Dongguan ABB frequency converter, supply from stock

Mar 19th, 2012

Brand: ABB

Name: Dongguan ABB frequency converter, supply from stock

Type: ACS355-01E-06A7-2

About products:

Fixed type control panel – -Simple fixed type potentiometer of transmission with comfortable, durable interface – -The ocular speed presumes the integrated EMC wave filter – -Do not need external wave filter

The products are detailed:

Our company supply ABB from stock in a large amount, Siemens, AB, Snide, Omron, the gold clock ties solemnly tight, the whole series such as Mitsubishi,etc., brand-new and original packaging can programme PLC, it is started that soft, relay, controller, contactor, circuit breaker, frequency converter, heat-dissipating fan / air blower, touch-sensitive screen, close to the switch, sensor, electrical machinery to start products such as the protecting device,etc..

One of the best agent and seller of the imported and exported products of industry of South China, the brand involves a plurality of world-famous brands of industrially developed countries such as U.S.A., Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Canada, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden,etc..

Original packaging normal product, ample supply and prompt delivery, the price is favourable, welcome cooperation to negotiate! ! !

First class agent: The gold clock ties tight, ABB frequency converter, Siemens, De Miller Wei the whole series solemnly;

Advantage brand: It is started that Snide 140PLC, Snide ATS are soft; Mitsubishi A, Q serial large-scale PLC, Mitsubishi FX1S, 1N series PLC, Mitsubishi’s high-power frequency converter; Majestic human relations touch-sensitive screen; SICK is close to switch, sensor,etc.; Exchange the good fortune door IFM sensor; Omron C200H, C2000, C500, CJ1W, CQM large-scale PLC; Frequency converter of Fuji; It is started etc. that Renaud is soft.

1) ACS150 series used for for material machine fountain,etc.: Practical in small-scale common mechanical 0.37~4KW

ACS150 series frequency converter
Employ: Air blower, the pump, the door is accused of, the supplies are transported, the conveyor belt

Light spot:

FlashDrop – -It is faster, easier that transmission sets up and adjusts the speed, can be used for making in batches

Fixed type control panel – -Simple transmission with comfortable, durable interface

Fixed type potentiometer – -The ocular speed is presumed

Integrated EMC wave filter – -Do not need external wave filter

Dispose, apply the brake chopper – -Lower costs, save the space and simplify wiring

Flexible installation way – -The overall arrangement optimized and cabinet space utilization ratio effectively

Pursue the circuit board in the floor – -The life-span is longer and reduces and safeguards

ACS150-01E-06A7-2 ACS150-01E-07A5-2 ACS150-01E-09A8-2

ACS150-01E-04A7-2 ACS150-03E-07A3-4 ACS150-03E-08A8-4

ACS150-03E-01A2-4 ACS150-03E-01A9-4 ACS150-03E-02A4-4

ACS150-03E-04A1-4 ACS150-03E-05A6-4 ACS55-01E-01A4-2

2) ACS350 series used in the machinery under 7.5KW to support: Practical in small-scale common mechanical 0.37~7.5KW

ACS350 series frequency converter

Meet extensive machinery and employ the demand, such as food beverage, the supplies are transported, textile, printing, application of rubber, plastics and woodworking machinery trade

Light spot:

FlashDrop – -It is faster, easier that transmission sets up and adjusts the speed, can be used for making in batches

Programming of order – -Logic programming mixes in order to mark. Have reduced the requirements for outside PLC

Software – -High technology, high performance, high flexibility.

User interface – -Can not need the control panel in order to save the cost. According to the needs of function, can also offer different control panels

Cabinet compatibility – -The installation overall arrangement optimized, the cabinet space utilization ratio is high

Built-in EMC – -Space, part, time or cost when needn’t be extra

Transmission is protected – -Protect transmission, use the carefree and best latest solution of quality


Code products type of the products Amount exports the electric current Electrical machinery rated power Specification Apply the brake chopper
Include in 3ABD68468060 ACS350-03E-01A2-4 1.2 0.37 R0
3ABD68468078 ACS350-03E-01A9-4 1.9 0.55
3ABD68468094 ACS350-03E-02A4-4 2.4 0.75
3ABD68468116 ACS350-03E-03A3-4 3.3 1.1 R1
3ABD68468132 ACS350-03E-04A1-4 4.1 1.5
3ABD68468141 ACS350-03E-05A6-4 5.6 2.2
3ABD68468159 ACS350-03E-07A3-4 7.3 3
3ABD68468167 ACS350-03E-08A8-4 8.8 4
3ABD68468175 ACS350-03E-12A5-4 12.5 5.5 R3
3ABD68468183 ACS350-03E-15A6-4 15.6 7.5

ACS355-01E-04A7-2 ACS355-01E-06A7-2 ACS355-01E-07A5-2 ACS355-01E-09A8-2

ACS355-03E-01A2-4 ACS355-03E-01A9-4 ACS355-03E-02A4-4 ACS355-03E-03A3-4

ACS355-03E-04A1-4 ACS355-03E-05A6-4 ACS355-03E-07A3-4 ACS355-03E-08A8-4

ACS355-03E-12A5-4 ACS355-03E-15A6-4 ACS355-03E-23A1-4 ACS355-03E-31A0-4

ACS355-03E-38A0-4 ACS355-03E-44A0-4 ACS355-03E-01A2-4+B063

ACS355-03E-01A9-4+B063 ACS355-03E-02A4-4+B063 ACS355-03E-03A3-4+B063

ACS355-03E-04A1-4+B063 ACS355-03E-05A6-4+B063 ACS355-03E-07A3-4+B063

ACS355-03E-08A8-4+B063 ACS355-03E-12A5-4+B063 ACS355-03E-15A6-4+B063

The extremely cheap price of this type is sold off ACS800-04-0140-3 +P901

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