Display unit OP320-AOP320-A of the text

Feb 28th, 2014

Shenzhen enlarges Damien mechanical & electronic equipment corporation, Ltd. of China
Contact: Miss Yang
Business telephone: 13632768506
Company’s fax: 0755-33115810
Order Q Q: 717415028
The technical parameter of the display unit OP320-A of the text is as follows:
Display screen: 3.7 inches of STN liquid crystal screen definition: 192 × 64 picture element (support 4 lines of & times; 12 Chinese alphanumeric display) Luminance: 60 cd / one square meter of color: Single color contrast: 15:1 The light in a poor light: Long-lasting green LED (can be made into the blue back light too) CPU: 8 bit processor memorizers: 64KB Flash ROM communication port: RS232 RS485/422 function key set: 20 can define freely ‘ Includes 12 digital input key sets) Real time clock: Available system diagnosis: The power supply failure measures the general specification: ( General Specifications ) Electric power supply: 24 VDC ± 10% 120mA @ 24VDC CE authorizes: Accord with EN50081-2 and EN50082-2 standard FCC compatibility: Accord with FCC Class A Dielectric Strength test: 500 V AC insulation resistance of one minute: Exceed 50M ohm 500V DC resists shock to test: 10- 25 Hz (X, Y, Z direction 2G 30 minutes) Protection grade: IP65 (front panel) Working ambient temperature: 0- The working ambient humidity of 50 ¡æ: 10- 90 RH (not condense) Outer cover material: The plastic ABS + PC physical dimension of the project: 172 × 95 × 30mm reveals the size: 101 × 36 mm installs and trepans the size: 165 × 86 mm cooling way: The air-cooled weight naturally: 0.35Kg

Contacts: Miss Yang
Telephone: 8613632768506
Fax: 860755-33115810
Email: [email protected]
Web site: http://www.hongdahua.com
Address: Shenzhen looses the good fortune of No. one of the east of garrison post of the sentry and sends the 3rd floor to the Scien-tech garden

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