Can drive IGBT under 300A/1700V to drive the board

Feb 11th, 2012

Brand: LMY

Name: Can drive IGBT under 300A/1700V to drive the board

Type: DA962

About products:

Drive 300A/1200V (600A/600V) IGBT,1-7 Entrance available

The products are detailed:

High-power IGBT drives the board, every No. exports 6A electric current, can drive IGBT under 300A/1700V, there are two, four, six, many kinds of available editions of Entrance seven. The output socket specially designed, every unit can drive a IGBT, can also drive 2 parallel IGBTs. Protect, call the police, export with other part isolating of electricity, user can flexible to handle. Indicator lamp out of order of every road. Support the level of many kinds of input signals. Unified output enable, can carry, control. Input the polar protection of power
Every 2 units bring an independent DC/DC and assist the power by oneself, segregation degree of every unit is good. Users only need to offer an independent 15V to drive the power ‘ Can customize 12- Edition that 20V, 20- 30V, 12- 50V wide range input) .
Taking AC/DC to assist the power, from exchanging the city electricity to obtain energy, has avoided energy transfer two times of DC/DC directly, help to raise the efficiency of user’s power system, does not put forward the extra demand to the power supply on user’s top management board either.

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