China can expand CPU-24 way and input 16 routes of relays to produce PLC direct current of No. 40

Jan 17th, 2012

Brand: Firm day

Name: China produce the intersection of PLC and 40 No. direct current can expand the intersection of CPU-24 and way input 16 of relays export


About products:

ETMX-MSDH40DC-R noumenonn unit includes a central processing unit (CPU) , power (AC or DC is available) And digital quantity I/O, can connect many PLC so as to be distributed by special Link function

The products are detailed:

Technical specification


198 111 82

Specified voltage



5V/0.55A, 24V/0.2A

Allow in wink

10ms (exchange direct current) Less than

Insulating impedance

5MΩ The above-mentioned (DC500V) ,All external end sons and between the ground


Peak value: 2000Vp-p; Frequency: 5KHz; The time of rising: 5ns; Pulse width: 50ns

Ambient temperature

Run: Store from 0 ℃ to 55 ℃: -From 25 ℃ to 70 ℃

Memory space of procedure

48K step procedure space

Store the way

RAM (spare battery) , Flash ROM stores permanently

Expand the module

Can expand 7 pieces of module to the greatest extent, I/O can reach 256 points to count

High-speed pulse

50KHz of No. 2 (select)

Count at a high speed

50KHz of No. 2 is (available)

Cut off

Cutting off ladder-shaped picture of relatively supporting the timing, outside I/O, counter

The port is counted




Digital quantity inputs and counts


Isolate the way

The photoelectricity is isolated

Input the type

Leaking type / source type

Amount inputs the voltage


Amount inputs the electric current


The public end is set up

8 points share a public end

Digital quantity exports and counts


Export the type

The relay is exported

Isolate the way

Machinery is insulating

Response time

Under 10ms

Voltage range of the output


Specified output voltage


Amount exports the electric current

2.0A / some, 8.0A / public end

The public end is set up

4 public ends

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