Constant pressure supplies water the control system is maintained, transform

Feb 24th, 2012

Brand: Fst – Fast

Name: Constant pressure supplies water the control system is maintained, transform

Type: FST-600

About products:

The transformation of economizing on electricity of the apparatus: Industry air blower economizes on electricity to transform, domestic water the intersection of constant pressure and control, industry water pump economize on electricity, transform and plastic machinery economize on electricity, transform and the intersection of spiral shell and the intersection of pole and the intersection of air compressor and the intersection of constant pressure and control, central air conditioner economize on electricity to control etc. at constant temperature.

The products are detailed:

Supply water of the meaning in which constant pressure controls:
It means that passes and measures the pressure of the pipe network that constant pressure supplies water, when the water consumption in the water -supply system changes, controlling and exporting the pressure keeps the control method not changed of presuming value. Flow that the specified flow usually exceeds the actual need while generally selecting the water pump for use, and is changing at any time with the flow in the water course actually, such as supplying water in the Residential Area, far behind water consumption at night in the daytime, the way to regulate the flow by valve was comparatively general before. Though the way is simple, this way actually achieves the goal of regulating by increasing resistance, this kind of throttle regulation wasted a large amount of electric energy, increased use and maintenance cost of the apparatus at the same time. Constant pressure supplies water the automatic constant pressure of the specialized control system supplies water of the switch board, has reached the requirement for saving energy and reducing the cost and pressure of safe pipe network.
Circuit shown according to the picture

The electric parameter of the manometer:
The full range of the resistance: 400R is (blue, red)
The initial resistance value of a pressure: Less than or equal to 20R (yellow, red)
Output signals: 0-10V or 4-20mA
Hold the ring to debug
After checking wiring errorlessly, close the air switch, the electricity on the frequency converter, the frequency converter reveals 0.00, press JOG key, look over the water pump changes direction
Press RUN key, begins to run, the keyboard raises the designated frequency slowly, record the pressure instruction of the manometer, press the voltage value that the shelf measures GND and AI1 with the direct current of universal meter at the same time, do the record well. With the increase of the frequency, the water pressure that needs happens in the record, as presuming goal value.
Frequency conversion closes the constant pressure of the ring and runs
Presume it after the good parameter in detail. Close the intersection of starting and switch, frequency converter run, run indicator lamp to be bright, the intersection of output and according to accelerate, reach supreme pressure value that constant pressure’s controlling set for from 0.00 by time frequency. As water consumption is reduced. The output frequency will drop to the minimum pressure value presumed automatically.

Technological characteristic: Dispose Mitsubishi or China and produce the frequency converter, the perfect figure regulates the goal pressure, monitor the pressure of the real pipe network;
Can dispose 3 pumps of routine, 4 pumps and circulate the control of up to seven pumps such as the auxiliary pump of mode + 1;
Possessing the water pump exchanges the work regularly automatically, improve the service life of the water pump;
Can set for the pressures for eight periods of times every day,in order to knowing should demand change of water supplies actual;
The dormancy, rotating regularly, automatic dormancy energy-conservation of little flow run;
Have recording equipment that pipe network exceeds / owes and is pressed and protected, finished the trouble pump automatically by the throwing and cutting of the pump;
Offer the standard RS485 serial communication interface, adopt ModBus open luck agreement of the international standard;
Can choose the regenerative or negative feedback. At the time of the negative feedback, are used for supplying water; When being regenerative, are used for drawing water and keeping the water level;
Can realize manually / automatically control and change, fault alarm function;

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