Ai MoSheng’s frequency converter EV1000, EV2000 Common frequency conversion driver

Dec 16th, 2011

Brand: Emerson – Ai MoSheng

Name: Ai MoSheng’s frequency converter EV1000, EV2000 Common frequency conversion driver

Type: EV1000, EV2000 common type frequency conversion driven

About products:

Voltage grade: 220V, 400V power range: 0.4kW — 280kW

The products are detailed:

Excellent performance
Open vectorial PWM modulation of magnetism
Electrical machinery parameter make exactly since ‘ Resting and rotate)
It reaches 1:100 (EV1000 is 1:50) to adjust speed range
180% of the specified torque while starting torque 0.50Hz
(EV1000 1Hz hour 150%)
The torque is promoted with the manual enhanced feature automatically availably

Many kinds of trade special functions
PI course closes the ring, multistage speed, simple and easy PLC, textile is put frequently
Control long definitely, running time adds up to the function
The high-speed pulse inputs and outputs the function
The specialty adds the time of moderating function

Fine environmental adaptive capacity
The speciality ” Whether stop in wink ” The algorithm, should shake the electricity to the electric wire netting
Technology, automatic frequency flow to regulate technology in the automatic limit, should be to supporting sudden change
All single-boards go on ” Defend the paint three times ” Protect, improve the frequency converter and defend the humidity,
Dust and greasy dirt ability
The independent tunnel is designed, improve and resist the dust environment
The tone adjusts technology, improve the noise in an all-round way

Abundant standard configuration
Encoder interface of built-in pulse
RS232/RS485 standard communication interface, supports MODBUS agreement
The whole series EV1000 mark and formulate and move the unit, under EV2000 7.5kW
Unit that the disposition applies the brake

Put the sketch map frequently

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