Detector E-BAM particle monitoring instrument of atmospheric environment

Jan 17th, 2012

Brand: AAEON – grind and raise

Name: Detector E-BAM particle monitoring instrument of atmospheric environment

Type: Detector E-BAM particle monitoring instrument of atmospheric environment

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Detector E-BAM particle monitoring instrument of atmospheric environment

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The detector E-BAM particle monitoring instrument E-BAM particle monitoring instrument of atmospheric environment, E-BAM of Metone Company is a portable real-time Beta ray measuring apparatus, instrument this can trace to the source, go to U.S.A. EPA ‘ Environmental Protection Agency) Measurement standard to PM2.5 and PM10 particle.
E-BAM of Metone has already been approved by personage and health organization in environment protecting mode, it can measure the tiny particle automatically, real-timely, accurately, in addition, also there is wear-resisting, portable battery that supplies power and installs simply (15 minutes) Wait for the characteristic.
The precision accords with U.S.A. EPA Grade three to PM2.5
Need, revise, offer accurate data in real time while being all-weather
Can guarantee to sample live to totally accurate measurement of volatile nitrate and organic compound
Light, wear-resisting structure, it is apt to install
Sample the place suitable for any condition live
Exchange and direct current will do, can also choose battery and solar energy stiff to power

Monitor continuously
E-BAM realizes and measures automatically by sampling and calculating the particle density continuously, the data per second are upgraded and upgraded the data record every minute, E-BAM has substituted the traditional filter to gather and weigh the course manually, has avoided the expensive instrument cost and maintained. Now, decay to environmental monitoring to become more effective from Beta and the price is cheap.
Real-time accurate, reliable and repeatable measurement of the tiny particle of environment, make it already become the important choice of environmental administrator and healthy experts for many years, Metone Company has already developed to accord with even exceed all U.S.A. EPA advanced particle monitoring instruments to PM2.5 Grade three, these instruments are reliable and easy to operate, and can record the result in real time, do not need to allocate the instrument attenbant in the high professional level.
Because sample is carried on under the true environment, half a volatility organic compound and nitrate can be very easy to be surveyed, thus has dispelled numerous measurement.
But mobility
E-BAM is a light portable instrument, it can put under abominable environment and run and not need external protective device directly. It gathers the system powerfully, it is simple and convenient to install, only takes 15 minutes to finish, on the portability and flexibility, it is superior to any other and sample the device.
The fast installation of E-BAM benefits a series of hot job, personnel only need to carry on installation according to the step, the system will carry out a series of test to diagnose automatically, and will brief on and correct the mistake that the installer appears, after installing and finishing, the system will enter and operate the mode conventionally automatically.
The particle size chooses
Passed many kinds of sample mouths to choose the density of different particles of measurement, E-BAM has allocated TSP, PM10, PM2.5, the intersection of sample and mouth of PM1, through choose good the intersection of sample and mouthfuls of air of screening of size use comprehensive flow meter fluently, pressure sensor and ambient temperature sensor keep.
PM-10 samples the mouth and retains greater than particle of 10 microns, it is free of wind speed wind direction to sample the mouth; Choose to utilize sample screening once of the low reaches as to PM2.5 or PM1 second particle.
E-BAM aluminium of sealed type locating in the firm support makes standard structure, this system can locate in the roof long-termly, by the road, the industrial area or urgent accident area that needs monitoring fast.

Open-air record directly
When it is real to collect live in the field or difficult in data in particle of history, various advanced communication ways are available, such as the cell phone, the satellites of radio and remote area transmit, in addition, E-BAM still supports the choice of all standard METONE, such as data transmission module, the telephone MODEM, with connecting the portable computer directly.
The data stored within E-BAM can choose one kind in the way to transmit through many kinds of communication, or send to the third and gather the system. MicroMetPlus software supports E-BAM and to mention the intact communication, the data store and record the module with the table form.
The figure, simulation are exported with calling the police
E-BAM can offer continuous figure and analog quantity to export, the alarm of the demarcation line of any density is exported and can be set up, the simulation of the electric current or voltage is exported and can be chosen, the figure is exported as RS232 or USB port.
Store the mode
While sampling the interval to operate with an hour, the built-in data collector can store the density data dated more than 200 days, and can store six other measurements at the same time, the figure can connect the other data and record system and and other monitor group’s networks to output with simulation.
Easy and simple to handle
Except in the standard course, E-BAM can be through writing operation of the procedure at any time, the ones that are not cutting off regularly and running can obtain the present data in any case, historical data and status information.

Technical feature parameter
Range: 0— — 10mg/m3
Precision: 2.5µ G, within 24-hour cycle
Measurement is circulated: The standard is 60 minutes; Sample time for 59 minutes actually
Beta source: C14, is smaller than 75 little Curie (energy unit)
Detector: Scintillation detector
Simulation is exported: 0— 1V, 0— 5V, 0— 10V is available, 12 precision
Filter type: Continuous glass fibre filter
Sample the mouth: PM10
Flow precision: ± 3% of the reading, the flow control of the volume
Sample the pump: Pair of membrane, dispose
Alarm signal: The filter, flow, power and working trouble
The power is exported: [email protected], 25 ℃
Call the police and connect closing: [email protected]
Working temperature: -30— — 40 ℃

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