan produces PLC

The products are detailed:

VH, VBO, VB2 three serial PLC. Control and count: 10 o’clock – 128 o’clock
Possessing the mistake reveals the function
Large form capacity: 4K Steps
Use body of Flash ROM memory, it is designed that there is no battery, non-maintaining
Possess the form password and protect the function, can fully protect intelligence proprietary
The order is complete, include arithmetic and compare the joint order
Possess and stop inputting and counting the function at a high speed
The host computer has 10, 14, 20, 24, 28, 32, 40, 60 o’clock, the different types of machines
The communication function is complete
1,Build RS-232 interface inside, can connect computer, interpersonal interface and MODEM
2,Offer RS-232 and RS-485 communication interface, can expand to 3 communication ports
3,Can form the regional network of the monitoring system, can connect every brand man-machine interface
It is designed that miniaturized and exquisite, 32 host computers only 94mm(W) x 90mm(H) x 85mm(D)
Offer editor’s software Ladder Master of Windows edition form

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