Callan Karen’s direct current machine

Jan 3rd, 2012


Name: Callan Karen’s direct current machine

Type: Callan

About products:

Callan (Karen) Direct current machine, Callan motor, Callan direct-flow servo amplifier

The products are detailed:

Irish Callan electrical machinery, Callan tests the speed and expresses the sensor, CALLAN pastes up servo electrical machinery of direct current, Callan (Karen) Direct current machine, Callan motor, Callan direct-flow servo amplifier

Common electromechanical international trade ‘ Shanghai) Limited company special price supply electrical machinery, direct current machine, Irish Callan, Callan of Irish, Callan of Irish, ‘ Karen) Test the speed, express sensor, motor, Irish Callan, Callan of Irish, ‘ Karen) Products such as the direct-flow servo amplifier,etc.. Irish Callan Company specially produces and pastes up the servo electrical machinery of direct current, its product design is unique. Irish Callan electrical machinery adopts the scientific magnetic design of way, the advanced armature winding, close magnetic crack structure, material and advanced manufacturing technology; The structural design is extremely rational and practical: There is fixing device of carbon brushes in installation, very easy carbon brush changes. Irish Callan researches and develops and designed capacity is extremely strong, the relevant experience supplying OEM factories in various fields of Europe with a large number of electrical machineries that the company has the past 50 years, can totally follow customer’s special requirement for parameters such as the electrical machinery torque, rotational speed, voltage,etc., according to kind, designed and supplies according to the picture, according to the operating mode condition. Callan products are of fine qualities, the longe-lived, great advantage with higher overload capacity of outputting the moment with stable performance that have electrical machineries. There is complete service system after sale, can supply the relevant part of the electrical machinery in time, these parts are as follows, the armature, end stand, the iron core of the stator, the charcoal is brushed, the charcoal brushes fixed device,etc.. Have very strong related ability of products, can totally be installing the braking device on the electrical machinery according to the customer’s demand, the connector, special winding, the key hole of flat section, there is installation axle of the special requirement, automatic temperature adjustment device, oil-sealed device and special seal installation,etc.. Callan electric function replace Company, Inland Kollmorgen of Irish, Company and like product of Company, AEG of Germany, Pacific Scientific of Irish, it is very strong that practice substitutes ability.
The design of the servo electrical machinery of high-performance direct current of the general agent Callan technology is sturdy and duable, move for the industry of meeting the harsh requirement and control. They can offer a lot of electric apparatuses and machinery to choose, in order to design the application program suitable for you. Some are more available including: Current meter, the encoder, the brake, very fixed, special axle, different coils, the connector, the environment is sealed. The family of the servo electrical machinery of direct current offers the lasting torsion of stall from 0.4Nm (0.3 pounds) ,With 30nm ‘ 24 pounds) . Their purpose is the dependability for offering and credibility and living in today’s difficult application for a long time. Callan main product series are as follows, C4-16X, M4-200X, M4-295X, M4-420X, TT 203X/204X, TT-293X, TT-295X, TT-420XTT-423X, TGF 1568, TGF 1810, TGF 2030, AS-80-8/15, M42006-00A-550, TGF2030-162F, M35000-605, 89 – II-338, M42006-01A-591, M42003-01A-591, TG-2801-A, TGF-1810-147-A, TGF-2030-147-A, TGF-2030-162-A, TGF-2030-162-E, TGF-2030-309-C, TGF-2030-320-D, AKM31E-ACCNR-00, AKM31E-ACDNC-00, AKM41E-EKCNR-00, AKM41E-EKPNC-01, AKM42E-ANCNR-00, AKM42E-BKPNC-00, AKM42G-CCCNR-00, AKM74L-ACCNDA-00, B-102-A-24, B-104-A-22, B-104S-A-AL-3, B-104S-B-29-020, B-202-A-21-S, B-204-A-21, B-204-A-99-056, B-206-D-91-S018, B-40059, CEF-RO-006-900A, CEP-A6-020-E906B, TGF2030-162-A, TGF2030-B43339-A, TGF2030-326-A, 12677210786, 12677210507, M-411-R-A9-232, 12677210610, B-414-W-A9-B9-080, M-615-A-A9-064, 063-2AA-XX, 090-2AA-XX, 1LA7 113-2AA-XX, 1LA7 166-2AA-XX, M4-200X (TT200X) , C4-162, 63mm, 0.2Nm, 60V Vt, M4-420X (TT420X) 146mm, 10.4 – 30Nm cont., 140V max Vt, M4-202X (TT202X) 75mm, 0.45-1.6Nm cont., 24 / 48 Vt, M4-2955X (TT2955X) 108mm, 2.0-8.0Nm cont., 24 / 48 Vt

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