ARM11 OMAP3530 assess the intersection of board and MEC3530 develop the intersection of board and Engineer accuse of board Beijing

Jan 6th, 2012

Brand: Accord

Name: ARM11 OMAP3530 assess the intersection of board and MEC3530 develop the intersection of board and Engineer accuse of board Beijing

Type: MEC3530 develops the board

About products:

MEC3530 assessed the main board to offer the complete software development environment for the fact that the developer used the TI OMAP35x series processor, support linux-2.6.28 operating system and WinCE6.0 operating system, and include the complete ground floor driver, facilitate users fast and assess OMAP35x series processors, design systems to drive and customize application software, and offer the ripe operating system Google Android and Angstrom (GPE) Issue edition,help user experience on OMAP35x fast the strong data operations of the processors can deal with

The products are detailed:

About MEC3530/OMAP3530:
(1) Processor
OMAP3530 processor ( Processor interface of totally compatible OMAP3503)
600-MHz ARM Cortex? -A8 Core
430-MHz TMS320C64x+? DSP Core
Integrated 16kB I-Cache, 16kB D-Cache, 256kB L2 memory within ARM
Store 64kB SRAM, 112kB ROM on slice
(2) Memory
128MByte 32 DDR SDRAMs, 166MHz
128MByte 16 NAND Flashes
(3) Interface of the audio frequency / video
One Line 4 S-VIDEO interface
Pieces of the intersection of HDMI and interface ‘ High definition multimedia interface of the video transmission of the digital signal)
A piece of audio frequency inputs the interface
The audio frequency of sound channels exports the interface
(4) Liquid crystal touch-sensitive screen
Resolution ratio: 480 (W) x 272 (H) dots
RGB: 391680 colors
Luminance: Typical value 350 cd/m2 (minimum 300 cd/m2)
Touch-sensitive screen of Line 4
(5) Transmit the interface
One bunch of mouths:
–The serial interface of 1 x Line 3, RS232 level
–The serial interface of 1 x Line 5, TTL level
USB interface:
–1 x USB2.0 OTG, High-speed, 480Mbps
–1 x USB2.0 HOST, High-speed, 480Mbps
SD/MMC interface:
–No. SD/MMC interface 1, support 3.3V and 1.8V logic voltage
–No. SD/MMC interface 1, support 1.8V logic voltage
The interface of the network: 10/100Mbps, RJ45 connector
1 No. McSPI interface( Many passway SPI interfaces)
1 No. McBSP interface( Multi-functional serial interface)
No. I2C interface 1
1 No. HDQ interface( Interface of the single bus)
(6) Input the interface
1 piece CAMERA interface( Can connect the lenses of CCD and CMOS)
6 keyboards of interface of 6 X
A piece of 14 stitch standard JTAG interface
One starts and guides buttons
A Reset button
A user’s button
A ON/OFF button
(7) LED indicator lamp
A 3.3V power indicator lamp (LED33)
An 5V electric indicator lamp (LED50)
A user’s self-defining light (LEDB)
3 systematic lights can be self-defining (LED1, LED2, LED3)
(8) Main board size : 110 mm x 95 mm
(9) Input the voltage : +5V
(10) The work dawdles: 0.5A @ 5V
(11) Operation temperature : From 0 ℃ to 70 ℃
(12) Operation humidity : 20% ~ 90%

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