CRYDOM (reach quickly) Relay, CRYDOM solid relay

Jan 17th, 2012

Brand: Aavid Thermalloy

Name: CRYDOM (reach quickly) Relay, CRYDOM solid relay


About products:

CRYDOM (reach quickly) Relay, CRYDOM solid relay, CRYDOM adjust and press module, CRYDOM three-phase module, CRYDOM low-voltage switch

The products are detailed:

CRYDOM (reach quickly) Relay, CRYDOM solid relay, CRYDOM adjust and press module, CRYDOM three-phase module, CRYDOM low-voltage switch

Common electromechanical international trade ‘ Shanghai) Limited company acts for U.S.A. CRYDOM solid relay, CRYDOM to adjust and press products such as module, CRYDOM three-phase module, CRYDOM low-voltage switch,etc. from stock. CRYDOM solid relay (CRYDOM Solid State Relay, abbreviation CRYDOM SSR) Use electronic devices and components, integrated circuit that separate ‘ Or chip) And mix little circuit technology and combine one developed and is contactless type electronic switch which continue the electric characteristic. U.S.A. reaches (CRYDOM International) quickly World leader who the solid state continued the electric equipment products classification. Its product category exceeded variously, successively got VDE&TUV, worlds such as CSA, UL,etc. authorized. CRYDOM SSR solid relay can be divided into a pressing (Z) in the form of touching off With adjusting looks type (P) Two kinds. While exerting the appropriate control signal VIN in input terminus, the Model P SSR is led immediately openly. When after VIN cancels, the load current is lower than the two-way silicon controlled rectifier to maintain the electric current (exchange reversingly) ,SSR shuts off. Including zero measure circuit inside the the intersection of Model Z and SSR, while exerting the input signal VIN, load power voltage up to a district only when, SSR could be led openly, and may cause the greatest time delay of half a cycle of power. The Model Z SSR shuts off condition and P type, but because the load job electric current is sinusoidal wave, high times of harmonic wave interfere with little, so the intersection of CRYDOM and relay have longe-lived, the intersection of dependability and high, fast electromagnetic to interfere with little having noising, having spark characteristic switch, can apply to domains of industrial automation,etc. such as the spaceflight, navigation, electrical home appliances, lathe, communication, chemical industry, colliery,etc. extensively.

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