Cultivate the high-pressure frequency converter three times

Dec 23rd, 2011

Brand: SANKEN – three is cultivated

Name: Cultivate the high-pressure frequency converter three times


About products:

Pass the control technology of low-voltage frequency conversion on, incorporate experience that the domain of frequency conversion has been accumulated for many years into an organic whole, reliable performance, practical function, strict qualitative control, totally meet any industrial occasion of the supreme requirement.

The products are detailed:

Products function & bull; The whole figure controls & bull; The speed searches for the function & bull; Dispel the unstable phenomenon function & bull of the electric current; Function & bull of intellectual PID; Automatic energy-conserving function & bull; V/f separates and controls way & bull; The low-voltage compensates the function & bull; Unit automatic bypass and the intersection of line and the intersection of voltage and balanced function ‘ Choose the function) Communication function & bull; Have RS485, MODBUS, PROFIBUS ‘ Choose one) Bus( Can mix one) according to the user’s needs Communication function, can realize long-range control and go to the location to control in situ. Structural complete machine structural & bull of the complete machine; The humanization of the air inlet with unique screen structure is designed, it is easy to dismantle and change and wash online. • Voltage transformer cupboard, frequency conversion unit cupboard, switch board adopt a structure of cupboard, it is convenient, difficult to deform & bull to install; Protect the module to design completely in power unit, it is convenient to safeguard and change. • The drawing type of the switch board is designed, convenient wiring and safeguarding.

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