Common type frequency converter of blue SB100 small power full of trees

Mar 17th, 2012

Brand: Full of trees and blue

Name: Common type frequency converter of blue SB100 small power full of trees

Type: SB100-5.5/7.5T4

About products:

Hope for the blue frequency converter full of trees, blue SB100 full of trees is exquisite, practical common frequency converter 0.4- 22KW, SB100-5.5/7.5T4 heavily loaded 5.5KW, light year 7.5KW;

The products are detailed:

Power range: 0.4- 22KW

Full of trees blue the intersection of SB100-5.5/7.5T4 and the intersection of three-phase and 380V, getting heavily loaded 5.5KW, light year type 7.5KW.

The characteristic of the products:
High performance optimize the intersection of space and vector vary voltage the intersection of frequency conversion and algorithm, with high efficiency, noise and electromagnetic to interfere with little
Heavily loaded application 150% 1min; General application 110% 1min, give full play to the output ability of the frequency converter
The whole series dispose unit of applying the brake, the whole series direct-flow bus bar design altogether
One pair of polar tapes revises high-performance PID of the function, it is convenient to be use for closing the ring to control
Follow starting function, centrifuge, hydroextractor,etc. are supported and can be started at any time

Apply to textile, prints and dyes, washes, cable, packaging, machinery, pottery or various OEM extensively

Full of trees and blue SB100 Exquisite applicable type common frequency converter of series Type


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