Cultivate the high-performance vector and control the frequency converter three times

Dec 23rd, 2011

Brand: SANKEN – three is cultivated

Name: Cultivate the high-performance vector and control the frequency converter three times

Type: A pair of specification series SAMCO-vm06

About products:

The vector has controlled the achievement studied, the operation treatment technology of using latest magnetic chain and speed to estimate to collect three and cultivate in the past 20 years, realize having the intersection of speed and the intersection of sensor and vector, controlling and having PG sensoring that close the ring vector to control high-performance.

The products are detailed:

SAMCO-VM06 Superior performance can be rated as the doing of the wound century of the controlled field of frequency conversion. SAMCO-VM06 It is Japan that cultivates crystallization of advanced technology for 60 years three times, in order to accord with the masses of users’ application demand as the design idea, the abundant function is set up, remarkable and steady performance, simple and convenient and novel structural design. SAMCO-VM06 Break through the limitation that the frequency converter employs, Israel can ” Employ all fields ” It is a goal. Adopt advanced control technology, have superior control performance, it is the real high-performance vector that controls the common frequency converter. SAMCO-VM06 List,three cultivate by strength after representing not merely if you can’t reach, last new stage of technical development after entering one of frequency conversions, and the frequency conversion technical application of the whole market, have expanded broader design space. Reveal abundant easy and simple to handle & bull; The multi-functional knob type, according to the key & bull; The touching button realizes remote / short range switches over & bull; Large screen LCD panel remarkable control performance & bull of the apolegamy; The pulse interface of built-in PG, can form high precision and close the ring vector and control systematic & bull; The vector controls responding to at a high speed, high-accuracy, high dynamic performance & bull; Advanced vectorial control technology, can output the high torque characteristic & bull under the state of low-speed very much too; High-performance V/f controls the rich and colorful software function & bull; Brand-new PID control mode & bull; Complete protection and warn the function & bull; Dividing the capacity section supports the direct-flow bus bar to mutually unite & bull; Mark and mix Modbus agreement and maintain and maintain simple and convenient & bull; Cool the fan button type and design & bull; Can inquire, record information & bull different from the factory value happensing; Superstrong environmental adaptability & bull of exertion of the long-life device; Correspond to the high area use above sea level Safeguard and maintain simply and conveniently

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