E350 upgrades a edition of E380 series products all sides

Mar 4th, 2012

Brand: Sunfast is – all sides

Name: E350 upgrades a edition of E380 series products all sides

Type: E380-4T0220

About products:

Multi-functional integrating frequency converter

The products are detailed:

E350 series frequency converter products characteristic:
1,One pair of LED panels reveals, helps the customer control at the same time and debug; Fan easy to remove, it is convenient for customer to to to clear up regularly fan, guarantee heat-dissipating result of fan, lengthen the service life of the device;
2,Unique adaptive control technology, the automatic limit flows and presses with the limit and owes and inhibits the system in running;
3,Standard configuration PID controller, (can be presetted the frequency) ,Can commit 5 pump constant pressure control systems through the attachment ‘ Water supply, air supply) ;
4,Standard configuration RS485 communication interface; Multistage the speed with putting running frequently ‘ Control rapidly in external end son 15 Section) Copy the parameter through the keyboard, help customer’s many machines debugged;
5,Output the automatic steady voltage function, the pulse width of the automatic output, dispel the electric wire netting and change the impact on load;
6,Reach the association of the input channel of 23 kinds of frequency, set for, multi-functional and programmable to import ports;
7,Many nodes of V/F curve are set up, it is flexible to dispose;

Apply to extensively: Trades such as chemical industry, lathe, electricity, making line, traffic, transmitting, papermaking, cement,etc..

The E350 series products have already stopped production, can totally substitute E350 while upgrading a edition of E380 series products

The E380 series frequency converter is Shenzhen’s electric Co., Ltd. introduces a multi-functional integrating frequency converter products all sides, adopt the procedure module design idea of the function, through transferring the module of relevant procedure, switch over the operational mode automatically, upgrade and run the parameter environment, realize the special functions such as control of wire drawing machine. Independent the intersection of tunnel and design, science reasonable the intersection of structure and overall arrangement and through all-round to promote to electric performance totally, make the E380 series frequency converter become the model of the remarkable frequency converter of strong driving force, high reliable performance, many functions of use.
About function:
1.Power range: 1.5~400KW.
2.Sets up the airtight space especially, have waterproof, dustproof functions in the structural design with rational compactness, the electric part, guarantee the safe reliability of the part of the circuit.
3.One pair of LED panels reveals, controls and debugs with the customer at the same time; Copy the function, help customers carry on many frequency converter procedures and duplicate the work in keyboard parameter. 4. control, be can used in by constant temperature, constant pressure course control systemmed ring of closing PID.
5.Dispose the simple and easy PLC function, can realize many kinds of operation functions by control end son.
6.Flagging to control the function: Automatic equilibrium and every frequency conversion on a drive chain drive the power of the system, single frequency conversion can reach the electrical machinery characteristic of the moment to drive.
7.Unique adaptive control technology, the automatic limit flows and presses with the limit and owes and inhibits the system in running.
8.There is excellent frequency that follows the trail of the function, the frequency converter loses the twinkling of an eye when the electricity has electricity again, can catch electrical machinery, run frequency and arrive person who presume with higher speed, suitable for air blower, water pump great inertia support.
9.The intersection of communication and interface, RS485 of standard configuration, available the intersection of MODBUS and agreement, self-defining agreement all sides; Possess and link and control the function synchronously, realize easily other workers such as frequency converter, PLC, worker’s accusing of machine accuse of the interconnection of the apparatus.
10.The balanced ability of since load: While adopting RS485 communication and linking and controlling the function, send frequency and moment load order by host computer from plane synchronously to every, the moment in order to reach a frequency conversion and drive the system is balanced.
11.In extensive application range, quote greatly and switch over, great and transfer the concept, module of special function such as built-in wire drawing machine, fabrics machine.
Lathe, textile, papermaking, metallurgy, food, chemical industry, transmission, trades such as electric wire cable, air blower, water pump, mining machinery, ceramic trade, building materials, package packing machine, tobacco, water treatment, boiler, printing, woodworking machinery,etc..

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