AC800F systematic software and hardware is upgraded, programming is debugged

Feb 11th, 2012

Brand: ABB

Name: AC800F systematic software and hardware is upgraded, programming is debugged

Type: AC800F systematic software and hardware is upgraded, programming is debugged

About products:

Our company accepts Freelance 2000 AC800F systematic software and hardware to upgrade to the outside, company know the skilled system escalate the skill but also have actual cases to question their already. The concrete case is as follows, “Shandong employs the gold gold and silver

The products are detailed:

AC 800F System ABB to have world-lead level all can the synthesizing type open the control system in whom group put out, combine traditional DCS and PLC advantage together, and support many kinds of international on-the-spot bus standards. It has already possessed the complicated simulation return circuit modulability, friendly man-machine interface (HMI) of DCS And convenient project software, have high-speed logic and order equal to top-grade PLC index that control performance at the same time. System can both connect regular I/O and last Profibus, FF, CAN, Modbus,etc. various bus apparatuses on-the-spot. The system possesses high-level flexibility and fairly good expansion, no matter produce the control of the device small-scaly, the whole factory integrates and controls super large-scale, even to controlling application across the administration of the factory, can all handle a situation with ease. After this system upgrades to V6.2, the systematic capacity can reach infinitely and click (exceeds 1 million I/O) more ,If will need to expand systematically in the future, can increase I/O or on-the-spot bus instrument on this basis directly, benefit the development in the future. The system includes handling grade and course grade, drives grade including tradition to control the function, such as handling and monitoring, answer shelf and information to record, the trend and calling the police, return circuit and logic control function are carried out while standing in the corresponding course. Stood and made up by one or several course, stand by AC in each course as the course grade 800F Make up with expanding unit I/OS800. CPU stands and can be disposed for the redundant or not redundant system in the course, the system has various I/O module that link with all kinds of on-the-spot process signals. The system has offered a standard bus to two kinds of industries. The bus Profibus-DP communication stands in the course: Used in the on-the-spot I/O data communication, have higher security and stronger data dependability. DigiNetS systematic bus: ( Ethernet) Used in the course grade and handle grade, communication can choose the coaxial cable or optical cable while transmitting mediums.

AC 800F The control system is introduced in detail: AC 800F Main unit type PM of the controller 802F 8M PM 803F 16M Power mould is a type SA 801F 220VAC SA 811F SD 802F 24VDC SD 812F Ethernet mould one Type EI 801F 10BASE-2 EI 811F EI 802F AUI EI 812F EI 803F 10BASE-T EI 813F Other communication mould one Type FI 810F CAN FI 820F Serial FI 830F Profibus DP FI 840F FF software package Station software (standard edition) of the type CBF-S engineer CBF-P engineer’s station software (speciality edition) (take DigiLock, UFB, FDT) DigiVis C operator’s station software Chinese edition CombiVis two-in-one operator’s software attachment type TK of the station 807F SA 801F Power supply cable TK 802F SD 802F Power supply cable AM 895F Preceding board SB 808F RAM reserve battery (Used in EI8 F mould one) Can mix 800 I/O type: AI801 , AI 8ch, 0/4-20 Ma AO801, AO 8ch, 0/4-20 mA AI810, AI 8ch,0/4-20mA ,0/2-10V AI820, AI 4ch,+-0/4-20mA ,0-5V,0-10V AI830, AI 8ch,RTD(Pt100,Cu10) AI843, AI 8ch,TC(B,C,E,J,K,N,R,S,T) ,Redundant AI845, AI 8ch, 0/4-20mA, 0/2-10V, redundant AI 880A ,AI 8ch, 0/4-20mA , redundant AO845, AO 8ch, 0/4-20mA , redundant AO895, AO 8ch, 0/4-20 mA, safe bar, HART DI801, DI 16ch, 24VDC DI802, DO 8ch, 120VAC DO801, DO 16ch, 24VDC DO802, DI 8ch, 120VAC TU846, CI840 base (used in redundant I/O) TU847, CI840 base (used in non- redundant I/O) TU805K01, wiring carry sub board use DI801 for, DO801, two / the strategic hinterland of China connect TU810V1, compact the intersection of mould and piece carry sub the intersection of board and insulating voltage 50V, 16 signal end sons

AC 800F Control system it uses 10 to be long in year already too in China, a lot of products types have already stopped production, upgrading that the software has appeared several times too. Some is in AC 800F Producer that come into operation in the early days of listing will because aging and worried in system in now, the ones that have because of the hardware ” Senilization ” And hindered the normal production of the factory, our company – the intersection of Shanghai and the intersection of Dubai and the intersection of automatic technology and Co., Ltd. know the skilled system escalate the skill but also have actual cases to question their already.


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