China produces YD2n-48MT-4AI-2AO one-board PLC

Nov 29th, 2011

Brand: YUDA

Name: China produces YD2n-48MT-4AI-2AO one-board PLC

Type: YD2n-48MT-4AI-2AO

About products:

Programming software compatible Mitsubishi PLC, can will all do with FXGPWIN3.3 Chinese editions or GX Developer7.8 in Mitsubishi. It is all right so long as PLC with Input/Output of analog quantity reads the register that the designated register or load appoints.

The products are detailed:

Input the power

DC24 direct-flow 24V or exchanging AC15-18V

Procedure step number

8000 steps; 3 communication ports: One RS232, one RS485, a CAN bus

Enter point X component

Input at 28 o’clock, X0-X33, DC24 inputs, the low level is effective. Among them X0-5 is the input aperture of high speed counting.

Export the point Y component

Export at 20 o’clock, Y0-Y23, among them Y0-5 is the delivery port of high-speed pulse. The transistor-resistor logic is exported, DC24 single channel electric current maximum is 0.8A

Analog quantity is input

The analog quantity of No. 4 is input, 12 precision, input voltage: 0-5V or 0-10V. Read analog quantity and use RD3A order

Analog quantity is exported

The analog quantity of No. 2 is exported, 12 precision, output voltage: 0-5V. Output the voltage of analog quantity and use WR3A order

Auxiliary relay M

Keep M256-511 in M0-M1023 power down

Step-by-step point S


100Ms timer

T0-T199, keeps T184-T199 in accumulating power down

10Ms timer

T200-T255, keeps T246-T255 in accumulating power down

1Ms timer


16 counters

C0-C199, keeps C100-199 in power down

Counter of the 32-bit microcomputer

C200-C219, keeps C220-C234 in power down

High-speed counter of the 32-bit microcomputer

C235-255; C235-240 is a single-phase counter, no frequency multiplication; C241-240 is a single-phase counter, frequency multiplication 2; C247-249 is a diphasic counter, no frequency multiplication; C250-252 is a diphasic counter, frequency multiplication 2; C253-255 is a diphasic counter, frequency multiplication 4;

Register D

D0-D4095, keeps D128-1127 in power down

The indicator V of indirect addressing, Z

V0-7, Z0-7

Special M component

M8000 runtime is normally closed, the electric pulse on M8002, M8011 is 10Ms pulse, M8012 is 100Ms pulse

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