Dull and stereotyped computer Gcreat-121

Dec 7th, 2011

Brand: Create brilliantly

Name: Dull and stereotyped computer Gcreat-121

Type: Dull and stereotyped computer Gcreat-121

About products:

12.1 inches dull and stereotyped computer Gcreat-121 12.1 inches of SVGA TFT LCD (the resolution ratio 800 600) The preceding board reaches IP65 and protects the grade Intel Pentium/Celeron4 low consumption processor and supports DDR2 2GB memory at most, support one pair of screens to reveal 6 USB2.0s, 4 RS232 one bunch of mouths, available industry’s grade Line four, Line five touch-sensitive screen OS of sonic card support Windows me/ce/98/2000/xp, l

The products are detailed:

Product specification

Structural parameter

Systematic parameter

Preceding board

Aluminium alloy material, oxidize and gush out and mould dealing with


Socket478 type, supports Core Duo/Core Solo/Core 2 Duo processor, 400Mhz FSB

Body structure of the case

Aluminium alloy, the surface is oxidized and dealt with, esthetic, light, heat-dissipating performance is good

Chip group

Inte182910GMLE GMCH/82801FBM ICH6-M

Install the way

12.1 inches of hangings / VESA standard cantilever types


2 times 240- pin SO-DIMM slot, support 2GB SDRAM at most

The case has body color

Industry is dark ‘ Black fine sand line)

Magnetic disc

Support Type II CF card, DOM, 2.5 ” note-book hard disks

The complete machine weight



The integrated figure media accelerator 900, 128MB is apparent to exist, supports one pair of screens to reveal

Overall size


Port of the network

A RJ45 port

Body size of the case


One bunch of mouths

4 RS-232 ports

The cabinet opened the hole


And the mouth

One LPT, support SPP/ECP/EPP mode


Connect 36W power adapter, AC100V-240V imports


6 USB 2.0/1.1 of the ports

Products standard

Accord with CE FCC BSMI CCC standard

Audio frequency

Mic in, Line in, Line out


A PS/2 keyboard, a PS/2 mouse


Reveal the type


Input signal


Environmental parameter

The color of color is dark


Store the temperature

-20- 60 ℃

Visual angle

(H)130 degrees / (V) 100 degrees

Working temperature

0- 55 ℃


300cd / ㎡

Store the humidity

5- 95% have not condensed

Contrast ratio

250: 1

Shake and test

5- 17Hz, the whole displacement 17- 500Hz, 1.0G peak peak value

Performance in a poor light


The light is in charge of the life-span

50000 hours

Order information

Response time


Gcreat-121 –1.66

Reveal the area


Core Duo1.66GHZ processor / 2G memory / 120G hard disk

Gcreat-121 –1.66

Touch-sensitive screen

Core Solo1.66GHZ paying attention to device / 2G memory / 120G hard disk

Touch the type

Resistance type touch-sensitive screen of Line five

Gcreat-121 –1.83

Resolution ratio

40964096 (continuously)

Core 2Duo1.83GHZ processor / 2G memory / 120G hard disk

Working pressure

30- Efforts of 45 grams, get an electric shock and shake <10ms

Gcreat-121-D (customer makes to order)

Click the life-span

Efforts of 250 grams, 10 million times

But adjusting range, color, appearance, LOGO, size,etc.

Efficiency of printing opacity


Communication port

RS232 one bunch of mouths or USB is available

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