Cylinder get away sub bearing NU214

Dec 2nd, 2011

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Name: Cylinder get away sub bearing NU214

Type: NU214

About products:

The sub bearing usually only receive radial strength to import the cylinder and roll in the sub bearing Tianjin for the cylinder of uniline to roll directly, with compared with size ball bearing,raise radial bearing capacity 1.5-3 time,it is fine in rigidity, shock-resistant, it is especially suitable for supporting of rigidity, prop up again

The products are detailed:

Import cylinder get away sub bearing Support the uniline directly in Tianjin

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Carrey good bearing Trade Co., Ltd of China of Tianjin



Some far science and trade buildings 213 23 of the Changjiang River of Tianjin Nankai area


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The cylinder rolls the sub bearing usually only receives radial strength, and compare with size ball bearing, the bearing capacity of the radial is improved by 1.5-3 times, rigidity is good, shock-resistant, it is especially suitable for rigidity

Ones that support, support the stub axle, is heated and extends and causes axle and installation of axial displacement to dismantle the machine attachment which need the separating bearing againing. Our company long-term cylinder get away sub bearing, the cylinder rolls the sub bearing belongs to the separating bearing, it is very convenient to install and dismantle. The cylinder rolls the sub bearing is divided into the uniline, a pair of listing and four rows.

Load with with row to roll body counting different according to bearing, cylinder roll sub bearing can divide into uniline, pair, list and list more cylinder, roll sub bearing. It employs a more one to be to have the intersection of uniline and cylinder to keep shelf get away sub bearing among them. In addition have uniline or pair list, load with, roll son other cylinder of structure get away sub bearing while being full.

The cylinder of uniline rolls the sub bearing is divided into N type, NU type, NJ type, NF type and NUP type,etc. according to the difference that one set of circles blocks the side. The radial load ability that the sub bearing bears is large that the cylinder rolls, block the structure of the side and bear certain unidirectional or two-way axial load according to one set of circles.

NN type and NNU type pair list cylinder roll sub bearing compact, rigidity is strong, bearing capacity is large, receive the load, deform small, is mostly used in the supporting of the main shaft of the lathe. FC, FCD, FCDP type four cylinders roll the sub bearing can bear larger radial load, used in heavy-duty machinery such as the rolling mill more.

The cylinder rolls the sub bearing is used mainly in electrical machinery, lathe, petroleum, rolling mill and load and unload and carry machinery and the machinery of all kinds of industry.
In order to save diamond with expensive value, except that rubed and pare surface roughness and precision of the work piece to expect relatively much, must repair it outside the emery wheel, should otherwise try hard to adopt substitutes, such as gyro wheel type cutting knife, carborundum emery wheel piece,etc.. Gyro wheel type cutting knife several thickness for to quench hard round sheet, install on one hundred sheetses of pole repairing the specific purpose tool of the emery wheel 0.7-1.2mm. The round slice is made of steel of tool or alloy steel, quench the hardness 59. 60HRC; While making of low carbon steel, the cyanidization depth is 0.25- 0.5mm, quench the hardness 59- 60HRC. The round stretch can be pressed into wave shape or the star (see that pursues 3& mdash; 13),In order to gyro wheel and good contact of emery wheel while guaranteeing to repair, make the emery wheel repaired evenly. Wave slice durable than the intersection of star and slice, emery wheel produced to repair more smoothly and levelling, the difficult breakage of edge of the emery wheel, but efficiency is relatively low.
Gyro wheel type cutting knife only used for emery wheel general repairment, unsuitable to use for, finish grind cylinder, roll sub bearing and detailed to rub the repairment of the emery wheel. While repairing, it is done by hand to generally use, make the gyro wheel film exposed to the surface of the emery wheel and and do the appropriate movement to repair. When requiring the surface roughness of the work piece to be lower, should install one one hundred sheets of poles in the special repairment device of the grinding machine and pay and repair, in order to reduce to shake, for instance: While using on the round levels grinding machine of the vertical shaft, it is apt to repair, can obtain the lower surface roughness R. The value is 0. 8mm or it is a bit lower) .

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