ControlLogix / 1756 systems

Dec 14th, 2011

Brand: ROCKWELL – Rockwell (AB)

Name: ControlLogix / 1756 systems

Type: 1756

About products:

Suitable for module controlled in order, course, transmission and sport, high performance and control the platform

The products are detailed:

ControlLogix realizes remarkable performance, can be rated as the model in the industry under the simple environment apt to use. The greatest memory capacity of ControlLogix controller can be up to 8 trillion, the application supporting the course to be intensive and moving and controlling application fast. Can follow and employ the requirement, select the controller of different memory capacity for use. CompactFlash card can make the mobile memory of the procedure. Many kinds of processor, many kinds of news reports module can be mixed and used with I/O, unrestricted. Not needing bridge graft and route where the processor carries out I/O, with systematic increase, can use the network to distribute controlling to other frameworks.

Suitable for module controlled in order, course, transmission and sport, high performance and control the platform: Each ControlLogix processor can carry out a plurality of control tasks, reduces the controller number needed, in this way, arrange it by mistake faster. Can touch off a plurality of cycle tasks in order to reach higher performance level separately.
Do not mix a plurality of processor, network and I/O limiting: The high performance of ControlLogix platform, a part comes from as ControlLogix backplate that operated of fast NetLinx network. ControlLogix processor, I/O and communication module are like the intellectual node on the network.
Common programming environment and Logix control the engine: No matter platform and network selected for use, by using the common control model, can all reduce the systematic cost, simplify and integrate. Configuration and programming are identical, so, no matter the procedure making or long-term system beginning is maintained, can all lack the colored strength.
Connected to NetLinx open network structure: Within the range of the whole factory, from workshop to administration and supervision authorities, make application from Internet to electronization, information has not all sewn the communication.
I/O module is various in style: Analog quantity, digital quantity and specialized I/O module meet the application requirement.

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