Cultivate the common type frequency converter of high performance three times

Dec 23rd, 2011

Brand: SANKEN – three is cultivated

Name: Cultivate the common type frequency converter of high performance three times

Type: A pair of specification series SAMCO-vm05

About products:

M05 is based on three squelch muting type multi-functional common frequency converters of high performance to cultivate technical design of the fifth generation of frequency conversion, employ textile, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, the intersection of printing and the intersection of person who pack and machinery, central air conditioner, environmental protection extensively ‘ Water treatment) , municipal administration supplies water etc. and forms a complete set

The products are detailed:

VM05 Possess the sensor vector of having no speed and control the function, can realize that there are not high torque and high-accuracy control that sensor employed the occasion. Possess the automatic detection function of the electrical machinery parameter at the same time, so can realize the optimum control to the electrical machinery under various operation conditions. VM05 Pairs of specification design being can applicable to be different application occasion: The torque of square of P mode is supported, overload is 120%, accommodate the air blower, water pump by H mode permanent torque is supported, overload rate 150%, it is generally industrial to accommodate P Mode: The 400V grade three phases are input, 2.2KW- 315KW H Mode: The 400V grade three phases are input, 1.5KW- 250KW is powerful VM05 ,Can meet different user’s needs & bull; V· F Separate with the free V/f figure function, totally deal with the special requirement & bulls of all kinds of electrical machineries; Function & bull that three cultivates the unique automatic energy-conservation beyond imagination and runs; The low-voltage compensates the function, should be to the abominable electric wire netting environmental & bull at any time; Superstrong communication function, deal with many kinds of bus demand bulls; Possess, input, output, lack, protect function, prevent power from break, damage the intersection of frequency conversion and the intersection of device and the intersection of & and bull; Standard built-in PID feedback control function, realize that closes the ring control & bull accurately; Need to buy the corresponding communication module in addition

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