Can drive IGBT of unit 1-7 under 2400A/1700V

Feb 4th, 2012

Brand: LMY

Name: Can drive IGBT of unit 1-7 under 2400A/1700V

Type: TX-DA102D

About products:

Exceed the high-power driver

The products are detailed:

Two Entrance drive board, can drive pieces of IGBT under the 2400A/1700V.
The grid of IGBT charges and discharges the speed and can be regulated respectively.
It is with perfect function to short out and protect, it is shut off that three sections of types are soft.
Leave the intersection of user and parameter, set up position can according to need, set for the intersection of short circuit and threshold value of IGBT, protect the intersection of blind area and time, lower bar, pigeonhole speed at the board, time to start again after the waiting time, soft slope, trouble that shuts off of time delay, also can use and default the parameter directly.
Shouldering two breakdown signals to export, users choose at will.
Taking DC/DC to assist the power, have excessive pressure of power and owe pressing to protect. When the power voltage of user’s top management board is 15V, can share a piece of power with the top management board.
The details can be landed

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