Big creating AC60 common type / air blower water pump frequency converter

Feb 21st, 2012

Brand: It is created that big

Name: Big creating AC60 common type / air blower water pump frequency converter


About products:

AC60 GE type / air blower water pump frequency converter

The products are detailed:

Voltage grade:
220V grade (single-phase power) 0.4-2.2kW
220V grade (single-phase power) 0.4-2.2kW
380V grade (three-phase power) 0.75-1000kW
Technological characteristic:
V/F of the leading trade controls the mode, brings the feeling of control of the vector frequency converter

1,The low harmonic wave is exported, the life-span of electrical machinery of effective extension.

2,The frequency of the signal carrier: Regulate automatically according to the module temperature, adapt to the environment automatically.

3,Ultralow signal carrier frequency technology, reduce the frequency converter and export and leak the electric current effectively, it is farther to control the electrical machinery distance.

4,Flexible multistage V/F way.

5,Superstrong automatic torque enhanced feature, offer the starter torque oversize automatically.

The abundant one carries the sub function:

Carry sub VS1 on the outside: 0- 10V, outside carry sub VS2: -10V- 10V, outside carry sub AS: 4- 20mA, RS485, frequency pulse input;

Start, stop, not positive and negative to transfer to, order move, multistage speed, park, reset, add, moderate time choose and frequency set for passway choosing, external fault alarm freely;

The relay is exported, the collector is exported, 0- 10V exports, 4- 20mA exports, the frequency pulse is exported etc..

Fast and steady PID control function

Many kinds of PID control: Ordinary PID and pressure close ring specialized PID, wider scope of application and stronger trade pertinence.
Sector application:

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