China produces YD2n-16MRT-DC24 one-board PLC

Nov 29th, 2011

Brand: YUDA reputation reached

Name: China produces YD2n-16MRT-DC24 one-board PLC

Type: YD2n-16MRT-DC24

About products:

Can propose using GX Developer8.52 Chinese edition with the compatible Mitsubishi’s programming software

The products are detailed:

1,The switch quantity of No. 8 is input ‘ The photoelectricity is isolated) ;
2,The electrical relays of No. 6 are exported, the high-speed transistor-resistor logics of No. 2 are exported, many kinds of pulse orders, can control the stepping motor;
3,The power is 24V direct current, 3 communication ports, one RS232, 2 RS485s, online supervisory function, perpetual calender;
4,The programming software is simple and apt to use, with the compatible GX Developer8.52 Chinese edition; Step of maximum 2000-8000 of the procedure;
5,D register maximum is D0-D512, D128-D511 keeps for the power down; M is M0-M512, M256-M511 keeps for the power down; 100ms timer range: T0-T199, 10ms timer range: T200-T249, 16 counters: C0-C199; Counter C200-C234 of the 32-bit microcomputer; High-speed counter C235-255; Marching is clicked: S0-S255; Input/Output: X0-X7; Y0-Y7;
6,Analog quantity is exported:
Two-way analog quantity is exported, use WR3A order, 12 precision, the number range 0-4095, export 0-5V;
7,Analog quantity is input:
The analog quantity of No. 4 is input, 12 precision, use RD3A order, input available 0-20MA or 0-10V, 0-5V;

IO connection diagram:

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